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Přepis aplikace Gisella s využitím moderních technologií
Zelenka, Ondřej
This diploma thesis deals with the creation of a new Gisella mobile application, which is a rewrite of the old application of the same name on the Android platform. The application was originally created by team Spatial Hub and is managed by ENVIPARTNER s.r.o. The goal of the work was to implement a new application that will have the same functionality as the old application, but in a new language, architecture and using the latest technologies so that it can be better managed and possibly expanded in the near future. The work will start with the theoretical part, which includes, among other things, the Android platform, the Kotlin language and its new toolkit Jetpack Compose, Dependency injection using the Koin library, the MVVM architecture and others. This will be followed by a short analysis of the possibilities of rewriting the application from Java to Jetpack Compose, the implementation procedure using the design in the theoretical part, examples of implementation and an evaluation of the success of the rewrite.
Návrh a implementace adaptivního API pro detekci objektů
Strnad, Jan
This thesis deals with the problem of object detection on any device, regardless of its performance. In the development part, an adaptive server that can provide this functionality to connected devices and two Android-based applications were implemented to test the server. The thesis also describes the theoretical articles dealing with the problem at hand, the design of the whole functionality of the server and the applications, the libraries for the development of the different parts, and last but not least, a~description of the implementation and some examples of testing, including the results that were achieved.
Tvorba mobilnej aplikácie pre koncept Time under tension
Moric, Marek
The essence of this work is to design and implement an application that allows users to set the type and target of a timer. The various types of activities and timer outcomes are fully under the user's control. The research of the work is focused on concepts and technologies that appear in the work. The methodology deals with the requirements and design phases that the implementation part of the work has gone through.
Refactoring mobilnej aplikácie Průvodce Severem pre OS Android a iOS
Šťastný, Nikolas
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a new version of existing mobile application Průvodce Severem. Application downloads and shows places of interest in Brno-sever. The practical part of the work is an introduction to the necessary elements, design and implementation of mobile application. At the end of the work discussion is located.
Prototyp aplikace pro sledování charakteristik prostředí pokojových rostlin
Musil, Michal
This bachelor’s thesis deals with design and implementation of a user friendly application for monitoring characteristics of a houseplant’s environment, such as ambient temperature, light intensity and soil moisture. Purpose of the application is to make everyday care for these plants easier. Subject of the introductory part of the thesis is examining possibilities of collecting the necessary data and comparing the problem with already existing similar solutions on the market. A design of a multitier application independent of any specific technological solutions is then proposed. The design is followed up on by implementing application logic with REST API on the ASP.NET Core platform, IoT device with electrical sensors and WiFi connectivity for the monitoring process itself and a user interface in the form of Android native mobile application.
Mobilní katalog koštu vín
Paseka, Nikolas
The bachelor thesis deals with the design and implementation of a mobile application for the Android platform, which is used to replace paper catalogues used at wine festivals. The thesis provides an overview of the appropriate technologies for developing an Android application and the backend with which the application communicates. It also introduces the issue of user-friendly data display in the form of a mobile application. Once the results are achieved, an evaluation of the current state of the application is made and possible extensions are suggested.
Mobilní aplikace Zalejme pro platformu Android
Nguyen, Nicolas
This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of the mobile application Zalejme for the Android platform. The main goal of this thesis is to implement and publish the mobile app on Google Play Store so that users can use the same features as in the web version. The thesis begins by comparing similar applications, introducing the Android operating system, familiarizing with the technologies used on this platform, specifying the requirements and user interface design, and describing the development process. This is followed by the implementation phase, which describes in detail the solution of the problem using the selected technologies mentioned in the introduction. In the final part of the thesis, the problems encountered during the implementation are discussed, and possibilities for future enhancements of the mobile application are also suggested.
Vytvoření knihovny pro práci s NFC pro platformu Android
Mahdal, Vojtěch
The Bachelor’s thesis deals with the creation of a library in the Kotlin language for the Android platform to facilitate the work of reading and writing NFC tag data. The thesis describes the NFC technology, its use in Android applications, and the essence of the library, for which the procedure to achieve public publication is described. The result of the work is the implementation of the library into an application of the Compose architecture, utilizing the MVVM architectural pattern.
Implementation of a System for Knowledge Assessment on Centrally Managed Mobile Devices
VOJTA, Pavel
This paper describes the implementation of a system for students' knowledge assessment at the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia using tablets and the LMS Moodle already applied at the university, thus developing it further. The theoretical part primarily describes the organization strategy, e-learning, tablets and the possibilities of deploying mobile devices in organizations. The following practical part presents the process of the whole solution, from strategy to operation, including a description of Microsoft Intune setup as the chosen mobile device management system. The paper includes a comparison of the success rate of the terms held using tablets and the terms conducted on computers. Additionally, this thesis provides suggestions for further development of the designed system.
Mobile Application for Management of Smart City Service Requests
Formánková, Klára ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Hynek, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to develop a mobile application for managing service requests in smart cities and it is done in collaboration with Logimic company. Service requests represent activities that need to be performed in a city, where managers are responsible for managing them and technicians are responsible for executing them. This thesis intends to analyze the current state of support for service request management on a smart city platform and to design and implement a solution for effective service request management in the form of a mobile application for both Android and iOS platforms. The result of the work is a multiplatform application developed using Ionic and Capacitor frameworks, which allows more efficient work with service requests by organizing them into a graph structure, merging duplicate requests and introducing some typical mobile elements. The resulting application is also integrated as a module of the smart city platform. An important contribution of this thesis is the verification that using frameworks Ionic and Capacitor, a web application can be easily transformed into a multiplatform one.

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