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Employee Motivation and Attitudes in a Sport Organization
Čepcová, Lucie ; Blahutková,, Marie (referee) ; Peričková, Lucie (advisor)
Bachelor‘s thesis deals with an issue of employee motivation and attitudes to work in a sport organization. It specifies basic terms and theories connected with the motivation process. For the purpose of the thesis three sport organizations are chosen where a questionnaire survey is conducted. Based on the data obtained the analysis of performance motives and attitudes to work is performed, followed by the design of appropriate motivational strategies for leaders of the organizations.
Concept for Organizational Culture Change in the SILGOR, a.s. Company
Tošerová, Valérie ; Orlík, Adam (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
The aim of this thesis was to summarize the theoretical knowledge related to the concept of organizational culture, describing the most important functions, elements, structures, typology and methods for its analysis. Based on the analysis of organizational culture in the organisation was outlined the current organizational culture through the use of systematic observation and investigation using interviews, written methods of interviewing and document analysis of the organization. Then the deficiencies in the organizational culture of the organization have been detected and the actions and recommendations for improving the current situation towards the desired organizationa culture have been suggested.
Adaptation of seniors as a assumption for successful aging
Doskočilová, Aneta ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Kebza, Vladimír (referee)
Successful aging is increasingly topical issue given the rapidly aging population and it is therefore crucial to deal with the way the old people adapt to the coming age, and whether there is some way we can be prepared for it. Model coping with life's problems - selection, optimization and compensation is a lifelong adaptation strategy, which currently in old age leads to successful aging. Besides adaptation are important attitudes towards aging and old age, that have an impact on senior's self-esteem. The main goal of this thesis was to analyze attitudes towards age and the use of model coping with life problems in a sample of younger and older Czech seniors using questionnaires SOC and AAQ. The research had a qualitative aspect, which focused on mapping the topic of retirement planning and strategies for successful aging. It turned out that the younger and older seniors differ from each other only in the use of the strategy chosen selection, in other strategies there was no difference between age groups. In the area of attitudes to each other, age groups also did not differ. The results also show that between using SOC strategies and their own attitude to old age, there is no relationship. Seniors recommend to young people and to their peers to think of their health, maintain good relationships...
LGBT+ students: What teachers think and do concerning to them
Kameníková, Denisa ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Frombergerová, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on exploring teachers' attitudes towards LGBT+ students and LGBT+ issues within schools. The theoretical section of the thesis establishes fundamental concepts and phenomena related to LGBT+ adolescents, as well as attitudes and prejudices towards LGBT+ students. The primary emphasis is on LGBT+ students and issues in the school environment. The objective of this study is to investigate the attitudes of secondary school teachers towards their LGBT+ students. For the research, a qualitative approach was employed, and data collection was carried out through individual semi-structured interviews, using pre- prepared question set. The interviews involved 5 female and 3 male respondents. The data gathered was then analyzed using thematic analysis, leading to the identification of 13 themes and 20 sub-themes. These findings are visually represented to enhance clarity and to demonstrate potential interrelationships among them. The results of this study eveal the complexity of teachers' attitudes, highlighting the diverse components that contribute to their perception of a singular subject. Furthermore, the research explores additional themes such as the inclusion of LGBT+ topics in the classroom, specific actions taken by teachers to support LGBT+ learners, and recommendations...
Attitudes of active smokers, patients of outpatient services, after a stroke towards smoking
Horvátová, Tatiana ; Svěcená, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kulhánek, Adam (referee)
Background: "A stroke is a brain disease caused by a sudden vascular supply malfunction" (Růžička, 2019, p. 213) and "nn the Czech Republic, it affects more than 50,000 people every year" (Zámečník et al., 2019, p. 676). Smoking is one of the most common modifiable risk factors of its occurrence. Chemicals in cigarettes are involved in the development of atherosclerosis and other pathologies leading to stroke and heart disease (Kim et al., 2012). Research suggests that even a complex life event, such as a stroke, does not lead to quitting smoking in many patients. This may be related to the low awareness of the population that smoking is a risk factor for stroke despite relatively high awareness of the negative effects of cigarettes in general. The emotional relationship of smokers to smoking is strong and the rationalization of smoking is strong as well. Aim: The aim of the thesis is to find out the attitudes of active smokers after a stroke towards smoking. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a research part. The theoretical part focuses on the issue of stroke, risk factors for its occurrence and explains the conative, cognitive, and emotional components of attitudes. In the research part, the attitudes towards smoking of active smokers after a stroke are determined. Methods: Data...
Social media and academic self-efficacy among university students
Pleskačová, Linda ; Kollerová, Lenka (advisor) ; Čapek Adamec, Martin (referee)
This theoretical-empirical bachelor thesis focuses on the topic of social media and academic self-efficacy among university students. The theoretical part deals with social media theory, social networks, their role in society, gender differences in social network use, and general and academic self-efficacy. The empirical part describes, examines, and compares responses to a questionnaire distributed to university students through social media. The research sample (N = 742, 64.96% female, 34.50% male, 0.54% non-binary, mean age = 23.3 years) consists of university students. The questionnaire was quantitatively evaluated using descriptive statistics and statistical hypothesis testing. University students spend an average of 2.71 hours per day on social media, and the majority (81%) of users use social media passively, i.e., they mostly do not actively engage in sharing content. Students most frequently use Messenger (18%), Instagram (16%), Facebook (16%), YouTube (15%) and WhatsApp (10%). The research results showed that there is no difference between active and passive users in self-efficacy in terms of academic performance (general academic self- efficacy and academic self-efficacy among university students). The increasing level of integration of social media into life was not related to either...
Intra-individual variability in perception of otherness
Doubková, Nikola ; Preiss, Marek (advisor) ; Riegel, Karel Dobroslav (referee) ; Stuchlíková, Iva (referee)
This dissertation focuses on intra-individual variability in the perception of otherness, specifically on the variability of experienced emotions toward diverse representatives of otherness in relation to attitudes and personality functioning. At the beginning of the thesis, the theoretical background is introduced, especially the concept of otherness. A total of 205 respondents from the general population and the population of people with mental disorders participated in the study. The research was conducted in three phases, and the results are presented in three studies. In the first phase, the semi-structured interview assessing the severity levels of personality functioning (STiP-5.1) was translated into Czech, and its psychometric properties were verified. In the second phase, the association between attitudes toward minorities and the level of personal functioning impairment was examined. The last, third phase focused on the intra-individual variability of experienced emotions (disgust, empathy, anger, compassion, pity, respect) toward different representatives of otherness (e.g., close ones, Romani, migrants, people with mental disorders) and its relation to personality functioning and attitudes, using the experience sampling method. Significant differences in personality functioning were...
Attitudes and awareness of genetic testing for BRCA genes in women in Czechia
Nejedlová, Pavlína ; Kulhánová, Ivana (advisor) ; Hirsch, Ivan (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of awareness and attitudes of women towards genetic testing for BRCA genes in Czechia. Genetic testing reveals hereditary predispositions of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, which are associated with a high risk of hereditary cancers, especially breast and ovarian cancer. The thesis focuses on the importance of genetic testing, which can help to identify women at high risk of developing these diseases and to inform them sufficiently about appropriate preventive measures or recommendations for early treatment. Awareness and genetic counselling are important factors for individuals and their family members. Genetic mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are estimated to account for 5-10% of all breast and ovarian cancers. In this study, the association between social determinants and awareness of genetic testing is examined to determine whether these determinants are important in women's access to and awareness of testing. The analysis used data from 911 respondents who participated in the Sociological Survey of Citizens of the Czech Republic, a sample survey provided by the INRES agency. The binary logistic regression method was used to analyze the relationship between awareness of BRCA genetic testing and the attitude of women in Czechia towards undergoing such...
Critical analysis of attitudes of the professional public to Montessori approach in social work with children
Richterová, Daniela ; Novák, Petr (advisor) ; Nová, Monika (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out the attitudes of social workers who work with children as a target group towards the Montessori approach. This thesis deals with what social workers think about this specific approach, what they think about it and where they see the space for its use in their professional practice. In the theoretical basis of the work, 3 basic topics are presented: social work, Montessori approach and attitudes. The part on social work deals with defining social work and the profession of a social worker, including the legislative framework, it also deals with the specification of social work with children and the introduction of institutions where it is possible to work with children within this profession (e.g. Authority for the social and legal protection of children, low-threshold facilities for children and youth, children's crisis centres, etc.). The section on Montessori is devoted to this method and the basic pillars on which it stands. A sub-chapter is also dedicated to the founder Maria Montessori and the origin of the method itself. The last theoretical area describes attitudes, their classification and answers the questions of how attitudes are formed, what they are good for, what leads to their change and how they can be measured. Research is processed in...

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