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Municipality and environmental protection from the legal point of view
Světlý, Josef ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
Municipality and environmental protection from the legal point of view Abstract The main goal of this work is to show the importance of the role of municipalities in the processes of environmental protection. As should be clear from the work, the field of environmental protection has recently undergone quite dynamic development, both in the legislative and case law, and municipalities are forced to respond to this development. The content of the first chapter is the definition of the concept of the environment and the subjective right of natural and legal persons to a favorable environment, especially with regard to the problems that have arisen in connection with the question of whether the subjective right to a favorable environment also belongs to legal persons. Part of the first chapter is also a comparison of the Czech constitutional regulation with the legislatives of some other European democracies, which concludes the success of our constitutional regulation. The second chapter describes municipalities as subjects of state administration, their division and the main purpose of the second chapter is to distinguish between independent and delegated powers. The second chapter also points out the fact that the role of the municipality as a procedural subject is divided into three areas and these areas,...
Best practices of career guidance in lower secondary schools
Lisý, Marek ; Duschinská, Karolina (advisor) ; Starý, Karel (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on career guidance in primary and mainly lower secondary schools. The goal of the thesis is to identify and describe the best practices of career guidance from the perspective of a lower secondary school career or educational counsellor, and also from the perspective of the education system. The theoretical part fulfills this goal by describing inspirational approaches to career guidance in selected European countries (Finland, England and France). Using in-depth semi-structured interviews, the research part examines and describes the work of six career guidance facilitators at four lower secondary schools and one upper secondary school, which were purposefully selected as possible examples of best practice. The outcome of the thesis is a detailed insight into the attitudes and approaches to career guidance of the selected respondents, description of 36 unique career guidance activities, and a set of both systemic and specific recommendations for improving the state of career guidance in lower secondary schools. Although the work is focused on lower secondary schools, its outputs are also applicable to upper secondary schools.
Didactic games in geography teaching
Matoušková, Barbora ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Havelková, Lenka (referee)
This thesis deals with the use of didactic games in geography lessons in Czech schools. Its main goal is to use the questionnaire survey to find the so-called examples of good practice in schools. In the introduction there is a short literature search and definition of the term didactic game according to various authors. The main research method is an electronic questionnaire. A total of 72 faculty schools of the Faculty of Science of Charles University were addressed. Finally, 30 primary and secondary school teachers took part in the research.The questionnaire was divided into four parts. In the first part the general opinion of teachers on the concept of didactic game was investigated. The following section of questions was focused on teachers who use didactic games - the extent of games usage, in which topics of geography, as well as specific examples of games and their evaluation. The third section of the questions was intended for teachers who do not use games and found out the reasons that prevent them from using games. The last section of the questions deals with the sociodemographic characteristics of the research sample. The work contains analysis and interpretation of the questionnaire survey, including graphic outputs. The results were processed qualitatively and quantitatively...

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