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Robocode - secured platform for evaluation of students' projects
Peňáz, Vladimír ; Ježek, Štěpán (referee) ; Burget, Radim (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the design and implementation of a secure testing platform based on the game Robocode, which is used for evaluating student projects in the MSC-PDA subject. The project utilizes principles of machine learning and addresses a problem in the complexity class EXPSPACE. Evaluating the quality of results in this complexity class is challenging, and currently, there is no suitable environment available for these purposes. The objective of this thesis is to create a secure environment that allows students to compete on a game server with minimal risk of damaging the teacher's computer and ensures superuser privileges. Students will connect their trained models to the game server, where they will receive complete information about the battlefield, based on which they generate instructions for their tanks. In this way, the model will have the same information about the battle as a manually playing human. Based on the final score, it will be possible to evaluate which model performed the best. The platform is implemented in Java and works with models implemented in Python.
Log analysis of active network elements
Kajánková, Petra ; Zeman, Václav (referee) ; Slavíček, Karel (advisor)
The master thesis focuses on the issue of searching for malicious activity originating from authorized users who have permission to modify devices. The theoretical part first introduces the basic network model ISO/OSI, together with TCP/IP. It then focuses on the two most well-known logging protocols, the Syslog protocol and SNMP. The practical part of the work consists of the theoretical design and subsequent implementation of the program that is able to evaluate records of events occuring on individual network devices.
Asset Administration Shell for the operator
Houdek, V. ; Baštán, O.
The aim of this article is to acquaint the reader with the implemented project, which dealt with the design of its own Asset Administration Shell (AAS) for the operator. In this article, we focus on the definition of important terms related to AAS in the environment of Industry 4.0 (I4.0). Subsequently, we design our own metamodel, communication and state machine of our AAS in accordance with standards and I4.0 compatibility.
Design of the Aero Center Network Infrastructure
Kadlec, Vojtěch ; Novotný, Vít (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of the network infrastructure of the company Aero Invest s.r.o. The design consist of creating complete documentation for the subsequent implementation of a computer network according to the requirements of the investor. The design contains both active and passive elements and the method of security technologies.
Web application for monitoring computers in a computer network
Asszonyi, Jakub ; Člupek, Vlastimil (referee) ; Sikora, Marek (advisor)
This bachelors thesis describes design and implementation of web aplication for monitor- ing servers in computer network. The goal is to study web development form historical and current view. Next goal is to study network communication and DoS attacks, which is reason for writing this thesis. Application was developed in React.js framework, with node.js. The most important requirement was the least network traffic. For that reason there were implemented method which prefer lesser trafic over optimalization. Applica- tion is in working state, and can monitor servers in network.
New scenarios with Wireshark in communication technologies
Šíma, Jan ; Dvořák, Jan (referee) ; Jeřábek, Jan (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to design and create scenarios that will be used by students as a basis for laboratory exercises in a course that focuses on communication technologies. These scenarios also need to be accompanied by a theoretical introduction that will introduce the topic under discussion to the students. The created scenarios contain additional tasks that are intended for individual work of students. For the teachers there are prepared separate files summarising the correct solution of these tasks. This thesis starts with a theoretical description of used network protocols. First the TCP/IP model is described and then the protocols that belong to this model. The main ones are those that occur in multiple created scenarios, such as TCP, UDP or DNS. The programs and applications that are used in the scenarios are also described. The main program is Wireshark and also the application called Klient DNS. This is followed by a chapter that deals with the drafting of each scenario. The drafts outline what the scenarios goals are. The drafts also list the protocols, programs, and utilities that are used in the exercise. The first scenario contains tasks based on Network Address Translation and its interaction with other protocols, such as the previously mentioned TCP, UDP, and also ICMP and FTP protocols. The second created scenario is dealing and analyzing protocols that try to secure the translation of domain names. Specifically, the DNSSEC extension and also the DoH protocol. The third scenario is focusing more in detail at the function of recursive servers in DNS and DNSSEC communication. The last created scenario explains the planning and allocation of the address space, where again the NAT topic is encountered and the function of routing tables is also explained here.
Company Computer Network Design
Ambroz, Vojtěch ; Jakub,, GERICH (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis proposes a computer network for a branch of a newly emerging local company dealing with information security. The first part of the work analyzes the current state of the computer network, building, hardware and software requirements and, last but not least, the requirements of the investor. The next part of the work contains general basic information about computer networks needed for designing the concept. This is then elaborated in the third part of the work. It contains specific cabling solutions, all selected devices, but also an economic evaluation of the entire concept.
Corporate Computer Network Design
Freml, Václav ; Ondřej,, HRIADEL (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of computer network modernization for primary school. The first part of the thesis contains an analysis of the current state of the building data network and the needs and requirements of the investor. The second part summarizes the necessary theory and the basic information needed to understand the design. The design itself is included in the third part of the work, there is a proposal for cabling solutions, selected elements and economic evaluation.
Penetration testing of ANC
Dušek, Jakub ; Jakub,, Přibyl (referee) ; Sedlák, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of a security solution that was recently deployed by a British company renting office space. This validation system is based on a database of MAC addresses, a database of clients and active filtering of connected devices. The first part explains the concepts of computer network, VLAN and basic concepts needed to understand the function of dynamic assignment of VLAN and IP addresses. The second part is devoted to measurements based on hypotheses, according to which measures are proposed in the last part to solve these security problems.
Virtual commissioning of the robotic workplace for workpiece manipulation
Lorenc, Tomáš ; Szabari, Mikuláš (referee) ; Bražina, Jakub (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of virtual commissioning of the workplace and the commissioning of communication channels needed for this purpose. The theoretical part describes the benefits of virtual commissioning, robot and PLC programming and effectors for robots. The practical part deals with the design of the final robot effector, virtual commissioning using the programs Process Simulate and TwinCAT 3, communication between programs and creation of programs for the workplace.

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