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Reporting loans and receivables in banks
Rédl, Ondřej ; Novotný, Jan (advisor) ; Pelák, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of financial assets in accounting of banks according to International Financial Reporting Standards. The theoretical part defines financial asset, individual categories of financial assets, valuation methods and causes and consequences of impairment of financial assets. The main goal of the bachelor thesis is to confirm / refute two predetermined hypotheses. It is investigated whether the average interest rate of banks is decreasing over time and whether it is positively correlated with the values of the PRIBOR indicator. After testing, both hypotheses are confirmed.
Evaluation of the use of Helios Orange in the context of a specific company
Blažek, Martin ; Hora, Michal (advisor) ; Pelák, Jiří (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to evaluate the use of Helios Orange in the context of a specific company. The thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part describes the history of accounting and developments in the technology of bookkeeping, the development of ERP systems, related legislation and selected possibilities of electronic data interchange. In the practical part, the company PNEU PROCHÁZKA s.r.o. is firstly described. Selected most used modules of Helios Orange are then further discribed and evaluated including the possibilities of change in their use.
Financial Assets in a Bank Accounting
Nacházel, Jan ; Novotný, Jan (advisor) ; Pelák, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis is about the issue of financial assets in a bank accounting under International Financial Reporting Standards. At first, the thesis listed standards which content is connected with financial assets. The main goal of this thesis is to confirm/refute three hypotheses. The first hypothesis examine the share of loans & receivables to total assets of the bank. The second hypothesis analyze the evolution of loans & receivables yield. The last hypothesis compare the trend of real GDP with the quality of the loan portfolio. Following research confirmed two hypotheses.
Adoption of IFRS by entities in consumer products industry
Karabut, Vitaliy ; Vašek, Libor (advisor) ; Pelák, Jiří (referee)
The goal of the master's thesis is to prepare the opening statement of financial position according to the International Financial Reporting Standards. The theoretical part commences with the analysis of the current regulation of IFRS in the Czech Republic. Then follows the explanation of conditions and reasons for transition to IFRS. In the end of the theoretical part, the process of transition is explained as well as the application of IFRS 1. The practical part deals with the detail analysis of the individual line items of the statement of financial position according to the Czech GAAP. There also analyzed the relevant regulation of individual line items according to IFRS as well as performed adjustments required from the entity in order to transition to IFRS.
Evaluation of economic software Altus Vario
Reichmann, Jakub ; Hora, Michal (advisor) ; Pelák, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals with the bookkeeping on the computer and evaluates programs for bookkeeping. The theoretical part contains chapters about the history of bookkeeping, legislation relating to bookkeeping using ICT, enterprise information systems and criteria for the selection of appropriate accounting program. Knowledge taken from the theoretical part is then applied to the practical part, which is devoted to the evaluation of specific information system Altus Vario.
Civil liability of auditors
Henschová, Kristina ; Pelák, Jiří (advisor) ; Roubíčková, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis is avout civil liability of auditors, to whom, for what and in which amount are auditors liable. Thesis deals with the effort which did European union about unification of the approach of its member states. Further chapters deals with geographical distribution of liability regimes and accounting scandals which led to auditors obligation to pay for harms.
The Accounting As An Evidence
Smolíková, Tereza ; Pelák, Jiří (advisor) ; Molín, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the accounting as an evidence, more specifically as a tool for procuring the proof while proving the facts claimed by the taxpayer. Firstly, there are described a financial and tax terms relevant for the topic. Then the rights and obligations of the tax administrator and taxpayer during the tax procedure are described. The last but one chapter deals with the burden of proof and with it´s transfer among the tax administrator and the taxpayer. In conclusion, an evidence that can be used in proving the facts are mentioned.
Accounting Outsourcing
Kubiš, Tomáš ; Pelák, Jiří (advisor) ; Baranová, Petra (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the process of outsourcing of accounting from the initial steps, when the companies decide whether to use the outsourcing of accounting, through collaboration with the outsourcing provider to the eventual termination of cooperation. In the practical part you can find the description of the selected companies using information technology to provide outsourcing of accounting, that enables the most efficient course of action.
Lease reporting according to IFRS
Hučíková, Julie ; Novotný, Jan (advisor) ; Pelák, Jiří (referee)
In the final thesis I deal with problems of lease reporting according to effective framework of International Financing and Reporting Standards. In the thesis, which is divided into theoretical and practical part, I focus on impacts of leasing transactions primarily on the lessee side. In the theoretical part of thesis that is divided into three subchapters I summarize facts about leasing. The first two subchapters are based on standard IAS 17. I devote the third subchapter to preparation of new standard, which should replace IAS 17. The aim of the practical part of the thesis is to find out which way the European airlines use to finance their aircraft, I focus especially on using of both types of leasing. Therefore in the second part of the thesis I analyze annual reports of European aircrafts and examine how much these airlines exploit the possibility to finance the aircraft by leasing and how they report it in their annual reports.
Accounting and Tax Frauds from Comparative Perspective of Czech and American Law and Practice
Holub, Ondřej ; Molín, Jan (advisor) ; Pelák, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled Accounting and Tax Frauds from Comparative Perspective of Czech and American Law and Practice analyses accounting frauds and tax frauds in the Czech Republic with added comparative aspects from the US. The purpose of the thesis divided to 6 chapters is to provide a complex and comprehensive analysis from the perspective of accounting, legal and justice system and police investigation and to propose original policy solutions how to improve combating this sophisticated economic criminal activities. This thesis is grounded in an interdisciplinary context and applies economics, taxes, accounting, law, criminology and forensic science. It also combines theoretical background with practical case study analysis. Stemming from the case study analysis and the comparative perspectives from the US, this thesis proposes practical solutions proposals for the police work. One of the common features of both Czech and the US system is the essential role of experts. The added value of this thesis includes 10 different proposals in the legislative, institutional, informational and practical police area, such as establishing special police unit tasked with accounting and audit frauds, protection of whistleblowers, more severe punishments, uniform tax software and electronic evidence, better coordination between police and the tax authorities, improving the education of policemen in the economic, tax and accounting area, cooperation with academia and police internships of economics students and also enhanced international cooperation. One cross-cutting finding is the absolute necessity of close and long-term cooperation and coordination between police, judiciary, tax authorities and academia, sharing knowledge, information and know-how and critically analysing recent trends and practical issues. That is the only way how to effectively improve the fight against this complex white-collar crime.

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