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Prices of construction work on historic protected buildings
Sýkorová, Eva ; Rosecká, Zdenka (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The main objective of the thesis is to introduce the prices of construction industry and methods of their determination. Furthermore I will introduce selected historical monument - the former provincial hospital in Prague, well known today as „Porodnice u Apolináře“ and I will focus on its history and current status. The budget for the reconstruction of the roof covering of cultural heritage will be set up a in accordance with the requirements of the „Národní památkový ústav“ (slate roofing) based on available inputs. Then the prices of different types of roofing will be compared and evaluated with regard to their lifetime.
Industrial and military architecture of seaports, comparative analysis of reconversion of industrial and military heritage
Remy-Zéphir, Šárka ; Prof.Ing.arch.Peter Vodrážka,PhD. (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (referee) ; Prof.Patrick Dieudonné (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
During World War II, seaports Brest, Lorient and Saint-Nazaire were heavily destroyed because of their strategic location on the Atlantic coastline. Those historical events could be considered as new opportunities for the seaports to realise new thoughts and ambitious architectural projects in order to improve the functionality of the urban organism. In these days, a new occasion has come. Military and industrial areas, which were always thoroughly separated from the town centres, have been now releasing from their original activity. There are huge free building sites in the middle of the cities, waiting for the urban architects.
Renewal of the Mill Grounds In Tasovice
Surovec, Martin ; Eichlerová, Eva (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
Project deals with renewal of the Mill Grounds In Tasovice. Designed strategy is divided into several steps which respond to imperfections of directive approach and doubts about result of conventional renovation. Emphasis is on gradual transformation which is achieved by flexible duation of each phase. Projects is trying to understand and articulate difference between medieval and modern needs.
Evaluation of industrial heritage
Navrátil, Oldřich ; Králová, Eva (referee) ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Ryšková, Michaela (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
The main subject is evaluation of effective use in terms of care (not only within protection of monuments) in order to save and protect industrial heritage. Pointing out on critical issues connected with the end of production of traditional branches which played the key role in historical development of our cities. Nowadays abandoned buildings and sites are represented by memory of the place or its prosperity. New owners often don't share the positive approach to the industrial heritage, developers are seeking new sites, cities and inhabitants have developed new needs through the time. The work will demonstrate examples within European context and will make recommendations in monitoring and classification of industrial heritage to prevent undo able losses.
Valuation of construction work from stone in the restoration of historic immovable objects
Fučíková, Petra ; Heralová,, Renáta Schneiderová - (referee) ; Novotný, sochař Jiří (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the current situation in valuation of restoration works during construction work, and then to define and standardize the construction work of stone during the restoration of immovable historical monuments. The dissertation moves further knowledge about the issue of restoration work valuation and brings benefits at both theoretical and practical level. In the first part thesis deals with the detailed definition of basic terms, namely restoration, cultural heritage, calculations and costs. The second part of the thesis is dedicated to international comparisons of the historical monuments care in the Czech Republic and France. The result is a comparison of selected indicators of historical monuments care in the Czech Republic and France. Further the attention in the second part is devoted to the pricing development and standardization in construction and restoration, as well as to the pricing of construction work. The third part of the thesis is dedicated to the actual research work, which is focused on the methodology of determining the price of stone construction work in the restoration of the historical buildings. Based on the results of the research there are presented conclusions and proposals of solutions to the existing issue. It is primarily about defining the scope of the building technical documentation with respect to the requirements of restoration, defining direct and indirect costs and profits of construction work of stone in the restoration of historical buildings. At the end of this section there are defined conclusions from the research, which summarize the determination of price list and its description. An integral part of this dissertation is a proposal for the further development and possible solutions of this specific issue.
The Cave
Šindelářová, Alice ; Maixner, Miroslav (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
A processional project dealing with the cave phenomenon in connection with a prehistoric art. It follows up with the beginning of art and its interpretations. I examine issues of preservation and care of cultural heritage. I consider forms of presentation of archaeological finds and artifacts within museum exhibitions and collections. Through successive steps by studying literature, field research I conceive the final work, which reflects the theme of the cave and bridges the arc of time from prehistory to the present.
The approaches to the reuse of cultural heritage object
Barňák, Tomáš ; Hričák, Ľuboš (referee) ; Ivanička, Koloman (advisor)
The thesis briefly defines basic concepts of the basic landmarks and distribution. Options owners of historic buildings, their rights and obligations. Outlines the options are and what support may be listed structures by the State of the European Union and by various endowment funds for recovery and subsequent use for the future and future generations. Analyzes aspects of the approach to the use of selected monuments.
Polná ideal, the castle and under the castle
Kapraľová, Kristína ; Sedlák, Jan (referee) ; Kiszka, Josef (advisor)
The aim of the work is regeneration and reclamation of the main formal places and points in the Polna town, on the level of the town (part of the town), the castle complex and the main court. Using the town acupuncture method and focusing on the main and the most important parts, I created the system of segments (plateaus), which like the separate elements create the appearance of the town as a whole. In my diploma thesis I focused on segment of castle complex. Using the gradual regeneration of the main formally important places and points, I created its overall “ideal” condition. The result of my work is the design of alternative use of castle complex and castle court elements.
Reconstruction of listed buildings
Oulehla, David ; Tuscher, Martin (referee) ; Výskala, Miloslav (advisor)
The thesis is devoted to the historical monuments. I pretend 3 objects with different type of protection. The budget for the reconstruction of historical momumets of cultural heritage will be set up a in accordance with the requirements of the „Národní památkový ústav“. Then the prices of different types of items will be compared and evaluated with regard to their lifetime.
Metodika uchovávání předmětů kulturní povahy
Selucká, Alena ; Mrázek, Martin ; Štěpánek, Ivo ; Mazík, Michal ; Grossmannová, Hana ; Jirásek, Pavel ; Holman, Pavel ; Jakubec, Petr ; Fricová, Jana ; Vácha, Zdeněk ; Červenák, Jan ; Dvořák, Martin ; Němec, Václav ; Dušková, Markéta ; Fogaš, Igor ; Bačovský, Jiří
Metodika poskytuje doporučení pro správnou praxi dlouhodobého uchovávání předmětů kulturní povahy v paměťových institucích. Předkládá logickou osnovu zohledňující důležité aspekty související s budovami, jejich vnitřním prostředím, bezpečnostními kritérii a možnými riziky, spojenými se způsoby užívání předmětů kulturního dědictví. Metodika si klade za cíl též ozřejmit možnosti vyhodnocování vhodnosti stavebních objektů pro dlouhodobé ukládání předmětů kulturní povahy i ze strany jejich majitelů či provozovatelů tak, aby bylo možné predikovat jejich vliv na uložené fondy a udržitelnost provozu.
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