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Technical and operational factors which has impact to the performance of airports in civil aviation
Květoň, Petr ; Šplíchal, Miroslav (referee) ; Chlebek, Jiří (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with factors that directly or indirectly affect the operation of the airport. The thesis contains theoretical notes of influencing factors, a list of aircraft and their characteristics, including mutual comparison in graphs. The next part focuses on the airport itself, where it tries to identify the factors that affect its operation, including historical events. The next part focuses on the selection of airports in Central Europe, determining the appropriate performance characteristics, which are then compared and evaluated.
Mikroplasty a jejich vliv na životní prostředí
Kopicová, Jana
This bachelor thesis deals with plastic pollution in the environment predominantly focusing on microplastics. The aim of the theoretical part is to acquaint readers with the terminological background of plastics and their microscopic parts. This part also contains an overview of current information about sources, presence, and possible impact of microplastics in the environment centring on the water component. The theoretical part further discusses the effect of microplastics on living organisms and one’s health. In the practical part of the thesis, a questionnaire survey was carried out to find out respondents’ opinions and awareness of the given matter. The results of the survey confirmed that most of the respondents, despite being familiar with the term microplastics, are not well informed about their impact on the environment. The survey also indicates that this area lacks public awareness. Furthermore, a comparative analysis shows that more than 80% of the respondents would be in favour of refundable plastic bottles. Finally, the survey appears to confirm that respondents have poorer knowledge in legal regulations dealing with plastic waste.
Political Cycles and Their Impact on Macroeconomic Indicators in the Central Europe
Botka, Jan ; Hlaváček, Michal (advisor) ; Buliskeria, Nino (referee)
This study examines the impact of the political cycle on macroeconomic indica- tors in Central Europe, with a special focus on the Czech Republic. Thirty-nine Vector Autoregressive (VAR) models were constructed using data from 1998 to 2022 aiming to apply the Political Business Cycle (PBC) theory. It is the frst time the VAR model has been used in this context for most of the selected countries. As the main variables in the model, subject to potential infuence by political cycles, were chosen real GDP, infation and unemployment. The results showed that no consistent signifcant relationship exists across all coun- tries, with each nation displaying varying connections and occasional contra- dictions to the presupposed theory. Nevertheless, certain associations between the political cycle and macroeconomic indicators were observed in individual countries, supporting the presence of the PBC to some extent in the Czech Re- public, Hungary, and Austria. Conversely, no evidence or even contradictory results were found for the PBC in Slovakia, Poland, and Germany. Addition- ally, the presence of the "partisan" political cycle was identifed in Hungary but not in the Czech Republic, Germany, or Austria. Poland's signifcant results exhibited signs opposite to those expected. This research opens new...
Long-term trends in the development of unemployment at the municipal level in selected countries of Central Europe
Sauerová, Kristýna ; Netrdová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Šťastná, Simona (referee)
The main aim of this master's thesis is to reveal patterns in spatial differentiation of unemployment at the municipal level in selected Central European countries and its changes in the new millennium. For this purpose, Central Europe is defined as the area of Poland, Czechia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and Slovenia. This research is focused on the identification of spatial clusters of unemployment rates in selected countries by using advanced spatial and statistical methods, such as the Hot Spot Analysis. The outputs of the analysis categorize all municipalities into two main groups - clusters with high unemployment rates and clusters with low unemployment rates. Thereafter, these two categories are subjected to detail quantitative research, which examines their stability over the selected period (from 2005 to 2021). A cluster membership for each municipality is further explained by binary logistic regression models using also spatial, size, and resistance determinants. Finally, the results are explained in historical, social, and economic contexts from the socio-economic geographical view of each country. The analysis work with a database of unemployment rate consisting of data provided by national statistical and labour offices. Data from each office was collected, edited, and entered into a...
Mustelid carnivores of Central Europe in the Quaternary fossil record
Vencová, Barbora ; Horáček, Ivan (advisor) ; Kyselý, René (referee)
The present paper reports results of detailed examination of fossil record of mustelid carnivores deposited in the collections of Faculty of Science, Charles University and National Museum Prague. In total 414 items were analyzed coming from 136 Quaternary and Pliocene community samples (6 MN51-17, 8 Q1, 10 Q2, 2 Q3, 104 Q4) of diverse sites in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Results of detailed biometrical analysis compared with corresponding data obtained in a set of extant taxa (204 ind. 8 spp.) and extensive literary resources revealed presence of 16 taxa (9 extant, 7 fossil). Larger samples enabling a more detailed analysis were available for the genus Martes, and in particular for a groups of Mustela nivalis - M.erminea which composed 77% of all fossil records. The earliest items (MN15-MN17) co-identified with M.pliocaenica conform well to expected common ancestor of both extant species. Yet, also those from the Early Pleistocene (MN17-Q2: M.praenivalis, M.plioerminea) show certain differences, which suggest that phenotype morphocline establishing extant populations established only during the Middle Pleistocene (Q3). A particularly rich sample available from the present glacial cycle (mostly continuous Vistulian - Holocene sequences) revealed unexpected predominance of the glacial records...
Entry knowledge and ideas about Central European states for pupils of younger school age
The thesis deals with the scope and the level of entry knowledge and ideas about Central European states for pupils of younger school age. The aim of the work is to evaluate, through a quantitative research inquiry, the comprehensive knowledge of central European countries of pupils in the first grade. The evaluation was carried out on the base of a questionnaire survey of 396 respondents from eight primary schools, allowing an assessment of the level of geographical knowledge of primary pupils in fourth and fifth years. The analytical part of the thesis focuses on results and their comparison according to several categories, which are differences in knowledge across schools, years and gender. This section also looks at the differences arising from the location and size of the primary schools in question and, last not least, the source of this knowledge. The final practical section is based on the results of the survey and contains educational material, which is extended to include a methodical guide for educators and suggestions for teaching central European states.
Analysis of suitable airports for IFR training flights in Central Europe
Mach, Lukáš ; Juračka, Jaroslav (referee) ; Sklenář, Filip (advisor)
This bachelor thesis analyzes suitable aerodromes in Central Europe for IFR training flights from Brno-Tuřany Airport. The first section explains IFR flying in general. The second section contains an overview of all IFR-certified aerodromes in Central Europe. In the third section, five of the most suitable aerodromes for IFR training are selected considering the amount of traffic and distance. It also discusses airport fees. The last section contains preflight data of IFR flights from Brno-Tuřany Airport (LKTB) to three of the selected aerodromes from the second section.
Analysis of available applications on airspace in Central Europe and their use for route planning
Zgančík, Martin ; Červenka, Miroslav (referee) ; Sklenář, Filip (advisor)
The thesis aims to create an overview and compare available commercial and non-commercial VFR flight planning applications. Additionally, to plan a flight within Central Europe with the minimal length of 1000km under VFR and to describe the pre-flight on-land preparation. The thesis consists of three parts. The first part of the thesis consists of the overview and comparison of selected applications for VFR flight planning. The second part describes and compares applications that map the airspace within Central Europe. The third part focuses on practical flight planning while using one of the aforementioned applications.
Stereotypes of Central European Nations: Czech Current Perspective in Intergenerational Comparison. Bachelor thesis. Department of Geography, Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, 63 p.
ČÍŽKOVÁ, Martina
The thesis deals with stereotypes of nations in Central Europe from the perspective of selected sample of the Czech population. The aim of this thesis is to map the stereotypical opinions that prevail in Czech society in seven Central European political nations. The thesis also points out the presence of geographical factors which are associated with the occurrence of stereotypes. The research part of this thesis is based on a questionnaire survey through which respondents were asked, among other things, about their attitudes or knowledge towards the monitored nations. The collected data were analysed in a comprehensive manner with an emphasis on curiosity and geographical context. In the part of synthesis, the data were divided according to the set generations and then compared with the aim of discovering what differences or similarities between the generations exist.
Epigraphica & Sepulcralia 12. Forum of epigraphical and sepulchral studies. The Proceedings of the 20th International Sessions on the Issue of Sepulchral Monuments, Prague 2-3 November 2021
Roháček, Jiří
The proceedings of the 20th international sessions on the issue of sepulchral monuments, which took place in Prague on 2–3 November 2021. These regular conferences, organized since 2000 by the Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences, are focused on sepulchral monuments as material artefacts of sepulchral culture and as works of art in the traditional sense of the word, with a factual or methodological relation to the Central European issues. However, they do not avoid themes, that more widely explain the context, in which these monuments were created and were functionally applied. The emphasis is placed on the nature of interdisciplinary expert meetings. Through their focus and periodicity, they are unique in a pan-European context. The series Epigraphica & Sepulcralia has been the publication forum of these sessions since 2005. The conference proceedings contain a total of eighteen papers. In addition to Czech and Moravian topics, traditionally, a significant share of the conference is devoted to foreign issues, specifically Polish and Slovak, and indirectly to other regions of Central Europe. The significant share of papers dealing with the reflection of sepulchral and epigraphic monuments in written sources, which allow a slightly different view of the issue, is highly positive.

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