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Tools for image processing in ecology
DOMIN, Daniel
This thesis deals with automated image processing in biology and ecology. Based on the analysis of image processing steps and most common cases of application in biology and ecology, the main outcome of this thesis is a modular application framework prototype. It allows modeling of the whole process of image analysis which can be applied on a large batch of input data. Moreover, it can be extended by modules with new features so it can be used generally for any sequential data processing.

Differences between user interface design tools
Jäger, Marcel ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kupec, Michael (referee)
This thesis describes the difference between graphic editors, which are used by designers while creating design of user interfaces. In first part of this thesis are defined principles of good user interface design, which should designer follow. In next part are described differences between vector and bitmap images. In practical part are compared functions of four graphic editors. In conclusion is created table summary of these functions.

Political marketing in the pre-election period
Baghdasarjan, Inesa ; Müller, Karel (advisor) ; Fleissner, Kamil (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to analyze strategies of political marketing of the Czech Social Democratic Party and the political movement ANO 2011 in the Czech regional elections 2016. Furthermore, the work aims to analyze their media image in selected economic and political weeklies (Euro, Respect and Week). This thesis will attempt to answer the following questions through content analysis and qualitative interviews: What were the main differences in political strategies of those political parties? Were there some variations in interpretation of their media images in the selected magazines? The thesis is structured into four chapters. The first chapter defines the main terminology of political marketing. The second one is devoted to media-politics relations and to the Czech media. The third analytical part characterizes marketing strategies of the political parties. The last chapter interprets the results of content analysis.

Employer branding in Building Industry
Hralová, Lenka ; Bušina, Filip (advisor) ; Havlíček, Karel (referee)
The Master's Thesis is focused on a modern trend in human resource management, employer branding, analysed as a general image of a company as employer, its working conditions and a preference of this company as a stable employer. The main goal is to review the range and relevance of employer branding within Czech building industry based on existing company and comparison with its competition. The first part describes theoretical definitions of employer branding and its instruments. The second part presents the empirical research done in Metrostav a.s., comparison with its competition and a questionnaire between civil engineering students and construction apprentices that was focused on their expectations of future employment in the building industry. In the end of the thesis the research is evaluated and the improvements that would lead to empowerment of employer brand are suggested.

The role of p38-Mapk14/11 as an enabler of primitive endoderm (PrE) maturation and as a sensor of metabolism during mouse preimplantation embryo development
ANNOTATION This thesis describes the role of p38 mitogen activated kinases alpha/beta, also referred to as Mapk14/11 (p38-Mapk14/11), in regulating primitive endoderm (PrE) cell-fate and its sensitivity towards exogenously supplemented amino acids during mouse preimplantation embryo development. This study utilizing various pharmacological inhibitors, gene transcript over-expression and immunofluorescence assisted confocal microscopy imaging, has revealed a novel and pivotal role p38-Mapk14/11 in promoting germane maturation of the blastocyst stage inner cell mass (ICM)into the defined epiblast (EPI) and PrE and its potential requirement under amino acid deprived conditions.

Corporate identity of cultural institutions
Rálek, Jakub ; SULŽENKO, Jiří (advisor) ; SVOBODOVÁ, Doubravka (referee)
This thesis researches relationship between corporate identity and cultural environment. It explains and analyses key subjects such as graphic design, corporate image, corporate culture, corporate communication, corporate product, target group, symbol, brand, vision, mission etc. It is divided into three parts – first part contains definitions, second part contains analysis of two key studies – Na zábradlí Theatre and Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre and then there’s third part, which merges the previous (theoretical and practical) into one, which should outline process of creating own brand identity. The last part is focused mostly on handling with corporate design. The thesis emphasizes necessity and reason of professional marketing approach to achieve rising brand equity and stable growth of any cultural corporation.

Influence of meadow management on the migration behavior of selected species of butterflies
Bubová, Terezie ; Langrová, Iva (advisor) ; Farkač, Jan (referee)
Migrations are the key process and one of the basic biological features, which allow survival of endangered species in fragmented landscape. In the last decades, agriculture intensification, industry and urbanization caused that number of natural butterfly habitats has significantly decreased. The localities originally suitable for butterflies are currnetly converted to farmland or building plots. This PhD thesis aimed to find a compromise solution of meadow management, which should allow a commercial use and concurrently do not jeopardize the continued existence of endangered or threatened species. The main idea of this study was in the intentional emigration causing in the middle of flight period, which should lead into resettlement of the population to another (potentially more suitable) locality. Possibility of aimed manipulation with butterfly emigrations would be considered as a major breakthrough in their protection. The investigated species Phengaris nausithous (Bergsträsser, 1779) and Phengaris teleius (Bergsträsser, 1779) are both considered to be flagship species for protection of European butterflies at open meadows. This study is based on research, which was carried out in 2013-2015 at 17 patch in localities Dolní Labe, Czech Republic. In above mentioned years, one selected meadow was mowed in the middle of flight season and the emigrations were then monitored using mark-release-recapture method. Results of population and migration characteristics were calculated in MARK 8.1 software. Subsequently, the effect of mowing on emigration (comparison of emigrations from the meadow before and after mowing) was evaluated using Statistica 13. The hypotheses of this study were based on the assumption, that the loss of resources after well-timed mowing should increase the activity of adult butterflies. During the monitoring, number of emigrations was increased only in flight season 2015. Unfortunately, the statistical evaluation did not show significant effect of mowing on migrations. On the other hand, the hypothesis dealing with colonization of nearest meadows was confirmed. Effect of intentional emigration caused by management interventions was unfortunately not proved. However, we found out, that even though the population at one mowed meadow decreased clearly, the metapopulation size at the locality remained more or less stable. At investigated (mowed) meadow, there was observed a sharp decline of P. nausithous abundance. On the other hand, P. teleius population was only slightly reduced. It is therefore conceivable, that P. teleius are not as susceptible to innapropriate term of mowing. The results obtained in our research conclusively displayed no possible positive effect of mowing in the middle of flight season and a necessity of suitable management maintenance at localities inhabited by Phengaris butterflies.

Noise, Transport and Structural Properties of High Energy Radiation Detectors Based on CdTe
Šik, Ondřej ; Lazar, Josef (referee) ; Navrátil, Vladislav (referee) ; Grmela, Lubomír (advisor)
Poptávka ze strany vesmírného výzkumu, zdravotnictví a bezpečnostního průmyslu způsobila v posledních letech zvýšený zájem o vývoj materiálů pro detekci a zobrazování vysokoenergetického záření. CdTe a jeho slitina CdZnTe. jsou polovodiče umožnují detekci záření o energiích v rozsahu 10 keV až 500 keV. Šířka zakázaného pásma u CdTe / CdZnTe je 1.46 -1.6 eV, což umožňuje produkci krystalů o vysoké rezistivitě (10^10-10^11 cm), která je dostačující pro použití CdTe / CdZnTe při pokojové teplotě. V mé práci byly zkoumány detektory CdTe/CdZnTe v různých stádiích jejich poruchovosti. Byly použity velmi kvalitní spektroskopické detektory, materiál s nižší rezistivitou a výraznou polarizací, detektory s asymetrií elektrických parametrů kontaktů a teplotně degenerované vzorky. Z výsledků analýzy nízkofrekvenčního šumu je patrný obecný závěr, že zvýšená koncentrace defektů způsobí změnu povahy původně monotónního spektra typu 1/f na spektrum s výrazným vlivem generačně-rekombinačních procesů. Další výrazná vlastnost degenerovaných detektorů a detektorů nižší kvality je nárůst spektrální hustoty šumu typu 1/f se vzrůstajícím napájecím napětí se směrnicí výrazně vyšší než 2. Strukturální a chemické analýzy poukázaly, že teplotní generace detektorů způsobuje difuzi kovu použitého při kontaktování a stopových prvků hlouběji do objemu krystalu. Část mé práce je věnována modifikaci povrchu svazkem argonových iontů a jejímu vlivu na chemické složení a morfologii povrchu.

Exploitation of GPU in graphics and image processing algorithms
Jošth, Radovan ; Svoboda, David (referee) ; Trajtel,, Ľudovít (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
Táto práca popisuje niekoľko vybraných algoritmov, ktoré boli primárne vyvinuté pre CPU procesory, avšak vzhľadom k vysokému dopytu po ich vylepšeniach sme sa rozhodli ich využiť v prospech GPGPU (procesorov grafického adaptéra). Modifikácia týchto algoritmov bola zároveň cieľom nášho výskumu, ktorý  bol prevedený pomocou CUDA rozhrania. Práca je členená podľa troch skupín algoritmov, ktorým sme sa venovali: detekcia objektov v reálnom čase, spektrálna analýza obrazu a detekcia čiar v reálnom čase. Pre výskum detekcie objektov v reálnom čase sme zvolili použitie LRD a LRP funkcií.  Výskum spektrálnej analýzy obrazu bol prevedný pomocou PCA a NTF algoritmov. Pre potreby skúmania detekcie čiar v reálnom čase sme používali dva rôzne spôsoby modifikovanej akumulačnej schémy Houghovej transformácie. Pred samotnou časťou práce venujúcej sa konkrétnym algoritmom a predmetu skúmania, je v úvodných kapitolách, hneď po kapitole ozrejmujúcej dôvody skúmania vybranej problematiky, stručný prehľad architektúry GPU a GPGPU. Záverečné kapitoly sú zamerané na konkretizovanie vlastného prínosu autora, jeho zameranie, dosiahnuté výsledky a zvolený prístup k ich dosiahnutiu. Súčasťou výsledkov je niekoľko vyvinutých produktov.