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Ecological traits as a correlates of spatial variation in abundances of a Czech birds
Farkač, Jan ; Hořák, David (advisor) ; Reif, Jiří (referee)
Jan Farkač, Diplomová práce 2018 Abstract Bird species differ in their local densities, which seems to be related to their geographical distribution and species-specific traits. Investigating such a relationship can help us to understand better how the birds inhabit the space. The aims are as follow (i) to take an alternative approach to densities by counting them just in species preferred habitats and (ii) to explain the abundance characteristics such as an absolute density, variation in local densities or occupancy by species-specific traits. The relationship between abundance characteristics (local densities and their coefficient of variation in space) and avian traits such as a habitat specialisation, diet specialisation, PCA of morphological traits, PCA of reproduction traits - as an estimate of slow-fast continuum and a range size were tested using GLM. There are two abundance characteristics significantly related to species specialisation index. I have used the data from the Common Bird Monitoring Program run in the Czech Republic by the Czech Society of Ornithology. Due to the highest amount of records I have selected data from the year 2009 and subsequently species occupying more than 50 transects (out of 129), which resulted in inclusion of 47 species into analyses. This thesis contains...
Success of New Political Parties - ANO and Úsvit in the Elections to the House of Commons in CZ 2013
Farkač, Jan ; Jeřábek, Hynek (advisor) ; Císař, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis deals with the success of the two newly formed parties ANO 2011 and Úsvit přímé demokracie Tomia Okamury in the elections to the House of Commons in the Czech Republic in 2013. These two parties gained a substantial percentage of votes and became part of the government despite the fact, that they were established shortly before the elections. In the theoretical part of this thesis, the formation and success of new parties abroad and in the Czech Republic is analysed. The main focus are the voters voting these parties, so there is an extended part dealing with voting behavior in the Czech Republic. Secondary analysis is the research method used in this thesis; its advantages are discussed in the methodological part. Secondary analysis of multiple high quality data sets is used to compare the voters of the new parties and the voters of other established parties. It turns out there are significant differences between these two groups in the areas of sociodemography, political views and experiences and even outlooks on life. The trend of new parties, which started already in the 2010 elections, is obviously continuing and it seems that it is even broadening.
Abundance-distribution relationship: the importance of ecological specialization
Farkač, Jan ; Hořák, David (advisor) ; Reif, Jiří (referee)
6 Abstract The relationship between local abundance and regional distribution is a widespread ecological pattern. It is frequently reported to be positive, however exceptions have been evidenced. But the explanation is not clear at all. There are many of mechanisms explaining this relationship, from those related to statistical issues, those explaining it by metapopulation dynamics, to rates of ecological specialization, which are the most frequently considered. But it is likely that certain mechanisms work together. One of the principal hypotheses is the resource breadth hypothesis, which claims that generalists tend to be more abundant and widespread whereas specialists occur in small range and less abundant. There are two ecological relationships linked to ecological specialization. It is a niche breadth-range size relationship and niche breadth-abundance relationship. While the former is well documented, the information about latter is rather scarce. This thesis sums up existing studies about distribution-abundance relationship with a special focus on importance of ecological specialization. Key words: geographical distribution, local density, niche breadth, ecological specialization
Evaluation of the attractiveness of individual plants and types of pollen for honey bees in depending on their action radius range in Mladá Boleslav area (Central Bohemia).
Kroupa, David ; Farkač, Jan (advisor) ; Vítězlav, Vítězlav (referee)
The aim of my bachelor thesis was to create a summary of pollen pasture of the European honey bee in the Mladá Boleslav area. In theoretical part, I have put together basic information related to the European honey bee and pollen (bee colony, body structure, bee evolution, bee communication, pests and diseases, bee and plant relationship, harvesting and consumption of pollen, pollen load and bee products). In the practical part, I have determined the pollen load's origin by analyzing pollen. This method was carried out with an illuminated binocular microscope. The plants are sorted into families. This data was then used in statistics, graphs and charts. Altogether, It was collected 4 721 pollen loads between the years 2015 and 2016. I gathered 2 553 samples in 2015 and 2 168 samples in the following year. The biggest pollen pasture was offered by the Brassicaceae family in 2015 and by family Lamiaceae in 2016.
Comparison of professional aspirations of freshmen and seniors on multiyear gymnasia
Farkač, Jan ; Soukup, Petr (advisor) ; Štípková, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the professional orientation of students on gymnasiums in Prague, specifically those in the third year and those in the final year. They are analyzed separately but the main focus is on comparison. The main sources of data are quantitative surveys conducted each on one of the age groups. The questionnaire was created based on information from literature, which provided a theoretical foundation for the thesis and represents a substantial part of it, and from data gathered by two qualitative interviews. Their short analysis is part of the thesis too. The survey pointed out some important differences regarding the observed aspects of professional orientation between the two age groups. These aspects are gender, family, school hobbies, media, ideals and aspirations. The survey confirmed a more developed professional orientation of the older students.
Influence of meadow management on the migration behavior of selected species of butterflies
Bubová, Terezie ; Langrová, Iva (advisor) ; Farkač, Jan (referee)
Migrations are the key process and one of the basic biological features, which allow survival of endangered species in fragmented landscape. In the last decades, agriculture intensification, industry and urbanization caused that number of natural butterfly habitats has significantly decreased. The localities originally suitable for butterflies are currnetly converted to farmland or building plots. This PhD thesis aimed to find a compromise solution of meadow management, which should allow a commercial use and concurrently do not jeopardize the continued existence of endangered or threatened species. The main idea of this study was in the intentional emigration causing in the middle of flight period, which should lead into resettlement of the population to another (potentially more suitable) locality. Possibility of aimed manipulation with butterfly emigrations would be considered as a major breakthrough in their protection. The investigated species Phengaris nausithous (Bergsträsser, 1779) and Phengaris teleius (Bergsträsser, 1779) are both considered to be flagship species for protection of European butterflies at open meadows. This study is based on research, which was carried out in 2013-2015 at 17 patch in localities Dolní Labe, Czech Republic. In above mentioned years, one selected meadow was mowed in the middle of flight season and the emigrations were then monitored using mark-release-recapture method. Results of population and migration characteristics were calculated in MARK 8.1 software. Subsequently, the effect of mowing on emigration (comparison of emigrations from the meadow before and after mowing) was evaluated using Statistica 13. The hypotheses of this study were based on the assumption, that the loss of resources after well-timed mowing should increase the activity of adult butterflies. During the monitoring, number of emigrations was increased only in flight season 2015. Unfortunately, the statistical evaluation did not show significant effect of mowing on migrations. On the other hand, the hypothesis dealing with colonization of nearest meadows was confirmed. Effect of intentional emigration caused by management interventions was unfortunately not proved. However, we found out, that even though the population at one mowed meadow decreased clearly, the metapopulation size at the locality remained more or less stable. At investigated (mowed) meadow, there was observed a sharp decline of P. nausithous abundance. On the other hand, P. teleius population was only slightly reduced. It is therefore conceivable, that P. teleius are not as susceptible to innapropriate term of mowing. The results obtained in our research conclusively displayed no possible positive effect of mowing in the middle of flight season and a necessity of suitable management maintenance at localities inhabited by Phengaris butterflies.
Early trichinosis disease – characteristics and evaluation of known available detection methods.
Janáček, Martin ; Farkač, Jan (advisor) ; Nakládal, Oto (referee)
Trichinellosis is a worldwide serious disease transmittable from animals to humans. The disease agent is Trichinella spp., which belongs to the phylum of parasitic nematoda called Nematodes. There are 12 genotypes of Trichinella currently known but the most important for the Czech Republic and neighboring countries are T. spiralis, T. britovi and T. pseudospiralis. Man can be infected by ingestion of raw or undercooked meat of infected animals. Treatment is very expensive and can be fatal, therefore a great emphasis is placed on prevention, especially control of animal carcasses which are intended for human consumption. The most famous method, also approved by law, is the digestive method, however there are many other methods for testing the presence of a parasite or for specification of genotype. This paper mainly deals with comparison of known and available methods of detection of trichinosis originators. Furthermore this paper gives character description of majorgenotypes of Trichinella.
Vliv hospodářských zásahů na změnu v biologické rozmanitosti ve zvláště chráněných územích: Monitorování změn biologické rozmanitosti v důsledku globálního charakteru a ve vztahu k hospodaření a využívání území NPR Božídarské rašeliniště
Okresní muzeum, Chomutov ; Farkač, Jan ; Roth, Jiří ; Wagner, Bohdan ; Němcová, Lenka ; Tejrovský, Vít ; Ondráček, Čestmír
Cílem průzkumů Božídarského rašeliniště bylo v roce 2001 doplňování druhové bohatosti jednotlivých skupin posuzovaných organismů (lišejníky, mechy, houby, vyšší rostliny, vybraní bezobratlí a obratlovci). U vyšších rostlin byl průzkum dále zaměřen na přesnou lokalizaci jednotlivých populací, výpisy dalších údajů z historických pramenů a posouzení zastoupení zvláště chráněných a ohrožených druhů v průběhu let.
Vliv hospodářských zásahů na změnu v biologické rozmanitosti ve zvláště chráněných územích: Monitorování změn vegetace a populací zvláště chráněných a ohrožených druhů rostlin a živočichů v NPR Novodomské rašeliniště
Okresní muzeum, Chomutov ; Tejrovský, Vít ; Farkač, Jan ; Němcová, Lenka ; Ondráček, Čestmír
Cílem průzkumu je sledování změn ve složení vegetace a populace zvláště chráněných a ohrožených druhů vyšších rostlin, mechorostů, obratlovců a vybraných skupin bezobratlých ve vztahu k odvodňování, k působení jelení zvěře a ke změnám globálního charakteru.
Analýza stávající vyhlášky o ochraně zvláště chráněných druhů bezobratlých živočichů v souvislosti s nově koncipovanými červenými seznamy bezobratlých
Farkač, Jan
Seznam zvláště chráněných druhů bezobratlých živočichů podle Vyhlášky Ministerstva životního prostředí ČR 395/1992 Sb. a jejich zařazení do připravovaných červených seznamů bezobratlých byl zpracován, protože se ve stávající vyhlášce vyskytuje několik rodů jako celek (Bombus sp., Cicindela sp., Formica sp.), které jsou souhrnně uvedeny z hlediska zjednodušení legislativy a také i zjednodušení determinace konkrétních druhů, je obtížné současnou situaci přesně početně vyhodnotit. Lze konstatovat, že 19 druhů, podle stávající vyhlášky chráněných, je považováno v této chvíli za druhy v ČR vyhynulé, stejně tak je nezbytné připomenout, že 14 druhů ve vyhlášce jmenovaných, v nových červených seznamech chybí. Uvedený seznam zvláště chráněných druhů bezobratlých živočichů upozorňuje na nezbytnost aktualizace stávající vyhlášky, tak aby výčet druhů skutečně odpovídal současnému pojetí ochrany přírody a aby některé, všeobecně rozšířené eurytopní druhy, jejichž prezence či absence na biotopu nic nesignalizuje, nedevalvovaly přehled druhů zbývajících.

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