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Coalitions in municipalities with extended competences after the municipal elections in 2010: Study 5.316
Caletka, Stanislav
Studie představuje přehled radničních koalic, které byly po komunálních volbách 2010 uzavřeny v jednotlivých obcích s rozšířenou působností. Kromě koalic je zmíněna i vítězná strana a starosta obce. Pro informaci je uvedena také radniční koalice z předešlého volebního období, tedy z let 2006 – 2010.
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Evaluation of financial health of a city
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the financial health of the town. Financial analysis methods which are traditionally used for the evaluation of the financial situation of the entrepreneurial entities are convenient to use for this purpose. There was designed a system of financial ratios/indicators suitable for the evaluation of the financial health of municipalities. It involves 10 indicators. Four financial ratios were adopted from the system of informative and monitoring indicators (SIMU) which is being watched by the Ministry of Finance of CR in the framework of the municipality management monitoring and they contain apart from the other things also representatives of the classic financial ratios of indebtedness and liquidity. Further indicators which are involved are particularly special ones focussed on municipality budgetary management. Next, there was selected a group of 10 comparable towns. For this selected sample including the investigated town the system of ratios was calculated. There were used all data which are accessible by means of the application of ARISweb and ÚFIS /kinds of servers ? translator´s remark/, i.e. reports for the period of 2001 ? 2012. The indicators were calculated for each year and aggregated by means of the weighted average. In order to evaluate the aggregated results there was used a point method, i.e. one of the mathematical and statistical methods used for indicators system analysis. Using this method the average values of the system indicators for the particular towns were transformed and synthesized into one indicator, while importance of the particulars indicators was expressed again by scales. This way there was possible to find out the level of each town in the selected set.
The elaboration of the strategic development plan for the municipality of Hostomice
This diploma thesis' theme is the elaboration of the strategic development plan for the municipality of Hostomice. The thesis first focuses on an introduction to the theory of regional and strategical planning, then it continues to a detailed analysis of opportunities that the municipality od Hostomice provides. This was followed by a field research to obtain a public opinion. On the basis of the results, concrete future development proposals were elaborated.
Satisfying of needs of the residents of the village with a focus on housing
This thesis in the first part deals with general issues of housing and housing policy, explains basic concepts in this area and defines the level of housing options assessment and describes the situation in the Czech Republic in this area and it defines the concept of community and the types of communities and characterizes rural municipality to which this work relates. The practical part of the thesis focuses on selected rural communities - the village Opařany and the village Malsice. To characterize the housing needs and housing in these villages there are indicators defining the physical and financial accessibility of housing, which are evaluated in terms of strengths and weaknesses in the SWOT analysis of the municipalities, which are also identified opportunities and threats communities for housing. Following the SWOT analysis options are designed to remove or eliminate weaknesses and threats of communities in connection with the issue of housing.
Analysis of Accounting Programmes Used in Communal Accountancy
This thesis focuses on accounting programs of municipalities. The theoretical part deals with a characteristic of basic territorial entities, accounting of municipalities, an importance of the accounting program and criteria for a choice of the accounting software. In the practical part are results of my research about accounting programs of municipalities. Furthermore are these programmes described and after that there is chosen the best program for the village Mnich by using a multicriterial evaluation of options.
Marketing communication of a municipality
KOS, Martin
The aim of this diploma thesis was to create a communication campaign based on the priority goals of a municipality and to address the target group through this campaign to achieve the goals.
Municipality accounting analysis and development of asset management of Dačice
In this diploma thesis accounting and management with property in Dačice town is described. The purpose of this is to recognize dissimilarities in accounting between the year 2010 and the following one. In 2010 an accounting reform implementation started in the area of public finances. Analyzed accounting entity had to respect this reform and implement necessary changes in its management. Changes contained especially chart of accounts, the ways of accounting and recognition in closing of accounts. The other of this work was to describe property management in Dačice town. It was ascertained, that Dačice town manages appropriately with its property; in the monitored period positive values in fixed assets were recorded. Dačice town had to implement multiple changes in accounts management after 2010, which did not influenced its property management.
The budget analysis of the selected municipality
The target of the bachelor thesis is to describe status and development of the town Vlachovo Březí in years 2006-2011 with the help of budget analysis and economical development status. The bachelor thesis is divided in to two parts. The teoretic part contains a basic definition of terminology ? community, statutory authorities of the municipality, budget and monitoring. The second part focuses on the analysis of the budget, process of incomes and expenses, calculation of liquidity and debt service. According to real possibilities it will be necessary to consolidate mainly operational expenses to that they will not affect the municipal budget.
Analysis of Příbram's activities in the field of efficient use of EU funds
PROKŠOVÁ, Veronika
The aim of my thesis was to describe and analyze the current state of the city of Příbram in terms of the efficient use of the European, state and regional funding and suggest new solutions for the city development.
The tax and accounting system of a selected land and administrative unit
The main aim of the thesis was the analysis of the tax and accounting system of a land and administrative unit in the Vysočina region. The work focuses on the determination and understanding of basic terms related to the main aim, and furthermore, on the careful observation of the tax and accounting system of the Křelovice municipality. The selected accounting unit was observed in the framework of three years (2010 ? 2012).

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