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Procedurally Generated City
Hájíček, Lukáš ; Polok, Lukáš (referee) ; Šolony, Marek (advisor)
This work is about procedural generation of cities. There are defined the different stages of city development and existing methods used to achieve them. The following describes the procedures used to implement a system capable of generating cities. The resulting generator is able to generate cities based on given parameters such as density of streets.
Mathematical modelling with L-systems
Janoutová, Růžena ; Procházková, Jana (referee) ; Martišek, Dalibor (advisor)
This work deals with L-systems and their practical utilization. The work can be devided into two parts - theoretical and applied. In the theoretical part, i.e. in the first chapter, the L-systems are discussed. There can be found their introduction and classification. Apllied part includes second and third chapter. Second chapter contains review of L-system's utilization and third chapter is dedicated to program attached to this work, his description and manual.
Evolutionary Design Using Rewriting Systems
Nétková, Barbora ; Hyrš, Martin (referee) ; Bidlo, Michal (advisor)
This master’s thesis proposes a method for the evolutionary design of rewriting systems. In particular, genetic algorithm will be applied to design rewriting rules for a specific variant of Lindenmayer system. The evolved rules of such grammar will be applied to generate growing sorting networks. Some distinct approaches to the rewriting process and construction of the sorting networks will be investigated. It will be shown that the evolution is able to successfully design rewriting rules for the proposed variants of rewriting processes. The results obtained exhibit abilities to successfully create partially growing sorting networks, which was evolved to grow for fewer inputs and in subsequent iterations grows up to 36 inputs.
Procedural Generation of Voxel Models
Hypeš, Tomáš ; Matýšek, Michal (referee) ; Milet, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis deals with procedural generation techniques and its use in the creation of voxel models. The techniques that have been used are Perlin Noise, Voronoi diagram, L-systems etc. This knowledge is then used to create a world generator for computer game with open world. This game provides players with the ability to modify this world and use its creativity, for example, in building construction. The game, however, will not give to the player all options for free, but for example for build, he or she will first have to find and mine the material. The game has been written in programming language C++ with the use of libraries Boost, SDL and OpenGL.
Graphics Intro 64kB Using OpenGL
Burkot, Martin ; Polok, Lukáš (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This thesis deals with the creation of minimal graphics intro. Intro size is not extending 64kB. The base of the intro is procedurally generated terrain supplemented with procedural vegetation and texture representing clouds. It also has terrain texture and imported 3D models. As background music is music playing.
Clouds and Hills Generation Using Fractal Geometry
Tůma, Petr ; Zuzaňák, Jiří (referee) ; Venera, Jiří (advisor)
This work is concerned with generation of landscape objects using fractal geometry. In this work is explained what the fractal is and terms associated with them. The other parts describe basic theoretical ideas and implementation of these algorithms. The Capital theme is generation of models clouds and hills in values of input parameters, their presentation and date media saved there. The project includes my algorithm extension for hills generation of course. At the conclusion of this work are summarized tendencies of next development and my results.
Procedural Generation of Cities
Bílý, Kristián ; Kobrtek, Jozef (referee) ; Starka, Tomáš (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is about procedural city generation. It's goal is to design, implement and test application, that is capable of city generation in user's terrain. The work uses L-Systems for generating road network. It also focuses on variation of building models. Final application is capable of city generation. Application properly reacts to user's input. User's input is basic city structure and terrain.
Language for Procedural Generation
Dobiáš, Roman ; Káčerik, Martin (referee) ; Milet, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis deals with designing and implementing a library with language devoted to procedural generation extending L-systems. Emphasis is put on practical usage of the library which is aimed to be used by a wide spectrum of real-world applications, especially by 3D rendering engines and editors. The thesis covers theory of procedural generation, L-systems, theory of compilers, and design and implementation of the library. In conclusion, case study projects are introduced which embed the library and numerous examples are given.
Real-Time Generator of 2.5D Game World
Dubec, Matej ; Pečiva, Jan (referee) ; Chlubna, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design and create a game world generator, working in real-time, in Unity game engine. The thesis revolves around principes of game creation, methods of procedural generation of objects used in games and describes the design and implementation of the generator.
Procedurally Generated City
Pazdera, Radek ; Nečas, Ondřej (referee) ; Kajan, Rudolf (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis covers procedural generation of cities. It explores various existing systems that allow procedural generation of large urban areas. Some of the used approaches in this area are later discussed and explained. This thesis also describes design, implementation and testing of an open-source system for procedural generation of cities, which is based on the discussed techniques. The system consists of libcity library and a demo application OgreCity. At the end of this thesis is the current implementation evaluated and a few possible extensions are proposed.

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