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Response to abiotic stress in plants growing in green façades of temperate urban environment
Hrochová, Růžena ; Lhotáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Havelková, Lenka (referee)
With increasing urbanization the temperature of cities is increasing and an effect of urban heat island arises. Vegetation, particularly vertical greenery systems: facades and walls, is mitigating urban heat island and reducing temperature. The aim of this work was to define these systems, their effects on the urban microclimate, to create an overview of the most used plants for greenery systems and to summarize their reactions to abiotic stresses of cities in a temperate region. Mediterranean studies were used in this work due to the scarcity of temperate climate research, which results could become valuable with climate change. Selecting proper vegetation can be done using habitat template, plants that are acclimated or adapted to the urban environment. Plants affect the urban microclimate through shading and transpirational cooling, which ideally contribute to reducing the heat island effect with optimal irrigation. Stressors followed in this work were drought, high temperature and irradiance, air pollution and salinity. To all these stressors plants reacted with limiting physiological functions and reducing growth. The common reaction was a decrease photosynthesis rate and chlorophyll content. Ractions of plants of vertical greenery systems to different stressors and their combinations are...
Students' successfulness and strategies when working with a map and factors affecting them
Havelková, Lenka ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Knecht, Petr (referee) ; Bláha, Jan Daniel (referee)
Nowadays, information is increasingly presented in the form of various graphic materials. One of the key means of information visualisation is a map. Maps are complex representations and it is necessary to comprehend several cartographic concepts and to acquire skills and strategies for their efficient use. For this reason, it is important to give maps sufficient attention in the course of education. For the education to be of high quality, it is fundamental to understand the process of the map use and factors affecting this process and its successfulness. Therefore, the general purpose of the dissertation thesis is to develop this understanding. Specifically, the thesis has four main aims. One of them is to identify a map skill level of Czech students while using thematic maps since the popularity of thematic maps is increasing together with the number of cartographic insufficiencies they contain. These insufficiencies can inter alia cause a formation of misconceptions both about the maps and phenomena and regions they display. The second main aim is to identify and describe strategies that students choose to solve tasks which require the use of a thematic map. Additionally, the sub-aim is to understand the influence of chosen factors on the level of map skills as well as on choice and efficiency...
Change in the position and functions of school geographical atlases during distance learning
Ďurkech, Pavol ; Havelková, Lenka (advisor) ; Hofmann, Eduard (referee)
The thesis is focused on the changes caused by distance education (due to the Covid-19 pandemic). Specifically, how the pandemic influenced the position of school geographic atlases in relation to other tools in geography education and how was changed the use of the functions that this tool could provide. These changes were examined in three periods (pre-pandemic, pandemic and post- pandemic). The focus of the thesis also determines its individual objectives. First main objective of this thesis is to compare the position of printed school geography atlases in distance learning versus face-to-face learning in relation to other teaching tools used in geography education. Hence, the secondary objective, aimed at ranking the main teaching tools used in geography education in face-to-face learning and then capturing their possible transformation in the distance and post- distance learning. The functions and uses of these printed school geography atlases in the above periods are then examined. From this, the further objectives of the thesis are derived, namely to determine the functions that school geographic atlases might have performed and to characterize the possible transformation of the functions of the school geographic atlases and the ways of working with school geographic atlases in distance...
Application learning tasks in education: benefits and limitations on the example of mathematics and geography
Freibergová, Anna ; Netrdová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Havelková, Lenka (referee)
The submitted bachelor thesis revolves around application learning tasks within high school education on the example of teaching tasks which combine mathematical and geographical knowledge and skills. Based on the literature research the main focus is placed on a discussion and identification of essential benefits and limitations of application learning tasks in education. The potential of the combination of mathematics and geography when constructing application learning tasks, thus attractive tasks with practical use, has been evaluated. In terms of theoretical input, the partial goal of the thesis is to create examples of application learning tasks enabling effective and appropriate interconnection of the related subject's objectives. Key words: learning tasks, applied learning tasks, mathematics, geography
Students' skills to use aerial and satellite images
Naiman, Petr ; Havelková, Lenka (advisor) ; Hanus, Martin (referee)
The thesis focuses on skills to use aerial and satellite images of students in lower-secondary schools and the corresponding years of grammar schools. The aim of the thesis is to compile an achievement test that will test all levels of skills for work with aerial and satellite images. In the first half of the thesis, readers are theoretically introduced to aerial and satellite images and skills for working with them. The literature review, which describes previous research in the field of skills for working with images, is followed by chapters dealing with the compilation of the achievement test and the subsequent pilot survey, which was conducted on 49 lower- scondary school students. Based on the analysis of the pilot survey, the properties of individual tasks were determined and the test was adjusted to the final form. Keywords: satellite images, aerial images, skills, achievement test, elementary school
Regulation of potato tuber onset: the role of auxin
Myslivcová, Jitka ; Mašková, Petra (advisor) ; Havelková, Lenka (referee)
Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is an essential component of food worldwide. The process of tuber formation is controlled by the interplay of external and internal conditions. Understanding of the molecular basis of tuberization, including the effect of photoperiod, pointed to a key role of mobile signals. Among these morphogenic signals StBEL5 and POTH1 transcripts are involved, which are translated in the stolon and form a heterodimer regulating target genes with TTGAC tandem motifs, further an FT homologue, StSP6A, mobile from leaves to stolons as a protein. BEL5/POTH1 and StP6A signaling pathways seem to overlap. Phytohormones also play an important signaling role, i.a. auxins. During tuber initiation, IAA levels in stolon tissues increase. PIN transporters are likely to be involved in the redistribution of auxin in the stolon, but also LAX and ABCB transporters and components of auxin signaling pathway, Aux/IAAs and ARFs are also involved in the process. Although auxins are proved to play an important role during stolon-to-tuber transition, their exact role in the process is not sufficiently clarified. Auxin signaling is interconnected with BEL5/POTH1 and SP6A-mediated tuber signaling, as its target genes in the stolon include those that encode proteins involved in auxin biosynthesis (YUCCA1),...
Evaluation of pupils performance in geography at primary schools
Janoušková, Hana ; Řezníčková, Dana (advisor) ; Havelková, Lenka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of evaluation in teaching geography from the teacher's point of view. The first part of the work is focused on the theoretical framing of the researched issues. The main concepts addressed are the professional beliefs of the teacher, the processes and results of teaching, the subject of evaluation and the functions and methods of pedagogical evaluation. For the practical part of the work, a qualitative research survey was conducted in the form of a semi-structured interview with 14 geography teachers in primary schools. We observed the professional conceptual apparatus of geography teachers in oral communication focused on teaching evaluation. The frequency of pre-established basic terms and the frequency of terms that were said beyond the terms set by us were monitored. Five basic terms were found, with which all respondents operate, namely mark, test, knowledge, presentation and by rote. The term mark has the highest frequency. Subsequently, a typology of teachers was created according to their approaches to teaching evaluation (stagnant teacher, overstepping teacher, instructed teacher and advanced teacher). The research provides a comprehensive overview of the evaluation of pupils' performance by geography teachers in primary schools and can thus be...
The impact of the cartographic method on students' map skills level
Havelková, Lenka ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Bláha, Jan Daniel (referee)
The presented diploma thesis focuses on the map skills' problematic, which is currently becoming widespread in the Czech research environment. In contrast to the previous empirical studies, this thesis is devoted to the thematic map skills and their level of development among students of grammar schools and geographically oriented branches of university studies. Due to the significant differences between used cartographic methods of visualization on thematic maps the main aim of this diploma thesis is to identify and explain used cartographic method's influence on the level of these important skills. To achieve this aim, it was necessary to focus on different parts of the curriculum (intended, implemented, learned) and to use several scientific methods because this topic hasn't been well established yet and therefore only few theoretical and empirical studies dealt with this specific issue. Firstly, the review of literature focused on thematic cartography, map skills and on identifying their level of development among students was done. Due to the lack of specialized resources the model of thematic map skills was created. This specific model was further used during didactic test's designing and also for its results' interpretation. Similarly for the creation of appropriate didactic test -...
Map skills' development in history, mathematics and biology
Havelková, Lenka ; Hanus, Martin (advisor) ; Kučerová, Silvie Rita (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis deals with map skills' development in history, mathematics and biology at lower and upper secondary schools. Map skills tend to be seen as part of geographic skills so the issue related to their development in other subjects isn't researched enough. The first part of this thesis concerns with the use of map skills in everyday life, and summarizes evidence of their importance in various subjects. Based on the research focused on chosen subjects (history, mathematics, biology) are subsequently suggested particular possibilities of map skills' development. The aim of the practical part of this work that examines the development of map skills in terms of intended and implemented curriculum is to evaluate their status in education at Czech schools and also to reflect theoretically oriented chapters. As researched methods the analysis of textbooks and the questionnaire survey are used. Keywords: map, map skills' development, history, mathematics, biology, analysis of textbooks, questionnaire survey
Culturological aspects in lessons of Russina and German (based on the material regarding Czech, Russian and German lores)
Havelková, Lenka ; Žofková, Hana (advisor) ; Nečasová, Pavla (referee) ; Vysloužilová, Eva (referee)
HAVELKOVÁ, L. Culturological aspects in lessons of Russian and German (based on the material regarding Czech, Russian and German lores) : Dissertation thesis. Praha : Univerzita Karlova, 2011. 254 p. Supervisor: PhDr. Hana Žofková, CSc. Key words: communicative competence, comparison of lores, (folk)lores, foreign-language education, language picture of the world, sociolinguistic competence, use of lores in foreing- language teaching Abstract: The dissertation thesis deals with culturological aspects of foreign-language education when concentrating on folklores, their culturological potential, their comparison and the possibility of their use in German and Russian language class work. The thesis is dedicated to the issue that has not been either theoretically or practically developed yet. The main objective was the discovery whether folklores can be used in foreign-language education while shaping communicative competence and eventually how they can be used. The thesis comes out from general relation between a language and culture, from knowledge about national culture and its components and from the analysis of basic modern linguistic didactic principles. The theoretical part explains basic terms and relations towards related disciplines which are crucial for the issue solution as well as the communicative...

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