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Similar motifs of house, spirits and female characters in novels The House of the seven gables, One hunder years of solitude and House of spirits
The present bachelor thesis focuses on the works of Gabriel G. Márquez and Isabel Allende. Specifically, we look at the themes that inspired the 19th century American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne. In my work, I focus on common motifs that recur in all three works examined: Cien a?os de soledad, La casa de los espíritus, and the original novel The house of the seven gables. The common motifs will be introduced and described through excerpts in each chapter. An attempt will be made to show the extent to which N. Hawthorne gave creative impulses to Latin American authors. At the end of each chapter, a summary will be given as to which of the two works more closely resembles the primary work of American literature.
Italy through the eyes of two Czech female travellers. Italian travels of Anna Rehakova and Simonetta Buonaccini
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the image of Italy as depicted in the texts of travels of two Czech women. Specifically, the travelogue Italské silhouetty by Anna Řeháková and the unpublished travelogue Sbohem condottiere by Simonetta Buonaccini. The thesis focuses on a comparison of the authors' perspectives, which are developed in the individual texts mainly through the themes of history, architecture, Italian art and, last but not least, natural scenery. At the same time, the thesis examines the way of women's travelling in the first decades of the 20th century, when this avocation was not easily accepted female activity yet.
Eating disorders in females
TESKOVÁ, Veronika Michaela
The thesis focuses on the issue of anorexia nervosa and multifactorial influences on the development and course of this disorder in women. Anorexia nervosa is a serious mental illness that is influenced by many factors such as social, familial and psychological. The analysis of these factors is crucial for a deeper understanding of this disorder and a prerequisite for designing adequate comprehensive treatment. This thesis analyses each of these factors and presents therapeutic approaches to anorexia nervosa and ways of treating it. The research is based on semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions with female respondents suffering from anorexia nervosa.
Motor performance and somatic characteristics of women
KALIŠOVÁ, Karolína
Karolína Kališová: Motor performance and somatic characteristics of women (age category 25,00 - 34,99). The aim of the thesis is to compare and evaluate the measured results of 36 women (volunteer firefighters) aged 25,00 - 34,99 years. Measurements were conducted from October 2023 to January 2024, focusing on body characteristics such as height, weight, circumferential dimensions (right arm, abdomen, hips, and right thigh), skinfold thickness (subscapular, suprailiac, above the biceps, above the triceps, on the mid-right thigh), and tests of spine mobility (Stibor's sign, Otto's sign, Schober's sign, Čepoj's sign, Thomayer's sign, and lateral flexion test). Body Mass Index (BMI) was calculated for each subject based on height and weight, along with the sum of skinfolds. The research also included the evaluation of the foot printogram and a questionnaire on life satisfaction in the areas of health, work and employment, leisure time, own person, friends and relatives with additional supplementary questions. Interesting results of the study include, for example, a comparison of our sample with 50-year-old volunteer firefighters (Douchová, 2019), where significantly higher differences were observed in older women in terms of foot arch decline (tested by Chippaux and Šmiřák, average in the flat foot category), and spine mobility (Stibor's sign, Otto's sign, Schober's sign, Čepoj's sign, Thomayer's sign) was statistically significantly less in older women except for the cervical spine (tested by Čepoj's sign).
Business Plan for Reconstructing Fitcenter Trinity and Build the Section Reserved for Women
Sochor, Ondřej ; Blahutková, Marie (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on creating a business plan for reconstructing fitcenter Trinity and creating a new secton reserved for women. The theoretical part cointains facts regarding this business plan and also terms associated with fitness. The thesis also contains all informations and analysis needed for completing the plan and choosing the marketing strategy. There are identified groups of customers based on discern of requirements and following business plan is build in case of structure recomended in theory part.
Moravian wine centre Brno
Vojtěšek, Jiří ; Žák, Libor (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The city of Brno has always been a center of Moravian wine. The new draft of wine center responds to this reality and represents the grandeur of wineries in its full glory. Respect for nature, love for traditions and love for order/system are the main aspects of the design. The proposal is essentially open to the public, however, the necessary modesty is preserved. Conversely taciturnity of production part of buliding holds the secrets of the deep traditions of Viticulture and Enology. Designed buildings are used for production, wine storage, administration associated with the production, tasting and selling wine, conferences, accommodation and, finally, wellness and other activities. The size of the building is the result of an optimal design that does not interfere with nearby historical buildings. The emphasis is on minimizing costs both during construction and during operation. Flor plan shape resembling the letter L is oriented towards the west courtyard. This raises a unique viticultural area court with a wide staircase. The amphitheater can be used for seasonal exhibitions, pilgrimages or feast of local entertainment. The yard is connected with the street Hlinky, which paraphrases the historic entrance portals into winecellars. The northern part of the building bites into the ground and connects the original winecellars with new facilities. Small narrow windows reflects the desired taciturnity, just as it was with winecellars in South Moravia for centuries.
Joseph Roth: Characteristics of the fictional world
Sirotek, Adam ; Kubíček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Mocná, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis analyses Roth's novels of the 1930s as a complex fictional macroworld. It is through fictional characters, the category of space and associated motifs and symbols that the decadent and specifically patriarchal semantics of the Habsburg world are examined. The main point of interest is the conflict between traditional and nationalized patriarchy outlined by Stritecky. The paper analyses the manifestations of the gradual disintegration of the basic value pillars of this patriarchal world, against the background of the dynamic tension between the centre and the periphery of the Habsburg monarchy. These pillars are the army, the bureaucracy, religious faith; the authority of the emperor, father and husband. In the first part (the centre), the degradation of these values is analysed in relation to the figures representing the centre of the empire. In the second and third parts (periphery; behind the curtain), the secondary figures of the representatives of the periphery, or women, come to the fore. Through these characters, the non-vital nature of nationalised patriarchalism is exposed. This work shows, among other things, that the deviation from the traditional, patriarchal order is the real cause of the overall decline. At the same time, the thesis that the space of the periphery is...
Mikveh: the phenomenon of Jewish solemity (notes about ritual baths in Moravia)
Šedivec, Ivana ; Krupková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Pargač, Jan (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Filozofická fakulta Ústav etnologie Rigorózní práce Praha 2013 Ivana Šedivec Univerzita Karlova v Praze Filozofická fakulta Ústav etnologie Rigorózní práce Ivana Šedivec Mikve: fenomén židovské obřadnosti (poznámky k rituálním lázním na Moravě) Mikveh: the phenomenon of Jewish solemity (notes about ritual baths in Moravia) Praha 2013 Ivana Šedivec Vedoucí práce: PhDr. Jaroslava Krupková, CSc. Ústav etnologie Fakulta filozofická Univerzity Karlovy v Praze Poděkování Ráda bych poděkovala za podporu a konzultace PhDr. Jaroslavě Krupkové, CSc a PhDr. Daně Veselské Ph.D. Neméně tak všem mým respondentům. Děkuji za poskytnutí materiálů od uvedených obcí a měst, cenných rad a připomínek. Prohlašuji, že jsem práci zpracoval(a) samostatně a použil(a) jen uvedených pramenů a literatury. Praha, leden 2013 podpis Klíčová slova: voda, rituál, čistota, ženy, intimita Klíčová slova anglicky: water, ritual, purity, women, intimacy Anotace Tato rigorózní práce se zabývá rituální očistou židů v mikve. Mikve je židovská rituální lázeň, která musí splňovat určitá náboženská nařízení, aby mohla být vnímána jako rituálně způsobilá. Veškerá nařízení a zákony týkající se provozu, konstrukce a vody, která smí být použita v lázni, jsou popsány v Mišně v traktátu Mikva'ot. Základem pro rituální způsobilost...
Self-employed women in the towns on the Třeboň estate at the beginning of the modern age
This bachelor thesis deals with self-employed women on the Třeboň estate, in the city of Třeboň at the beginning of the modern age. Its aim is to present the topic of middle-class widowhood. After the death of the husband, what was the status of widows, their possibilities, how contemporary society thought about them. Bourgeois women didn't leave much of a mark, especially in a male-dominated world. Their role in social and economic history will be in Třeboň irrigators from 1520 to 1652. This presented work provides more detailed information on the number of women working, what crafts they inherited from this is husband deceased, and what property they could dispose of as women. And how did from the point of view of the privacy of widows, she households in Třeboň and family structures look like.
The employment of women in leadership positions from the labor law perspective
Černá, Julia ; Koldinská, Kristina (advisor) ; Tomšej, Jakub (referee)
THE EMPLOYMENT OF WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS FROM THE LABOR LAW PERSPECTIVE ABSTRACT This thesis focuses on the issue of gender-based discrimination in the field of economic and political leadership. It explores various forms of discriminatory conduct and examines the viability of positive measures and the rationales for their adoption. Special attention is given to the examination of the institute of quotas, their impact on the current (lack of) gender equality, and the prospects of integrating them into our legal framework through labor law regulations. The thesis outlines previous attempts to introduce them, the current stance towards their implementation and some regulatory models that can be observed in foreign jurisdictions. Within a broader sociological-economic context, the thesis analyzes specific barriers that hinder women in their career advancements, such as the glass ceiling and tokenism. It analyzes the causes and consequences of labor market segmentation in terms of horizontal and vertical segregation and emphasizes the problematic nature of this phenomenon. The main objective of the thesis is to analyze current legal systems in terms of international, European Union, and Czech law in their efforts of addressing the aforementioned issue. Relevant legislation regulating this area is...

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