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Automatic System for Downloading of Scientific Papers
Šebela, Ondřej ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
Goal of this work is the creation of application designed for automatic downloading of scientific papers by using online databases of scientific publications. This work is studying the structure and means of retrieving information about scientific documents. It also describes the final application and rates it based on results of testing.
Development and design of a modular battery box.
Rozinek, Josef ; Buday, Vladimír (referee) ; Porteš, Petr (advisor)
Tato práce se zabývá problematikou battery packů. V první části popisuje návrh battery packu z hlediska volby baterií, jejich tvaru, velikosti, typu a konfigurace zapojení. Dále uvádí vliv těchto charakteristik na výkonnost battery packu a jeho spolehlivost. Zabývá se problematikou termálního managementu battery packů a jeho vlivu na životní cyklus baterií. V druhé části se zabývá praktickým návrhem konceptu battery packu pro Lithium-polymerové baterie. Kalorimetricky je zde zjištěno množství produkovaného tepla při vybíjení, které je poté využito v CFD simulaci chlazení článku.
Comparison of different types of commercial lithium-ion batteries
Šindelářová, Anna ; Kazda, Tomáš (referee) ; Libich, Jiří (advisor)
The master's thesis is devoted to the comparison of different types of lithium-ion batteries. Primarily, an introduction to electrochemical power sources and their division is described. Furthermore, the thesis deals only with lithium-ion batteries. In the theoretical part, the chapters discuss the history, the principle of operation and a detailed description of the main battery parts, including used materials. A comparison of commercially available lithium-ion cells with each other as well as with other types of batteries is also included in the theoretical part. The practical part deals with the cyclinf of lithium-ion cells and subsequent evaluation of the effect of temperature on the capacitance and current characteristics of these lithium-ion batteries.
Scientific Web Portal Generator
Mertel, Ján ; Škoda, Petr (referee) ; Smrž, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis is dedicated to dealing with problems concerning automatic adding of relevant articles from some storage system, while respecting final goal of web portal. As a part of the thesis there is a support for portal personalization according to various options. Project focuses on working with articles generally, whose references are kept in database, and further actualization of the portal.
Device for measurement of electrochemical cells characteristics by the cyclic voltammetry
Kučera, Vojtěch ; Bilko, Radek (referee) ; Lábus, Radek (advisor)
The thesis deals with observation of cells parameters. One of the potential solutions for observing the characteristics of cells are utilization the electrochemical analyse called voltametry. Its fundamental consists of loading variable voltage in between two electrodes dipped in electrolytic solution and monitoring flowing current. The point of the thesis is to build up the measuring workplace, which can provide this measurement. We suggest utilization of modern laboratory technique and connection the measuring instruments with PC. The first part of the thesis deals with theoretical knowledge of used functions and describes theirs mathematics definitions. The second part deals with proceeding of workplace realization, instrument connection with PC and development application in computer’s language. Result is measuring workplace, which can provide observing cells according to entered parameters.
Solar Energy Applications in Houses
Jankůj, Tomáš ; Špiláček, Michal (referee) ; Poláčik, Ján (advisor)
This thesis is focused on photovoltaics and photothermics. Their source is solar radiation that belongs to the category of renewable sources. At present, great emphasis is placed on ecology and economics. For this reason, renewable sources are coming to the foreground. In the first part of the bachelor thesis, types of photovoltaic cells, technology and their efficiency are presented. Furthermore, the principle and construction of photovoltaic and photothermal systems are described. The second part describes the design of the energy solution of a family house using solar energy.
Proposal of Website
Caha, Lukáš ; Slatinský, Miroslav (referee) ; Řešetková, Dagmar (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the design of suitable website for Czech ice hockey club HK Sumperk. The web presentation is designed for fans and other visitors, with all information about hockey in Sumperk. Team of editors will publish game schedule, results, game reports, interviews, press releases, statistics etc. on the website. I also focus on advertising positions for club partners and sponsors that are essential for economic survival of the club.
Internal marketing strategy in a selected organization
The thesis is focused on creation and application of internal marketing strategy into the development department. The theoretical part of the Thesis describes marketing strategy and its methods such as SWOT analysis, Portfolio analysis, Marketing audit and Benchmarking as well as marketing mix and the procedure of setting up a KPIs. The practical part of the Thesis consists of active usage of the methods in strategical marketing such as SWOT analysis, Portfolio analysis, Marketing audit and Benchmarking. In the second chapter the diploma thesis deals with the theoretical explanation of Marketing planning and plans, situational analysis such as SWOT, Portfolio analysis and Marketing audit. It also consists of explanation of Benchmarking, Marketing mix, Online marketing and KPI. The next chapter describes the target of the diploma thesis and its methodology. The following chapter focuses on the practical implementation of analysis. The next part describes the results of the analysis. The sixth chapter focuses on discussion about suggested strategy and KPI.
Electronic reading-room
Korcsok, Peter ; Holan, Tomáš (advisor) ; Horký, Vojtěch (referee)
Title: Electronic reading-room Author: Peter Korcsok Department: Department of Software and Computer Science Education Supervisor: RNDr. Tomáš Holan, Ph.D. Abstract: We have created an Internet application that allows registered users to share information about scientific articles. Data necessary for standard bibli- ographic record are stored for each article; any files with the text of the article in PDF or PostScript format are saved directly on the server. Articles can be sorted into categories arranged in a treelike structure. Users may rate the artic- les using marks and commentaries and discuss them. The application provides a comfortable search in stored articles; user is able to save the search parameters for future use. Addition of new article can be done using a web form or by sending an e-mail message containing all necessary data in the correct format to address of the application. Some users are selected as administrators who manage ac- counts, categories and other application settings. The work is designed in PHP and uses MySQL database. Keywords: articles, web, database
News Topics Tracking
Bílek, Karel ; Bojar, Ondřej (advisor) ; Holan, Tomáš (referee)
In this thesis, I try to find a definition of a news topic to make topic detec- tion implementable and its quality measurable. I describe various methods - a "simple" words counting, optionally with stopwords. I also describe TF-IDF and the text categorization problem. I touch the subject of text clustering. Then I briefly describe approaches called latent semantic indexing and la- tent Dirichlet allocation. The thesis includes my experiments with "simple" words counting, TF-IDF and text categorization on database of articles from several online news websites; I also describe the creation of this database. Precision and recall are used as a metric to text categorization approach. 1

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