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The theory of memory binding and its usefulness in early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Krejčová, Svatava ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Raudenská, Jaroslava (referee)
The thesis focuses on memory binding from the perspective of cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and presents structural correlates of memory. It reflects current research and concepts such as Subjective Cognitive Disorder (SCD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and advocates previously created units for the continuum of Alzheimer's disease. The aim of the work is to verify the functionality of the Czech version of the Buschke Memory binding test for clinical practice. In the Empirical section it focuses on the MBT memory binding capability test and performance comparison in three groups of the sample population (without cognitive deficit, SCD and MCI). Statistical testing (ANCOVA) found a significant difference in performance in selected scores between the three groups. The results showed that memory binding performance is impaired as the deficit depth progresses. In our sample, no significant performance difference could be found between the cognitively normal group and the SCD group. The references are cited accoding to APA 7th edition manual. Key words Alzheimer's disease, neuropsychology, cognition, memory binding
Tobacco as subject of excise tax
Hanák, Radim ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee) ; Šramková, Dana (referee)
Tobacco as subject of excise tax Abstract The subject of my work is the excise duty on tobacco products and tobacco in all its forms. Tobacco is a very specific product in terms of taxation in comparison with other products taxed by excise duty. Whether it is the issue of labeling tobacco products, filing tax returns, or the method of packaging and price regulation, in all these areas, the administration of excise duty on tobacco products is a completely separate piece of legislation, which differs significantly from the administration of other excise duties. All these institutes are analyzed in detail, including consideration of the relevant case law of administrative courts. Complementary to tax regulation of tobacco products is the excise duty on raw tobacco, which is a new type of excise duty (which is not harmonized by European Union law). A novelty in the field of excise duties across the European Union but also globally is the tax on heated tobacco products, which has been enshrined in all legal systems in recent years. The aim of my work is a thorough analysis of all the above areas. Also due to the reason that in the Czech Republic, the excise duty on tobacco products and tobacco has not yet been the subject of one comprehensive publication. In the area of tobacco product legislation, I will...
Linear theory of delayed differential equations
Marková, Hana ; Pražák, Dalibor (advisor) ; Kaplický, Petr (referee)
It the thesis, we study retarded functional differential equations. As a result of the Banach fixed point theorem, it is easy to show that there exists a unique solution to such problems. Alas, this theorem gives us no information on the form of the solution. Therefore, we are particularly interested in expressing it. We achieve that by applying Laplace transform to both sides of the equation, we get a solution to this modified problem and subsequently claim that we can apply the inverse Laplace transform to express the solution of the former problem. At the end of the thesis, we formulate and prove the exponential estimate of the solution. 1
Financial and legal instruments for the support of habitation in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
Kettner, Karel ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Sejkora, Tomáš (referee)
The presented thesis is analyzing the housing policy and instruments for the support of habitation in Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The housing policy is an integral part of national policy of the state. The aim of the presented thesis is to describe the perspectives of its development and show its relevance from the point of view of international law and national law. Right to housing is one of the general economic, cultural and social rights. Given the current economic circumstances it is crucial to have sufficient instruments for the support of habitation. The thesis is divided in four chapters. The first chapter is dedicated to theoretical questions related to right to housing and is giving a sufficient basis for its understanding. The second chapter is dedicated to financial and legal instruments for the support of habitation in Czech Republic. This chapter is providing an overview and description of available instruments for the support of habitation respecting the entity that is managing the given instrument. The third chapter is dedicated to the Slovak Republic and is reflecting the structure of the second chapter. The last chapter is summarizing the findings regarding the disponible financial and legal instruments for the support of habitation in Czech Republic and the Slovak...
Legal aspects of university funding
Krásna, Slávka ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee) ; Miroslav, Štrkolec (referee)
Legal aspects of university funding Abstract The topic of the dissertation is the legal aspects of universities funding in selected European countries, but especially the countries of the European Union. The choice of the topic of the dissertation resulted from my interest in this specific issue, which is an integral part of financial law and financial science as an important branch of law as a scientific discipline. I set the goals of the dissertation in accordance with the theoretical-empirical- application character of the dissertation. The main goal of the dissertation is to analyze in detail the legal aspects of funding terciar education institutions in the countries of the European Union and other European countries, while I will also state the necessary connections in the context of the topic, which also applies to private universities. I will elaborate the issue of legal aspects of university financing, especially in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and the Republic of Poland. Of course, we will work on the topic in terms of specifics in other European countries with emphasis on university funding from all existing, possible and potential resources. In the empirical parts of the dissertation I will look for answers to the questions, what is the scope of other possibilities of legal...
Legal Aspects of EU Funding and Financial Mechanisms in the Czech Republic
Válková, Irena ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee) ; Papoušková, Zdenka (referee)
1 Legal Aspects of EU Funding and Financial Mechanisms in the Czech Republic Abstract This dissertation examines legal aspects of EU funding and the financial contributions from the EFTA countries (financial mechanisms) in the Czech Republic. The main goal of the paper is divided into several objectives. First one is to provide an overall overview of taxonomy of legal aspects of financial relationships between recipients of financial law. Secondly, I strive to evaluate these aspects from the perspective of legal principles with the help of methods of interpretation such as linguistic meaning, historical or teological interpretation. Thirdly, the reflection of the real life needs in law is a subject to examination. Finally, I propose solutions of problematic areas. To be able to meet this goal I needed to find something which would make a link among legal entities and units directly or indirectly involved into the process of EU funding and financial contributions from the EFTA countries. Therefore, for the purpose of my dissertation, I define financial information as information about rights, powers and obligations of recipients of financial law established while budgeting and providing funds and information about secondary subject of the legal relationships which are funds. I compared the financial rules...
Contribution to Assessment of Cognition in Schizophrenia
Michalec, Jiří ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Ptáček, Radek (referee) ; Marková, Hana (referee)
In majority of schizophrenia patients, from the first episode of psychosis throughout the entire span of the illness, a cognitive deficit is one of the core symptoms. Assessing cognitive performance with empirically based methods is a vital part of clinical practice. Until recently, Czech adaptations of the MATRICS battery (standardly used for assessing cognition in schizophrenia worldwide) and the Tower of London, ToL (a basic test measure of executive planning ability) were absent. The primary aim of this dissertation thesis was to provide these methods for research and clinical use in Czech professional environment. This goal was achieved with both ToL and MATRICS in two basic steps. Firstly, Czech adaptations of both tests were carried out, namely translation of test instructions and establishment of standard administration and scoring. Secondly, complex psychometric analyses were conducted for both tests, including validation of their Czech versions for the purpose of assessing cognitive impairment in schizophrenia. The results suggest that ToL is a suitable tool for recognising executive planning deficit in general as well as in schizophrenia patients specifically. Also, the planning ability in schizophrenia patients, as measured by ToL, is one standard deviation below average when compared...
Audit of budget management of local self-government
Pokorná, Alena ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee)
55 Abstract This diploma thesis gives an insight into the system of control and supervision procedures applied to local self-governments. The aim of this work is to evaluate possible problematic aspects of established supervisory procedures applied to budgetary management and to assess whether it is needed to extend the Supreme Audit Office's competence by enable it to control the budgetary management of local self-governing units with their own assets. The introductory chapter briefly summarizes the issue of budgetary management of local governments, while a more detailed interpretation is devoted to the duty of the local self-goverments to comply with the rules of budgetary responsibility, which was brought by Act No. 23/2017 Coll., On rules of budgetary responsibility, as amended. The following chapters are devoted to the various supervisory procedures and their systematics. First of all, Act No. 321/2001 Coll., On financial control in public administration, as amended, is provided, which provides a legal framework for public control and imposes internal obligations on territorial units in connection with the conduct of monetary operations. The next section describes the performance of the management review, which is carried out under Act No. 420/2004 Coll., On the review of local self-governing units,...
Analysis of the legal regulation of the extradition of monetary compensation from the budget of The State land agency office
Trübenekrová, Anna ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Marková, Hana (referee)
Name: Analysis of the legal regulation of the extradition of monetary compensation from the budget of The State land agency office Abstract: The diploma thesis called Analysis of the legal regulation of the extradition of monetary compensation from the budget of The State land agency office is to investigate the issue of monetary restitution compensation of beneficiaries under the Land Act and to find out the real impact of the amount of already issued monetary compensation and the impact of the amount of restitution claims so far established on the budget of the State Lend Office as an organizational unit of state. The State Land Office is currently deals with the settlement of restitution claims of beneficiaries under the Land Act. Restitution claims under the Land Act are settled in several ways. In this diploma thesis I work mainly with the form of monetary compensation. The main methods used in diploma thesis are the analysis of the whole issue and the synthesis of individual phenomena. In order to carry out the whole analysis, the thesis focused on the development of the amount of monetary compensation for the entire period of effect of the Land Act, i.e. for the years since 1991 up to this day. The restitution compensation process has already been under the agenda of three different institutions (The...
Audit of budget management of local self-government
Pokorná, Alena ; Marková, Hana (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee)
This diploma thesis provides a basic classification and description of a control system in a budgetary management of self-governing municipalities as subjects of public administration and then it evaluates these control mechanisms from the point of view of their importance and purpose. The introduction deal with a basic outlook of the self-governing municipalities themselves, that is the principles of a contemporary zoning organisation in the Czech Republic. The following part of the thesis, an issue of financial management of the municipalities is summarised in a following order - through an interpretation in the field of their property and limits in its management, furthermore through a description of the essentials of a budgeting process from its draft to its authorisation, an implementation of the management itself to a closing account. The remaining part of the thesis focuses on selected legal modes within which the management control of self-governing municipalities and their systematisation are implemented. Firstly, Act No. 321/2001 Coll. About a financial control in public administration is analysed, based on the later regulations, which provides a legal framework for a public administration control and at the same time it orders the municipalities internal duties in relation to a...

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