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Influence of drivers position on the characteristics of the loudspeaker system
Bičan, Jan ; Schimmel, Jiří (referee) ; Balík, Miroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the measurement and description of properties of the two-way variable modular loudspeaker system marked as OM-3, especially the influence of the mutual position of drivers on its characteristics. The thesis examines individual factors taking their contribution on characteristics of the loudspeaker system in total. Further it measures and evaluates options of compensations of mutual position changes of drivers using an all-pass filter. Within this thesis is also included laboratory task preparation which is focused on this problematics.
Universal passive frequency crossover - laboratory device
Pacek, Dominik ; Hanák, Pavel (referee) ; Balík, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of this work is to theoretically outline the issues associated with design of a passive crossover network in the context of speaker system design and the solutions to the mentioned issues.The practical part of the work deals with the design of a laboratory passive crossover network, it’s construction and creation of laboratory task utilizing the crossover network for teaching loudspeakers and speaker systems course.
Standard baffle - laboratory device
Hodinka, Tomáš ; Říha, Kamil (referee) ; Balík, Miroslav (advisor)
The purpose of this project is the design and the construction of a laboratory preparation for loudspeaker measurements, a standard baffle. Standard baffle is a rectangular panel with a loudspeaker placed eccentrically. Measurements with this baffle are then done in an anechoic chamber. The main purpose of a standard baffle is the ability to measure loudspeakers without the effect, that is caused by the pressure properties of a closed baffle and without an acoustic short circuit. The standard baffle is designed, so that it is self-supporting, transferable by 2 people, easy to be stored, modular and able to support loudspeakers that are up to 12 inches in diameter. The designed baffle is detachable into 3 parts. The base, the panel, and the inserts. The base is a big, heavy board with a key on the upper side. This key fits into a key groove in the panel and that allows the two parts to assemble. The plane is made of four layers of different types of plywood. That allows the design to make a compromise between the toughness and weight. The inserts are designed, so that the replacement and manipulation of loudspeakers during measurement are as past and as simple as possible. During measurement the loudspeakers are mounted in their respective inserts, which can be mounted and dismounted from the standard baffle without any tools. The test measurements demonstrated that the standard baffle is unsuitable for reference measurements. Resonance of the plane, reflections from the base, refractions from the outer edges of the baffle and potentially different causes unduly distort the results of measurements. These distortions are displayed with a considerable consistency even between different loudspeakers. This indicates that these distortions could be filtered oud by, for example, using a specialized software.
Audio Effect Design Based on Delay Line
Bilkovič, Ondrej ; Balík, Miroslav (referee) ; Říha, Kamil (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is the design and construct a commercial guitar delay stomp box, by implementing the analogue technology BBD. The thesis includes explanations of theoretical principles needed in order to design such device. The aim is also to elaborate on the process of designing the individual sections of the device and testing their properties, and testing the properties of the device as a whole.
Digital volume control pod with graphic display
Schilhab, Karel ; Balík, Miroslav (referee) ; Hanák, Pavel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the design and construction of a digital volume control with graphical indication, Mute and Standby functions. The design includes a microcontroller, OLED display, D / A converter, incremental encoder and voltage stabilizer. Communication in the device takes place via the I2C line. Stopping the volume is realized by changing the voltage in the range from 0 to 1 V. The aim of the work is to design and manufacture the circuit, write the source code and build the device into the box.
Measurement of passive frequency crossovers for loudspeaker systems
Holínský, Jan ; Hanák, Pavel (referee) ; Balík, Miroslav (advisor)
The content of the master´s thesis is to approach the issue of measuring the characteristics of passive frequency crossover. The work describes individual types of measured characteristics and their possibility of measurement. Then the work describes design of modules for measurement characteristics of passive frequency crossover (shunt, resistive load and amplifier). These modules were made and tested for its functions. For the amplifier is then made a second design for fulfilment requirements. The second version isn’t made in this work. At the end of the work was prepared the theoretical part of the laboratory task: Measurement of characteristics of passive frequency crossover, including protocol.
Modular Active Crossover Network - Laboratory Tool
Holínský, Jan ; Hanák, Pavel (referee) ; Balík, Miroslav (advisor)
This thesis is about design of active frequency crossovers and their implementation. The work analyses particular types of circuits used in active frequency crossovers, especially circuits used for laboratory device. Then the work describes design of printed circuit boards (PCB) for the designed circuits and construction of modules for the laboratory device, when the compatibility and modularity is important for all active frequency crossovers arts. These modules are made and testing its functions. In this thesis is disassembled final proposal laboratory device and laboratory device is realized. The design and measurement of the characteristics of active frequency crossovers and correction circuits is processed in the form of a laboratory tasks.
Precision audio preamplifier for headset measurement
Šimek, Michal ; Balík, Miroslav (referee) ; Hanák, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with microphone and headphone preamplifier for microtelephone and headset. The design shall meet the electrical interface requirements set out in ITU-T Rec. P.381(08/2012). The design includes a voltage converter, microtelephone bias and both a battery and an external power supply. In this work is also described the design of printed circuit board and the solution of a low noise in the whole circuit. The aim of this thesis is to design, built and embed the laboratory fixture into a metal box. Finally, measure the product on an APx525 audio precision analyzer.
Design and Construction of Transmission Line Loudspeaker Cabinet
Dobiášovský, Jiří ; Schimmel, Jiří (referee) ; Balík, Miroslav (advisor)
Thesis is dealing with the topic of design and construction of the transmission line loudspeaker enclosures. Theoretical part is focused on speaker choice, its design elements and their influence on parameters of the speaker. Individual parameters of the speaker, mathematical equations for their determination and choice of suitable speaker for transmission line loudspeaker enclosure is furthermore discussed and defined. Principle of transmission line enclosures is discussed together with its advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of enclosures. The individual design elements and their influence on the resulting characteristics of the enclosure are described. In the practical part, with regard to the facts stated in the theoretical part of the work, a suitable speaker is selected and the subsequent design and construction of a variable transmission line speaker is described. This might serve as a teaching aid in future. Part of the work is also a description of procedures for measuring loudspeakers with multiple speakers or resonators.

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