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Stress Evaluation, Coping and Reduction
Hacajová, Karolína ; Marsinová, Daniela (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
The Master´s thesis “Stress evaluation, coping and reduction” is dealing with a topic of work-related stress, which is very common at working places of many companies nowadays. The theoretical part is focused on definition of basic concepts of stress and common techniques of coping and reduction of stress. The practical part provides a measurement of certain level of work-related stress in Henkel Slovensko, spol. s r.o. company based on questionnaire survey. The conclusion of the thesis contains the recommendations focused on reduction of certain stress factors´ impact and precaution of formation of work-related stress.
Syndrom vyhoření u učitelů středních škol
Soukalová, Kristýna
This bachelor is concerned with burnout syndrome in secondary school teachers. The aim was to characterize burnout syndrome, to interpret its causes and risks, and to think about the prevalence of this syndrome among teachers working in secondary schools. The work is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is based on professional sources and thus provides information and knowledge about the issue. The empirical part describes the research investigation and the results obtained regarding the burnout rate of secondary vocational school and apprenticeship teachers. The research is based on a quantitative approach and is therefore carried out using a questionnaire survey.
Syndrom vyhoření u učitelů středních škol
Bukáčková, Silvie
Abstract The bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of burnout syndrome in secondary school teachers. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is divided into several areas. The beginning chapter of the theoretical part clarifies the burnout syndrome and its diagnosis. It then goes on to establish the difference and clarity between depression and stress. The next chapter in the theoretical part is devoted to research focusing on burnout syndrome in secondary school teachers, which was conducted by experts from Masaryk University in Brno. The theoretical part concludes with information and an overview of the professions most threatened by burnout syndrome, followed by a chapter dealing specifically with stress in the teaching profession. The practical part is devoted to a research investigation on stress, burnout and prevention. The aim of the work was to compare the findings with research on teachers that has been conducted in the Czech Republic. For the quantitative research investigation, a self-administered anonymous questionnaire was designed and distributed to the respondents, i.e. pupils of two secondary schools in the Jeseník district. The basic research question of this paper was to find out to what extent teachers are currently affected by stress and how they resist it. The research shows that teachers' stress and burnout are manifested in changes in their behaviour. Teachers perceive these changes as a way of irritability, dissatisfaction and ag-resis. They use regular exercise as prevention and try to spend their free time with family and friends.
Syndrom vyhoření u učitelů středních odborných škol
Čabanová, Lenka
Bachelor thesis deals with the burnout syndrome of teachers at high school. The work is devided into two parts, teoretical part and practical part. The teoretical part deals wit the concept of burnout syndrome, prevention against burnout syn-drome, and teaching profession. The practical part is dedicated to my own re-search and results of the research.
Syndrom vyhoření u středoškolských učitelů
Báčová, Tereza
The topic of this bachelor thesis is to approach the issue of burnout syndrome in secondary school teachers. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part contains a brief summary of information about the teaching profession, especially about its history and demands. However, the thesis focuses in more detail on burnout syndrome in secondary school teachers. The causes, symptoms, stages, diagnostic methods, treatment options and information on how to prevent burnout syndrome are presented. The practical part of the thesis includes quantitative research, which determines whether and to what extent burnout syndrome occurs among secondary school teachers in the South Moravian Region. The questionnaire survey shows that in the three areas of burnout examined (personal, work-related, student-related), the teachers as a whole did not show the occurrence of burnout syndrome. Further, there was a finding that females were more prone to burnout syndrome than males. Teachers with 11-20 years of experience suffer from burnout the most. It was further found that educators from medical school are most vulnerable to burnout syndrome. Indirect teaching activities have a strong influence on burnout. The research on overall burnout did not show the occurrence of burnout in the sample of educators studied, however, the individual assessment of each respondent varied, with some not burned out while others showed very strong burnout.
Biological aspects of the burnout syndrome
Čihařová, Markéta ; Šivicová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe burnout syndrome as a psychosocial phenomenon with an emphasis on biological mechanisms accompanying it. The work is divided into two main parts, a literary review and an empirical part. In the literary review, burnout syndrome is explained in general terms. It provides a research history outline and continues with an introduction of its external and internal causes and factors which help to prevent from it. Furthermore, the development and psychological, social and work symptoms of burnout syndrome are described. The main part of the work is dedicated to biological symptoms of burnout syndrome in connection with different systems of the human body. The proposal for research is to be seen in the second part of the work. This research deals with the levels of cortisol in university students scoring high on burnout syndrome in comparison with the levels of cortisol in university students scoring low. Keywords: burnout syndrome, stress, exhaustion, altered functioning, health
Mental hygiene as a burnout prevention of counseling staff
Šípová, Zuzana ; Štětovská, Iva (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of mental hygiene as a burnout prevention of counselling staff working in counselling for family, marriage and human relations. It is focused on psychologists and social workers. The first part deals with the issues related to the counselling and requirements for counselling staff, as well as the specifics and risks associated with the profession, and the clientele that comes to counselling. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the issues of burnout syndrome and mental hygiene related to the profession of counselling staff. The second part of the diploma thesis is processed in the form of empirical explorative research which aim was to map the issue of mental hygiene as a prevention of burnout syndrome among counselling staff, specifically psychologists and social workers working in the counselling for the family, marriage and human relations. It was found out that the counseling staff perceive as the most burdensome administrative and organizational components of their work and unmotivated or difficult clients. On the contrary they are most enriched with the diversity and variety of client stories, meeting with clients and feeling of their meaningfulness. Regarding mental hygiene strategies and techniques that counseling staff use the most, in the foreground figure...
Preventing burnout syndrome of short-term foster carers
Kaše, Adam ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
Burnout syndrome is a topic studied since the 1970s with increasing vigour and interest. This phenomenon, characterised in particular by mental and physical exhaustion, negative feelings related to the workload and environment, or general apathy, is primarily associated with workers in the helping professions. However, to date, there has not been a single research study on burnout in short-term foster carers. Therefore, the empirical part of the thesis presents research targeting the experiences of this vulnerable group in the Czech Republic, mapping the current status, risk factors and possible prevention of burnout syndrome. The research uses a qualitative design and the method of semi-structured interviews. Despite the methodological limitations of the study, the results show that despite minor variations in personal opinions, there is rather a consensus among the respondents regarding the perceived risks of burnout syndrome. This suggests that burnout syndrome in transient foster carers is a promising area for further research and a topic for stimulating discussion. Key words: burnout syndrome; foster family care; short-term foster carers

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