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HSR (RS42) Design of the Track Section Nova Ves Junction - Louny
Losenický, Miloš ; Janoušek, Jan (referee) ; Dušek, Erik (advisor)
The aim of bachelor thesis is to design a new high-speed line between Nova ves – railway station Louny. Route of HSR is designed only for passenger traffic and for track speed 250 kph. The track section starts by the road II/118. The thesis includes the design of the track junction in front of the railway station Louny with the modification of the existing railway lines and including the design of the exit from the HSR.
HSR (RS42) Design of the Track Section Louny - Most
Kulhavá, Daniela ; Janoušek, Jan (referee) ; Dušek, Erik (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the design of a new High-speed line in the section Louny – Most. The track is designed for passenger transportation at maximum speed of 250 kph. The alignment of the line were designed, including the drawing of roadbed. Bridges, overpasses, culverts and retaining walls were designed.
Hellenistic Syncretism with Regard to the Egyptian Cult
Hanzelková, Lena Magdala ; Janoušek, Jan (advisor) ; Hruška, Blahoslav (referee)
The submitted research work concerns with Hellenistic syncretism as a religious phenomenon that widened approach and reception of described deities in a given period, all that with emphasis on Egyptian cult. These deities are compared with other gods originating in Greek region or domesticated therein. Particular attention is paid to goddess Isis, which had considerable influence on religious, and herewith as well a cultural world of Hellenism. An outstanding chapter applies to mysteries, especially those connected with Isis.
Hermes - The God Between the Human and Divine Worlds and His Metamorfoses in Time
Špillingová, Eva ; Janoušek, Jan (advisor) ; Hruška, Blahoslav (referee)
The main theme of this thesis is the figure of the Greek god Hermes and the changes in its understanding, spanning from the archaic images to the character of Mercury in the Hermetic tradition and alchemy. Attention is paid to Hermes' transformation into an Olympian god which he underwent in the works of Homer. At the same time his godly child characteristics are being discussed as well as his relations to some. other gods of Olympic pantheon. Another important change in the understanding of Hermes' figure can be observed during the period of the Hellenistic religious syncretism, the time in which the Greek culture and its gods were exposed to the oriental and Egyptian cults. The concluding part of the thesis discusses the transformation of Hermes into the character of Mercury of the alchemists, which enabled him to be the only one of the Greek gods to survive until the 17th century.
The Presentation of Transforming Attributes in SQL for Data Governance Support
Bartoš, Michal ; Janoušek, Jan (advisor) ; Kopecký, Michal (referee)
This thesis examines extraction of attributes' transformation descriptions from Oracle SQL scripts and possibilities of their presentation to users. This thesis com- pares several variants of output format. Then it describes details of construction for the chosen format and choices that led to it. One of the main decisions was the choice of input data structures: abstract syntax tree and dataflow graph. Those data structures provide initial analysis of input SQL scripts but they also strongly influence the rest of processing. Results of this thesis were verified by prototype implementation in software Manta. The prototype confirmed suitability of the chosen approach for convenient presentation to users. 1
Development of cardiovascular system function in patients with a functionally single ventricle
Materna, Ondřej ; Janoušek, Jan (advisor) ; Klásková, Eva (referee) ; Urbanová, Zuzana (referee)
Development of cardiovascular system function in patients with a functionally single ventricle. Abstract Total cavopulmonary connection (TCPC) is the only possible surgical palliative procedure in patients with a functionally single ventricle. It consists of the stepwise anastomosis of both caval veins with pulmonary arteries, creating a unique situation of so-called Fontan circulation, where the separation of the pulmonary and systemic circuit is traded for chronically elevated systemic venous pressure and impaired cardiac output increase during exercise. We aimed to evaluate long-term results and development of exercise capacity in the population of patients with TCPC in the Czech Republic, possible predictors of their survival and functional outcome, as well as analysis of permanent cardiac resynchronization as one of the new treatment options for dysfunction of the single ventricle. We present a retrospective study of all consecutive patients in the Czech Republic identified in the nationwide single-centre institutional database and matched with the National Death Registry and Cardiovascular Intervention Registries. We proved that overall mean survival probability until composite end-point of death, TCPC take- down or indication for a heart transplant was 92.9 % at 20 years after the operation. TCPC...
Design of the North Junction from Hranice na Morave to HSR Line
Gelová, Zuzana ; Janoušek, Jan (referee) ; Dušek, Erik (advisor)
The aim of this master’s thesis is the design of railway junction from high-speed rail RS1 Bohumín – Přerov to railway station Hranice na Moravě at a speed 160 of kph. The design has been developed with minimisation of land occupation and the minimisation of engineering structures. The next aim is the design of two pairs of railroad switch on the high-speed rail. Part of the thesis is the design of the railway substructure, railway superstructure and track drainage.
Design of the Southern Connection from the High-Speed Line to Svetla nad Sazavou Station
Dvořák, Matěj ; Janoušek, Jan (referee) ; Říha, Tomáš (advisor)
This master thesis contains the design of the alternative northern connection of high-speed track Prague – Brno – Breclav to station Svetla nad Sazavou, including optimization of the main track between kilometres 95.3 and 102.3. This connection will be used as the temporary end of the high-speed track. Design speeds of the connection are 160 kph and 200 kph, switches are in kilometres 95.9 and 98.5.
Design of Pardubice Connection from HSR Line
Kuchár, Martin ; Janoušek, Jan (referee) ; Dušek, Erik (advisor)
The aim of the work was to design the railway connection of the city of Pardubice to the VRT network Prague - Hradec Králové - Wroclaw. The beginning of the connection is to be located near the village of Olešnice. The end of the connection is to be located near the village of Opočínek on a conventional line in front of the railway stop Pardubice - Opočínek. The new VRT route is to be designed for a maximum speed of 350 km / h according to the DÚR Design Manual. The length of the route should be about 20 km.
Hrusovany n/J - Znojmo Track Modernization Study
Dvořák, Dominik ; Janoušek, Jan (referee) ; Říha, Tomáš (advisor)
The theme of the Bachelor thesis is modernization of railway line Hruš - Znojmo. The project includes assessment of possibility of increasing the critical running speed up to 200 km/h and its implementation on current track structure. Current track geometry, including its vertical and horizontal alignement, has been modified and the implementation of the line speed verified according to valid standards and regulations base on ČSN 73 6360-1.

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