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Enev, Martin ; Hrabec, Josef (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
Townhouse in Prerov inspired Becvou River, its immediate surroundings, marshes spread the territory of today's Malá dlážka. Building based on the principle dwelling animals seeking refuge among the blades of the reed. Sluicing and washing away of river.
City Library of Přerov
Mrázek, Josef ; Uhlíř, Petr (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The work is one of the possible sites of urban design library. This proposal includes a landscape design and construction. Solution design and construction are governed by the given program, plot size and the actual place in the urban environment in relation to its surroundings. The library is designed in the territory where the paved parking lot is now and archaeological discovery of the foundations of the chapel of the 16th century. The reasons for the location of the town library just in this area are: the requirement of the city, poor areas and fragmentation of existing buildings, libraries, poor state of the area and good location due to the city, lies near the historical center, in the resting zone and adjacent to the river and the green surroundings.
City Library of Přerov
Liškutínová, Hana ; Joura, Ivo (referee) ; Jura, Pavel (advisor)
The new library for Přerov shall replace contemporary library, that is not suficient in hygienic, space and function. On a locality picked by us we are designing a new library of nowdays standards
Frgalová, Anna ; Zoubek, Michal (referee) ; Sochor, Jan (advisor)
The specified location is a place of mixed styles, forms and shapes. The most important part is the functionalist Sokol club building, which was taken as a decisive element around. Trying to move closer to this form, I choose the modern shape resulting in a simple application of the "ribbon" winding through the area. It´s articulation and horizontal proportions follows the Sokol club.
Multifunctional Building on the Embankment in Přerov
Čechák, Tomáš ; Kalivoda, Tomáš (referee) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
Diploma thesis is focused on multifunctional building on the embankment in Přerov. The building has four aboveground floors. Multifunctional building is situated on the bank of the Bečva river with the view over the historic city centre of Přerov. Main mass of surrounding block is formed by Sokolovna built in functionalist style. Intention is to connect old block with new multifunctional building in minimalistic style. First floor will have three shopping units and technical facilities. Second and third floors will be used for living and administration. Living and administration parts will be separated in the layout of the building. Fourth floor will be used for living.
Veselý, Josef ; Wahla, Ivan (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
Problems arising in the town house near the city center is largely determined by context and situation. The house is not possible to propose no relation to surrounding Material, shape, urban, typology context. Context, therefore, may seem to be anything problematic, but a proper understanding of context and unloading only leads to the correct destination. The house should have all these connections encoded in nature.
Koláčná, Markéta ; Vágner, Lukáš (referee) ; Jura, Pavel (advisor)
Polyfunctional townhouse is designed on the frontside of the river Bečva near the historical centre of Přerov. It stands inbetween two different types of estate. On one hand a compact horizontal line of buildings on the riverside - including a significant functionalist building of the Sokol (sports hall), on the other hand an incompact estate of smaller solo houses. The goal of the project was to complement the estate desirably.
Iľko, Lukáš ; Poslušná, Iva (referee) ; Jura, Pavel (advisor)
The multifunctional house consists administration, flats, cafe, bookshop, parking, green roof. The house take care about surrouding. A lot of flats have great view to historical center of the city.
City Library of Přerov
Odstrčilík, Viktor ; Javůrek, Radim (referee) ; Mikulášek, David (advisor)
The project is solving problem with Library in Prerov and its location on the site and connection to existing infrastructure. The project can be divided into three parts - urban solutions, architectural design and technical solutions. Urban solutions The area is currently degraded by uncontrolled parking of cars and too much communication. This causes confusion functioning of transport and pedestrians weaving between cars. Vegetation is devastated. Influencing factor is the close proximity to the City Circle, whose importance will increase, if realized "shortcut" towards the main railway and bus station. The proposal aims to improve respectively. build high-quality public space. The library building is defined as a solitaire, a reaction to the complicated and urban neighborhood. Its placed on the Conner for puting there some object of interrest. Communications are in the area reduced. Towards the north west corner of the square is placed park. The composition of park is as organic as a library. Architectural design The shape of the building based on the urban situation and the requirements to define solitary building. First shape was circle that was formed into the shape of an ellipse.Outer shell is made from glass up to ensure connected with outdoor space. Horizontal structure is dividet into two sections. The first floor is public place with cofe etc. The rest of floor space is used for administration and supply. The second floor is only for memebers of library. There is situated all books, study places and storages for books. Library has three departments. Department for adults, department for children and music department. The technical solution The basis of construction of the building are reinforced concrete columns with „extendet head“. These are placed on the base plate with the pilots.
Dolkošová, Vendula ; Hrabec, Josef (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
ANNOTATION The subject of this bachelor thesis is an urban and architectural design of the built up-area of the vacant lot near the intersection of Brabansko Malá Dlážka Street. The area is located on situationally exposed location by the riverside of the Bečva river with a view on the historical center of Přerov across the river. The area is also adjacent to the border of the protection zone of the city conservation area. The area in question offers a high concentration of opportunities for sports and recreational activities. Eastern bank is a recreational area connected to a city park and natural reserve. To the west, there is a large area belonging to the Sokol club. At the intersection, which is defined by a flume of a former water mill, lies a sports center „Mlýn“ with an adjacent parking lot. The surrounding area has a high sports significance, it is a hub of local bike, pedestrian and educational trails. Given the high popularity of cycling, a bike center has been chosen as an appropriate functional utilization of the apartement house. Five-story building is situated as a solitaire, the parcel area is an open space oriented towards the junction and the riverside road. From an architectonical standpoint, the building is shaped as a simple cube with a black coat of a smooth glass façade. The exterior is designed as a park with architectonical elements. The layout of the building is completely subordinate to the basic functions of the building, which will valorize the nature of the site: housing, bike center, service to the public. The building comprises of 12 small flats, a sports shop, a bike shop, bakery shop with snack-bar and an underground garage. The main structure is a monolithic of reinforced concrete, facade is a sandwich construction of inside wall, thermal insulation and black glass panels. The foundations, utilizing monolithic water-insulating tub of reinforced concrete, are influenced by a high level of underground water and a relocation of an existing pipeline route. Realization of the proposed townhouse will fill in the gap in services of the neighbouring facilities. Prerov is a city of cyclists. The main idea of the cycling center can be further developed. A realization of a wide network of bicycle stations serving as bicycle rentals "citybike" offers itself. The bicycles’ movement could be monitored electronically. Promoting cycling is in line with reduction of motor traffic in urban areas.

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