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Ritual -between visual Art and Theatrical drama
Janda, Jakub ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Tsikoliya, Lenka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with ritual as a link between the artistic and theatrical worlds. The theoretical part explores the broad field of rituals, which serves as a starting point for the pedagogical task. In the didactic part, the emphasis is on viewing art from the perspective of the theory of the "Gesamtkunstwerk", whereby pupils can be introduced to other topics in culture, art and history through art activities. Based on research into the field of ritual, the opera Rosenkavalier was selected as a suitable topic for didactic transformation. It is not only possible to focus on the issue of rituals, but also to explore the Baroque and Rococo periods, the reign of Maria Theresa, or to go into the field of literature through the work of Hugo von Hofmannsthal, the author of the libretto, by learning about opera as a dramatic and musical theatre form and the work of Richard Strauss, the author of the music for this opera. The author's part of the thesis focuses on the forms of drawing and its use in relation to dramatic art. KEYWORDS ritual, drama, opera, baroque, rococo, art series, drawing, performance, space, time
The Night
Dušek, Filip ; Moravanský, Tomáš (referee) ; Javůrek, Tomáš (advisor)
The NIGHT bachelor thesis deals with the perception of the world by adolescents. It shows a specific period of the author's life and the events he experienced corresponding to the real realities. The form of featured documentary was chosen for this purpose. In the beginning, it was important to try to understand and name your thought processes at the time. In the final stage we then get to remain in mere observation without uttering a verdict. The document is in short format. The main role is played by a close person (brother), who is also in a similar period of life. The narration and location of the film are also true to the real places where the events originally took place. The film will feature mostly one person in the visual component - as the author's younger self. The whole film is accompanied by the voice of an indeterminate split entity (the inner voice of the actor / conscience / god / experience / ...), which in the form of a monologue will reveal what was going on. These voices will be materialized in a 3D object that is non-violently implemented in scenes. Through intimacy revealing the author's privacy to the viewer, there is a reconciliation with the past. Self-ironing reflections, relieving pseudo-problems of adolescence, which can have a perverse effect, can nevertheless bring fundamental knowledge and new value.
Matoušek, Jaroslav ; Hradecká, Irena (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
Anenský dvůr used to be a farm surrounded by fields just a few dozen meters from the Austrian border. It worked even during the fifties before the creation of the Iron Curtain. Agricultural activity slowly subsided, people disappeared. Nature began quietly but ceaselessly, in small portions, getting on its side after the interval division. Buildings and their surroundings started to change. Nature has changed in fifty years place unrecognizable. Clearly defined boundaries are erased, flash greenery spread to the surrounding area and has created a specific single entity defining the surrounding chaos. Such a situation is the basis for the layout of the new cemetery. Current enhanced peripheral borders are strengthened by planting oaks, while the interior is modified. Most of invasive acacia and other shrubs are removed. The original character of the place, floodplain meadow is reinforced by planting new trees, such as birch or cherry.  The new cemetery consists of two main areas - internal groomed lawn under clearly defined square walls, which leads to deposition of ash and vice versa in the outer belt informal grown meadows are individual pavilions cemetery.
Body Design
Bobáková, Natália ; Olivová, Kateřina (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
The long-term topic of my artistic interest is an attempt to link sport with art by examining the human body and movement. In this bachelor thesis, I build on already existing work and I further develop this idea. I deal with a sport as a cleansing ritual and I focus on a sweat as a phenomenon of physical activity. I find grace in this body fluid and I use it on a commercial level. Using the sweat, I create a unique T-shirt design and I present it through a website created just for this event.
Gray zone of temporarity
Valíček, Martin ; Mačuda, Michal (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
On an architectural proposal of techno club is demonstrated a stenographic approach in designing based on a phenomenon of electronic subculture. The Klub visitor is participating a ritual under the influence of music and nightlife lead by an ephemeral architecture, tectonic and spatial dramaturgy.
Home as Place of Rituals / Do not disturb! / Home Zone
Kubátová, Veronika ; Baráčková, Daniela (referee) ; Artamonov, Vasil (advisor)
I have been dealing with the themes of prefabricated houses and housing estates until recently. I was especially interested in their aesthetics. Order, grid and certain regularity and repeatability. At the same time, I was always interested in his social connotations, mainly because I live in these places. Gradually I became more interested in topics related to my own home. So I moved from the general themes to my own experience. But what is my home? Home is a place of utmost importance in our society. Home is made up of people, family. People have it associated with many rituals that accompany their lives often without actually being considered for them. Thanks to these rituals, we manage, among other things, the everyday influx of positive and negative influences of the surroundings and deal with them in various ways. Morning coffee, brushing your teeth, lighting a candle, wiping dust, filling a bath, scattering water on flowers, etc. Balance is the key to everything we do. And I would like to analyze, document and process these home and personal rituals in this work. The final thesis will consist of a free series of paintings with possible interventions and overlaps into video or installation, etc.
Velebová, Leona ; Písaříková,, Jana (referee) ; Kvíčala, Petr (advisor)
MyVice speaks about the guilt I feel regarding the amount of beauty products I own. About these Things I collect and I just cannot control how many I buy... About my addiction to the rituals connected to these Things. About the obsession with beauty products within our homes. About the daily beauty rituals of a woman which are meant to produce the final result of appearance that she really was Born Like This... About the advertising connected with beauty industry. About beauty product testing on the internet. About being superficial and the senselessness of it. The final result is made of a video projection connected to art installation and book publication.
Performance Art as a Border Form of Artistic Expression
Vatulíková, Andrea ; Daněk, Josef (referee) ; Havlík, Vladimír (referee) ; Chamonikolasová, Kaliopi (advisor)
While taking into account the field of study of performing arts, I assume that the category called „performing arts“ underwent many reforms in the 20th century, making it almost impossible to set clear boundaries between theatre, dance and performance art. Therefore I deal with their common ground that I call the zero point and that allows me to explore means of expression of human body and also time – space dimension of live action. The zero point is located in the pelvic region of the body and it is the center of stability, balance and life enegry. In my dissertation I focus on the analysis of physical trainings that work with the zero point in theater, dance and performance arts. Primary output of this work is then analysis of physicality as culturally encoded construct and the practical part of disseration is focused on the realisation of the point zero symposium.
Meaning of ritualized behaviour of children with emotional dysfunctions
Roh, Tomáš ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kadrnožková, Monika (referee)
This work is a pedagogically-philosofical essay, which attempt to map to what extent ritual was and is the part of a human life, if there is still potentiality to "bet" on its curative and healing power and how much we are as humans entities rather naturally spiritual (homo spiritualis) or merely sort of indoctrinatedly essence largely rational (homo sapiens). And also to put down several questions regarding to the meaning and functions of ritual, his actuality and necessity or dispensability. Further few questions relating to existence of emotions and problematics of emotional wounds according to traumatic experience. And to refer to still little used possibilities of connections of ritual modes of behavior with intentional education, not only in etopedia domain but in modern pedagogy as whole. Keywords: emotions, soul, body, trauma, ritual, collective, socialization, education, pedagogy
Mikveh: the phenomenon of Jewish solemity (notes about ritual baths in Moravia)
Šedivec, Ivana ; Krupková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Pargač, Jan (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Filozofická fakulta Ústav etnologie Rigorózní práce Praha 2013 Ivana Šedivec Univerzita Karlova v Praze Filozofická fakulta Ústav etnologie Rigorózní práce Ivana Šedivec Mikve: fenomén židovské obřadnosti (poznámky k rituálním lázním na Moravě) Mikveh: the phenomenon of Jewish solemity (notes about ritual baths in Moravia) Praha 2013 Ivana Šedivec Vedoucí práce: PhDr. Jaroslava Krupková, CSc. Ústav etnologie Fakulta filozofická Univerzity Karlovy v Praze Poděkování Ráda bych poděkovala za podporu a konzultace PhDr. Jaroslavě Krupkové, CSc a PhDr. Daně Veselské Ph.D. Neméně tak všem mým respondentům. Děkuji za poskytnutí materiálů od uvedených obcí a měst, cenných rad a připomínek. Prohlašuji, že jsem práci zpracoval(a) samostatně a použil(a) jen uvedených pramenů a literatury. Praha, leden 2013 podpis Klíčová slova: voda, rituál, čistota, ženy, intimita Klíčová slova anglicky: water, ritual, purity, women, intimacy Anotace Tato rigorózní práce se zabývá rituální očistou židů v mikve. Mikve je židovská rituální lázeň, která musí splňovat určitá náboženská nařízení, aby mohla být vnímána jako rituálně způsobilá. Veškerá nařízení a zákony týkající se provozu, konstrukce a vody, která smí být použita v lázni, jsou popsány v Mišně v traktátu Mikva'ot. Základem pro rituální způsobilost...

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