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Distributed job execution in IVIS Framework
Vašut, Roman ; Bureš, Tomáš (advisor) ; Horký, Vojtěch (referee)
This thesis tackles computation distribution in the IVIS data processing and visualization framework. In the existing versions, so-called Jobs are be- ing executed only on the IVIS host machine, raising scalability concerns. The thesis attempts to allow the distributed execution on manually-provisioned machines, commercial cloud platforms, and an HPC cluster. It does so by introducing the "executor" entity, ensuring adherence to the present Job ar- chitecture and, because the communication is done over the Internet, security. We introduce two auxiliary applications which manage the remote control of a machine and the management of a set of machines (a pool). We achieve parallelization of running Jobs. We also see the possibility of further exten- sion to enable the usage of specialized hardware or more dynamic machine allocation.
Virtual file system in user space
Veselý, Milan ; Yaghob, Jakub (advisor) ; Horký, Vojtěch (referee)
This thesis presents a custom Virtual File System (VFS) built with C++, using a custom wrapper for the FUSE library. The VFS is modular in design, facilitating easy extension with new features. Two prototype modules for ver- sioning and encryption are also included, each accompanied by a command- line interface tool for control, such as restoring versions or encrypting files. Thanks to its password/key protection and encryption capabilities, the VFS enhances file management, enabling secure storage and retrieval of sensitive data. In addition, built-in versioning functionality allows users to access and restore previous file versions with ease. Once the VFS is mounted, it can be accessed in the same standard way as any other file system, making it user-friendly and accessible.
Asynchronous Duet Benchmarking
Drozdík, Tomáš ; Horký, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Tucci, Michele (referee)
Accurate regression detection in volatile environments such as the pub- lic cloud is difficult. Cloud offers an accessible and scalable infrastructure to run benchmarks, but the traditional benchmarking methods often fail to predict regressions reliably. Duet method acknowledges the variability and runs the workloads in parallel, assuming similar outside impact symmetry. This thesis examines a duet variant that does not synchronize harness iter- ations which enables broader use of this method. The asynchronous duet method can detect 1 − 5% slowdowns for most of the tested benchmarks in volatile environments while reducing the overall costs by up to 50%. Mea- surements were obtained by a benchmark automation tool for running and processing benchmarks from multiple suites. This tool can run benchmarks with sequential and both duet methods utilizing containers for portability. 1
RISC-V support in MSIM
Papesch, Jan ; Horký, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Kliber, Filip (referee)
In this thesis we have added support for RISC-V into the MSIM emulator. MSIM supported only the MIPS R4000 as a CPU, and has been used for teaching the Operating systems course. This project redesigns MSIM to support multiple CPU architectures and adds an implementation of a RISC-V CPU. RISC-V as an architecture provides a basic instruction set as well as a wide variety of optional extensions. One chapter of this thesis is dedicated to giving an overview of the most important parts of the RISC-V architecture. The extensions that were thought to be useful or necessary for the Operating systems course have been implemented. 1
Support for NUMA hardware in HelenOS
Horký, Vojtěch ; Děcký, Martin (advisor) ; Libič, Peter (referee)
The goal of this master thesis is to extend HelenOS operating system with the support for ccNUMA hardware. The text of the thesis contains a brief introduction to ccNUMA hardware, an overview of NUMA features and relevant features of HelenOS (memory management, scheduling, etc.). The thesis analyses various design decisions of the implementation of NUMA support -- introducing the hardware topology into the kernel data structures, propagating this information to user space, thread affinity to cores and nodes, memory allocation policies, load balancing, etc. The thesis also contains a prototype implementation of ccNUMA support in HelenOS for the AMD64 platform and a brief evaluation and comparison with ccNUMA support in other monolithic and microkernel-based operating systems.
Electronic reading-room
Korcsok, Peter ; Holan, Tomáš (advisor) ; Horký, Vojtěch (referee)
Title: Electronic reading-room Author: Peter Korcsok Department: Department of Software and Computer Science Education Supervisor: RNDr. Tomáš Holan, Ph.D. Abstract: We have created an Internet application that allows registered users to share information about scientific articles. Data necessary for standard bibli- ographic record are stored for each article; any files with the text of the article in PDF or PostScript format are saved directly on the server. Articles can be sorted into categories arranged in a treelike structure. Users may rate the artic- les using marks and commentaries and discuss them. The application provides a comfortable search in stored articles; user is able to save the search parameters for future use. Addition of new article can be done using a web form or by sending an e-mail message containing all necessary data in the correct format to address of the application. Some users are selected as administrators who manage ac- counts, categories and other application settings. The work is designed in PHP and uses MySQL database. Keywords: articles, web, database
Webová aplikace pro komunikaci mezi učiteli a studenty
Horký, Vojtěch ; Kryl, Rudolf (advisor) ; Holan, Tomáš (referee)
In the framework of the bachelor thesis will be created a tool (named Lakmus) to facilitate communication between teachers and students as well as among students. The tool will be designed as easily con gurable and extensible.
ALTREP Data Representation in FastR
Marek, Pavel ; Šindelář, Štěpán (advisor) ; Horký, Vojtěch (referee)
R is a programming language and a tool used mostly in statistics and data analysis domains, with a rich package-based extension system. GNU-R, the standard interpreter of R, in version 3.5.0 introduced a new native API (ALTREP) for R extensions developers. The goal of the thesis is to implement this API for FastR, an interpreter of R based on GraalVM and Truffle, and explore options for optimization of FastR in context of this API. The motivation is to increase the number of extensions that can be installed and run on FastR. 1
Automatic Modifications of Context in Text Fields
Dřínek, Vratislav ; Bojar, Ondřej (advisor) ; Horký, Vojtěch (referee)
Title: Automatic Modifications of Context in Text Fields Author: Vratislav Dřínek Department: Institute of formal and applied Linguistics Supervisor: RNDr. Ondřej Bojar Ph.D., Institute of formal and applied Linguistics Abstract: The topic of this bachelor thesis is text editor assistant. The program tries to anticipate user's intentions to facilitate it's finishing. The task, which this thesis solves is completely new and it's function is unavailable not only in ordinal text editors. The topic is inspirated by user's interface of programming enviroment Visual Studio, which sometimes proposes program code, which the user is probably going to write. Assistant uses morphological analyse mediated by Morphodita to analyse sentences morpologically. Keywords: sentence analyse, czech dictionary, morphodita tagger, autocomplete
Distributed order management for restaurants
Zíka, Jakub ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Horký, Vojtěch (referee)
Order management software is vital to restaurants and other order-based businesses to keep track of their finances and the demands of their custo- mers. Many such products are available in the Czech market; however, it is often difficult to modify these existing solutions or interface them with new or different systems. In this thesis, we design and implement a new order management system called EasyPub. EasyPub works on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems, and allows external programs to ac- cess information stored within the system through an open communication protocol. Its creation is beneficial and contributes to innovation in the area of restaurant software. 1

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