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Genital and subjective sexual arousal in response to the copulatory movements of different animal species
Eliášová, Kristýna ; Bártová, Klára (advisor) ; Klapilová, Kateřina (referee)
Previously known studies on sexual arousal have indicated that men and women react differently to exposure to erotic stimuli. Male sexual arousal (both genital and subjectively reported) is in line with their reported sexual orientation, while female genital arousal is higher even for subjectively non-preferred stimuli. For men, genital sexual arousal is likely triggered by the preferred sexual object, while this may not be the case for women. One possible explanation is that female genital arousal is an automatic response to copulatory movement itself, regardless of subjective preference. However, this hypothesis has not been empirically tested yet. The aim of the research is to use an experimental design to explore the subjective and genital sexual arousal of men and women while watching copulatory movement in different animal species with varying degrees of phylogenetic relatedness to humans. A total of 30 heterosexual men and 23 heterosexual women had their subjective and genital sexual responses measured while watching 11 video stimuli. Two videos depicted penetrative sex between humans (male-female, female-female), and the other nine videos depicted copulation between animals. Both women and men showed no genital or subjective sexual arousal to non-human sexual stimuli. The results of the...
Effectiveness of online interventions for people with compulsive sexual behavior disorder
Tučková, Barbora ; Klapilová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Urbanová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor thesis introduces the newly recognized diagnosis of Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder and maps available online interventions targeting it. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the disorder itself, including its aetiology, prevalence, ICD-11 diagnostic criteria and treatment options, and explains the concept of online interventions and their types. The second part is a systematic review which provides detailed information on existing online intervention programmes and available data on their effectiveness. The third, empirical part presents a proposal for a quantitative study on the effectiveness of the Czech version of the Hungarian-Swiss programme Hands-off, which should enhance the current knowledge on the effectiveness of low-threshold online intervention programmes for people with Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder and provide first data based on clinical population from the Czech Republic. Based on all findings, the thesis presents recommendations for the implementation of a similar intervention programme in the Czech environment. Key words: Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder; compulsive sexuality; problematic pornography use; on-line interventions; Hands-off
Dominance and Submissiveness in Diverse Social Roles
Habešová, Tereza ; Klapilová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Lindová, Jitka (referee)
Dominance and submissiveness in diverse social roles T. Habešová, K.Klapilová Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, U kříže 8, Prague 5, 150 00 Dominance as a stable personality trait of an individual is tested by a series of personality tests (eg, Cattell 16PF). But if we understand it as a variable describing the hierarchical superiority of an individual in a social interaction, we find that it may vary in different social roles. Monitoring the connection of dominance as a personality trait with dominance in relationships is an unexplored area due to the fact that there are not many standardized methods how to determine the dominance in a romantic relationship. The aim of our study was to 1) verify that the degree of dominance as the personal characteristics of an individual corresponds to his dominance in a romantic relationship and 2) find out the spheres of dominance in partnership based on qualitative analysis of interviews with both partners In the final session of longitudinal research of cohabitation (Klapilová et al. 2006 - 2009), 86 pairs completed a set of standardized questionnaires that was used to determine their personal dominance and dominant behaviour (IPIP- International Personality Item Pool; NEO-PI-R- subscale of assertiveness). Dominance/ submissiveness in a partnership were...
: Sexual reactivity of teleiophilic and pedophilic men to audio stimuli (a replication study)
Vagenknecht, Václav ; Klapilová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Weiss, Petr (referee)
The assessment of pedophilic sexual preferences is an important part of forensic and research practice. Standardization of methods and stimuli used across sites is missing, making data transferability and comparability more difficult. The aim of this study was to investigate if the stimuli used in the USA and Canada are able to reliably distinguish between pedophilic and control subjects in the Czech Republic, based on their elicited sexual arousal. A stimuli set was first translated into Czech and voice recordings were created for the narratives. Sexual arousal was measured using circumferential penile plethysmography. 29 pedophilic (15 heterosexual; 14 homosexual) and 26 control (12 heterosexual; 12 homosexual) participants took part in the study. The sample comprised mostly non- delinquent individuals. The results revealed a significant difference in the subjective sexual arousal ratings as well as sexual reactivity between pedophiles and control participants in response to both child and adult stimulus categories. Correlation analysis revealed a significant positive relationship between subjective ratings and sexual reactivity to both child and adult stimulus categories. The results indicate that the audio recordings are a suitable tool to distinguish between pedophiles and controls. The...
Sex flushes: Termal and color reaction in face during sexual arousal
Řezníčková, Tereza ; Klapilová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Novák, Ondřej (referee)
Sex flushes are color changes that have not yet been investigated by experimental research. These changes are very similar to blushing, but the continuity of these two phenomena has not yet been the subject of research. In our study we measured the temperature and color reactions occurring in face and upper chest during different situations that cause blushing (embarrassment, pride and seduction or attractivity) or sexual arousal. We also tested whether temperature and color changes are related. The reaction was examined in six selected regions (ROIs) in the face and décolleté - forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and upper chest. These changes were analyzed from thermocamera (temperature response) and classic photos (color reactions) on a sample of 21 female participant. Our results show that all the situations investigated triggered temperature changes in the ROIs under review. The most striking temperature changes was measured in the forehead area in an embarrassing situation, in the area of nose and eyes in sexual fantasy focused on physical experience, cheeks in seductive situation or attractiveness and mouth during pride. All experimental situations cause increase in redness in cheeks and all these changes should be visible by human visual system. Changes also occurred in the values of the...

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