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Centre for Prevention, Masaryk Oncology Institute in Brno
Tomaschek, Adam ; Matoušek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Galeová, Nicol (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is the location and design of buildings extending the Masaryk Oncology Institute with a ward for mobile patients and a cancer prevention center together with the extension of the spectrum of the radiation clinic with proton irradiation. The proposal envisages the use of the southern slope of the area bounded by Tomešova and Roubalova streets, while a new use of the area is planned according to the new master plan of the City of Brno.
Teaching-space paradigm
Madro, Oskar ; Matoušek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Galeová, Nicol (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is seeking for an answer about the future of BUT university area between the streets Úvoz, Údolní and Tvrdého, and about the design of new faculty of architecture. The idea of connecting our school with Faculty of fine arts, which is already situated in the area, gives the opportunity to not only create school complex, but to aim for a new cultural spot of the city of Brno. The concept is built uppon the analysis of the working of faculty and its inner connections, that are transformed into the scheme of atrium.
Krejčí, Johana ; Matoušek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Galeová, Nicol (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with a complex design of an apartment building reflecting on upcoming changes of Tomkovo square‘s neighborhood. The conception is specialized in a contact between the former urbanism and a new traffic construction of The Big City Ring Road.
Hertelová, Viola ; Matoušek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Galeová, Nicol (advisor)
My bachelor project is concerned with possibility to build a new residential structure in the vicinity of Tomko’s square in Brno. The project takes into account the planned widening of the north-western part of the cities circuit, which includes a bridging of the square by multi-lane road. A traffic solution of such a radical character shall significantly influence the already dysfunctional and shattered location and adjacent areas in an even more negative manner. The main objective of my work is to first and foremost find a urbanistic solution which would deal with these challenges and create suitable conditions for the unification and development of the area. Subsequently, my project proposes a residential building, through which I seek to explore the possibility to create residential structures in empty spaces in the, which are nowadays often created in the proximity of busy urban transport lines and which shall most probably continue to emerge in the future due to gradually larger flows of traffic.
Theatre of Slovácko I.
Chovančík, Radek ; Matoušek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
The building of the theater replaces the building of the current small scene on Mariánské náměstí
The role of bZIPtranscription factors in the male gametophyte of Arabidopsis thaliana
Gibalová, Antónia ; Honys, David (advisor) ; Fojtová, Miloslava (referee) ; Matoušek, Jaroslav (referee)
PhD. thesis: The role of bZIP transcription factors in the male gametophyte of Arabidopsis thaliana Abstract Sexual plant reproduction depends on the production and differentiation of functional gametes by the haploid gametophyte generation. Currently, we have a limited understanding of the regulatory mechanisms that have evolved to specify the gametophytic developmental programs. To unravel such mechanisms, it is necessary to identify transcription factors (TF) and their complexes that are part of such haploid regulatory networks. For that reason we selected candidate Arabidopsis bZIP TFs, which have been shown to have critical roles in plants, animals and other kingdoms. Here we describe the putative bZIP TFs regulatory network active in Arabidopsis thaliana pollen and highlight to the greater impact two members of this network - AtbZIP18 and AtbZIP34. We report the complex functional characterization of AtbZIP34 and AtbZIP18, which are widely expressed in both gametophytic and sporophytic tissues, however they possess significantly enhanced expression during late stages of pollen development. We have studied both genes using several genetic and molecular approaches. Several lines of evidence, including the AtbZIP34 expression pattern and the phenotypic defects observed, suggest a complex role of AtbZIP34...
NEW ON THE „OLD“ – Brno, Bratislavská - Stará Corner
Matoušek, Jaroslav ; Vágner, Lukáš (referee) ; Jura, Pavel (advisor)
The project of new buildings on the corner of Oldbstrees Bratislavska street creates a compact volume with several features. It continous with the surrounding block development where is significantly separated public and private space. The building is divided into several distinct masses, which correspond to measure their surrounding areas. Individual masses are united in the same tectonic principle facade. Abandoning figure in the southern part of the site creates space in front of the theater Radost and at the same time it achieves better insolation of new apartments. The newly designed building contains typologically different apartments.
Matoušek, Jaroslav ; Hradecká, Irena (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
Anenský dvůr used to be a farm surrounded by fields just a few dozen meters from the Austrian border. It worked even during the fifties before the creation of the Iron Curtain. Agricultural activity slowly subsided, people disappeared. Nature began quietly but ceaselessly, in small portions, getting on its side after the interval division. Buildings and their surroundings started to change. Nature has changed in fifty years place unrecognizable. Clearly defined boundaries are erased, flash greenery spread to the surrounding area and has created a specific single entity defining the surrounding chaos. Such a situation is the basis for the layout of the new cemetery. Current enhanced peripheral borders are strengthened by planting oaks, while the interior is modified. Most of invasive acacia and other shrubs are removed. The original character of the place, floodplain meadow is reinforced by planting new trees, such as birch or cherry.  The new cemetery consists of two main areas - internal groomed lawn under clearly defined square walls, which leads to deposition of ash and vice versa in the outer belt informal grown meadows are individual pavilions cemetery.
Methodology of utilization of molecular-genetic markers of gene sequences and genetic elements in breeding and management of hop (Humulus lupulus)
Patzak, Josef ; Matoušek, Jaroslav
Tato metodika je první komplexní metodika využití molekulárně-genetických markerů pro charakterizaci genových zdrojů chmele, spolehlivou identifikaci jednotlivých genotypů chmele a systém selekce hospodářských znaků podle molekulárních markerů (MAS) ve šlechtitelském procesu chmele. Efektivní markerovací systém, kvalitativně vyšší úrovně, je založen na základě sekvencí genů a genetických elementů, získaných skríningem genomových a expresních knihoven, pro šlechtění a management chmele (Humulus lupulus).
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Edited final report of project QH81052
Patzak, Josef ; Matoušek, Jaroslav
Cílem projektu bylo vyvinout molekulárně-genetické markery odvozené od genetických elementů a sekvencí genů kodeterminujících metabolom chmele. Zdrojem specifických nových sekvencí byly expresní knihovny hlávek a lupulinových žlázek chmele, genomová a BAC knihovna, které byly získány nebo připraveny v rámci řešení projektu.
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