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Assistence to victims of crime
Committing a crime always means a big change in the lives of both the victim and the perpetrator. The psychological and social aspects of the victim of crime are affected. This bachelor thesis is focused on helping victims of crime. The main goal of this thesis was to find out what opportunities to help women - victims of social work crime in České Budějovice. This thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a research part. The theoretical part deals with the definition of basic concepts, the rights of particularly vulnerable victims and the difference between them in comparison with the rights of the injured party are also listed. A substantial part of the work is devoted to legislation, which analyzes the constitutional order of the Czech Republic (CR) and international law. The empirical part was performed on the basis of a qualitative research strategy, then the data were categorized. The technique of questioning using a semi-structured interview, which consisted of 13 open-ended questions, was used to obtain data. A total of three informants from the area of assistance to victims of crime in České Budějovice were contacted, who subsequently formed a research group. The analysis and interpretation of the obtained data revealed that social work in České Budějovice offers a wide range of opportunities to help women as victims of crime. The informants mentioned the possibilities of women and also informed about changes in provision due to the pandemic. The results of the research can serve to raise awareness of society, as well as an information source for workers in organizations helping women as victims of crime.
Maternity of homeless woman's
This bachelor's work is dedicated to a little discussed topic, which is pregnancy and motherhood of homeless women. These women move among us every day, but few people pay close attention to them and some, perhaps, pretend they don't exist. It is difficult to know why or what circumstances have just brought them this to life. On the basis of interviews, the main goal of this research was to determine which methods of social work within the social services framework have a positive influence on homeless women living with a child in moving them towards a normal way of life. Ideally, facilitating their long term independence of the social security system. In introducing the issue, I will focus on the problems that women or girls bring to the streets, the nature of their motherhood and pregnancy, which is mostly unplanned. I also focused on what future mothers have at starting point, what services they can use, both for themselves and for the unborn descendant. The work is then divided into a theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is further divided into sections that address the definition of basic concepts; short history of the forms of and causes that contribute to homelessness; and a brief discussion of social exclusion, which directly belong to this issue. The following chapter is devoted only to homeless women themselves. The theoretical part is the basis of the practical part, which follows and sets out the rationale for the choice of the research questions. A research tool consisting of 21 questions was created to answer these questions forming the main part of the semistructured interview. Given the purpose of the work, I considered it appropriate to choose qualitative research, which examines the issues in more depth. The research sample consists of 8 respondents who were intentionally chosen for the issue. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to highlight the problematics of homelessness, especially women's homelessness, to the general public. I do believe there is not enough attention to this issue. Homelessness is an extremely delicate matter in every society and dealing with it is partially on ability of perceiving it by the general public. It is necessary to talk about causes and consequences of homelessness. It is not possible to turn away from this topic and it is necessary to talk about it, write about it and also think about it.
The Life of Homeless Women in a Selected Region through the Eyes of Themselves
The bachelor thesis deals with the life of homeless women in České Budějovice. The main aim of the thesis is to present the various challenges that are related to the loss of housing, and to find out what the most common causes of homelessness of women in České Budějovice are. The practical part of this bachelor thesis is conducted through the qualitative research strategy. The method of questioning and the technique of semi-structured interview were used. The research sample consists of eight homeless women living in the area of the South Bohemian Region, specifically in České Budějovice. The research sample was selected using the snowball sampling method. The results of the interviews were collected and further processed using the open coding method. Through this method, ten categories with specific codes were created. The results of the research showed that the most common causes of homelessness of women in České Budějovice are domestic violence and unsatisfactory (dysfunctional) relationships with family. The communication partners also shared dissatisfaction with the current situation and stated that they wished to change their situation. It also became apparent that the communication partners consider the absence of stable housing to be the main problem. This bachelor thesis could serve, for example, as a source of information for students or as feedback for social service providers in České Budějovice
Landes registers Kardasova Recice of the 17th century
HEJDA, Milan
Abstract The diploma thesis Landes registers Kardasova Recice of the 17th century is a collection of two books that covers almost a whole century of the life of one town. The books are divided according to the historical division of the city for the Upper and Lower parts in the city. The first part of the thesis was composed from the perspecive financial, property interest, genealogical, onomastic, social, religious or migration issues. Spot given wedding or mortality records. The issue of the position of women or reconstruction of the entry on the example of Kardasova Recice wasn´t negected either. The second part was delimited to the edition in extenso.
Female Characters and the Relationship of Women to Children in Roald Dahl's Children's Fiction
BUBLOVÁ, Kateřina
The aim of the Bachelor thesis is a literary analysis of the characteristics of female characters in Roald Dahl's work for children's readers. Roald Dahl became known as the author of grotesque prose for adults, and his work for children is characterized by black humour, hyperbole, grotesque elements and some controversy of his works (The Witches, George's Marvellous Medicine, etc). The work will firstly introduce Roald Dahl and his work in different categories of readers (children and adult readers) and then will deal with the topic of the author's anti-feminist approach to female characters, especially in Dahl's prose The Witches. The theoretical basis of the work will compare the concept of female characters in the classic fairy tale by Grimm Brothers (Bettelheim) and the characteristics of female characters in Dahl's work for children's readers. The practical part of the work will further assess the influence of role models and model characters on the child reader in Dahl's work for children, including possible controversies in the reading and interpretation. The role of humour, hyperbole and grotesque will be the subject of final analysis within my research as part of the Bachelor thesis.
"And yet the cruel fate hit me?" Widowed Prague bourgeois women in the second half of the 19th century in the reflection of ego-documents
The dissertation presents the fate of widowed bourgeois women living in Prague during the second half of the 19th century on the basis of selected ego-documents and other sources. This thesis first focuses on women's lives before becoming widows and then captures the whole process of becoming a widow from the husband's death to the funeral and the first moments after his death. The thesis also considers the legal aspect of widowhood and the economic aspects connected with it, such as material security, job possibilities for widows, aid requests, widow´s association and accommodation possibilities. Other chapters deal with the everyday life of widowed women, networks of relationships, reflection and self-reflection of widowhood, experiencing of sadness and seeking solace from God. The core of the thesis is concluded by remembering the deceased husband, the last days, death and the "afterlife" of the widows. To complete the dissertation, the thesis is enriched by tables, appendices with depictions of relatives of widows, pictorial part, editorial processing of selected sources of personal nature and index of persons.
Interventional motion program for women over 40 years old focuses on back pain
The bachelor thesis is focused on interventional movement for women over 40 years old with focus on back pain. The aim was to create and implement a three-month yoga intervention exercise program focused on back problems, which was conducted twice a week. Women suffering from back pain were randomly selected for research. After the age of 40, there are many changes, both psychological and physical, which can lead to back pain and may reduce normal daily tasks in the future. All exercisers underwent an initial measurements and random evaluation for the experimental and control groups. A second measurement was carried out during the intervention program and a final measurement after the end of the intervention program. In the evaluation of the length of the spinal straighteners, the experimental group achieved an increase of 2.2 cm, in the evaluation of the mobility of the spine and hips it achieved an increase of 2.6 cm and in the evaluation of the square lumbar muscle by 2.4 cm. An evaluating the strength of the neck flexors achieved an overall improvement of 3 seconds and evaluating the strength of the abdominal muscles achieved improvement of 2,8 seconds. Back pain decreased by 2.6 levels at the last measurement. Due to yoga exercises, we managed to see an improvement in both groups. There was better flexibility and partial removal of back pain.
Woman's Image in Czech Advertisement
The bachelor thesis focuses on the analysis of Czech advertisements and its aim is to show the image of advertising texts about women and their roles in society. Not only the linguistic material, but also the pictorial components of these types of communication will be analyzed. In the theoretical part of the thesis, types and the style of advertising and the concept of stereotype in ethnolinguistic approaches will be introduced. The practical part of the thesis will be based on excerpts of advertisements in which a woman is the main actor or, on the other hand, the stereotypical perception of a woman in Czech society.
Physical activity and structure of the personality of women with sedentary occupation
STAŇKOVÁ, Kateřina
: At present, the lack of physical activity and factors called biosocial correlates are a frequent topic. The female gender is considered one of a negative bisocial correlates so we might expect that men are more active than women. The aim of this work is to realize if personality traits of women affect the amount of their physical activity. A total of fifty women in the age range of 22 to 64 years, having a sedentary work, took part in this survey. These women were writting down their daily physical activity, measured by pedometer Yamax Digiwalker SW-700. This measurement was carried out in two week-long periods on April and October 2019. To examine their personality traits it was used the Big five NEO Personality Inventory, where the results were statistically processed and evaluated under supervision of a psychologist. It has been realized that women who are more extroverted meet the daily 10.000 step goal, but only on weeksdays, so we might consider it a significant positive correlates of physical activity. Women with a hight level of conscientiousness do not meet the physical activity goal. In comparison with women who lack the dominance of trait of conscientiousness, the women with dominance of this trait have lower level of physical activity.Considerating all the findings mentioned above, we might come to a conclusion that the physical activity of women who have a sedentary work does not change.
The Life and Criminalization of Czech Queer Women in the first half of the 20th Century
Zdráhalová, Judita ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šmíd, Marek (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the everyday life and persecution of Czech non-heterosexual women in the first half of the 20th century. It therefore examines the status and overall situation of homosexual minorities in the society, primarily in the years 1918-1945, ie during the Czech First Republic and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, with a focus on women. The thesis doesn't cover the period before the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, due to limited sources and the absence of research. Apart from the historical context and the description of the perception of lesbian love at that time, the thesis will present selected queer publications, associations, favorite meeting places or restaurants and important female figures of this community in the given period. The second part of the thesis will then be carried out as a case study of criminal records concerning women accused of the crime of "fornication against nature", which can help us gain insight into the mentality and everyday life of lesbian women of the first half of the 20th century.

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