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Forms of Co-operation Between Municipalities
Svoboda, Vít ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
This Bachelor thesis focuses on the problematics of municipalities in the Czech Republic. The first part of the thesis studies forms in which the municipalities can co-operate, legal measures, reasons and motivation that lead them towards the formation of collaboration. The second part of the thesis studies a chosen representative sample of villages and uses a questionnare method to research the reasons for collaboration and the most frequent form of co-operation. In the concluding part of the thesis, there are determined pros and cons of the sample.
Financing of units of the volunteer fire brigades municipalities of the South Bohemian Region
Svitáková, Zuzana ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on financing of units of volunteer fire brigades in municipalities. It aims to assess whether the financing of units of volunteer fire fighters is sufficient and possibly suggests other ways to streamline the funding process. The theoretical part deals with the fire protection system and its entities that ensure protection. Furthermore it's about the financing methods of fire protection in the Czech Republic. The practical part analyzes financing of units of volunteer fire brigades in the region of South Bohemia for the period between 2010 and 2015. An analysis of previously financed years and an analysis of a specific unit of the volunteer fire brigade in a municipality helps to assess the entire system of funding and propose other possible ways of funding.
Domains of the Public Sphere
Beránková, Tereza ; Pokorný, Pavel (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes different type of domains. The main goal is to discover the present condition of domains in Czech Republic. This work is dividend into two fundamental parts. In the theoretical part, the reader is first acquainted with the domains of particular subjects and then these domains are comparing with the domains of selected states of Europe while the practical part is focused on solving domains in public sphere of Czech Republic.
The Development of the Budget of the European Union
Šťastná, Tereza ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to analyze the EU budget - focusing on the revenue side (including budgetary discipline). The thesis also includes analysis of the contribution of the Czech Republic to the EU budget. The main revenue budget of the European Union are -- traditional own resources (customs duties, agriculture), own resources of value added taxes and contributions from member states according to gross national product. Another sources of the revenue are from fines and fees of the EU. In this thesis I will describe the revenues and compare them in each years.
Analysis of the Possibility to Draw Financial Means on the European Union's Funds for the Financing of Developing Activities in Municipalities, a concrete manifestation on an example of a municipality (town)
Růžička, Rastislav ; Peková, Jitka (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
In this thesis the focus is on the analysis of the option of drawing financial means from the European Union's funds to finance the development activities of municipalities. Financial options of drawing these means is not equal to all municipalities. The theoretical part focuses on the basic concepts and gives a better idea of the conditions of the functioning of municipalities in the Czech Republic. In the following practical part, the structure, territory and municipality budget is further analysed in detail, of MČ Praha -- Slivenec and Dolní Břežany. The practical part is finished with the comparison municipalities in three areas analyzed in detail.
Possibilities of Web Content Management Systems
Medoň, Gabriel ; Pokorný, Pavel (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
This bachelor's thesis discusses the history of the development of content management in general and gradually continues to the management of content on the web using web content management systems. It informs about the different options of selected freely available web content management systems, specifically on how to customize the basic appearance and the application of additional modules to extend the functionality. The aim of this work is to provide an overview of options and simple instructions for creating your own website primarily for students of faculty of management, but its practical use may be nationwide.
Financial Management Analysis of Regions in the Czech Republic and Relatioship to Regional Development Funding
Dvořáková, Marie ; Peková, Jitka (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
Hereby presented diploma thesis discusses the financial management of Czech regions (more accurately "higher-level territorial administrative units") focusing on regional development funding, particularly demonstrated by the example of the South Moravian Region. Through a study of regional financial management the regional budget's income and expenditure have been thoroughly examined, especially those governable by the regions themselves. During the analysis of the South Moravian Region financial system the main focus has been aimed at its regional funding policy outlined by the corresponding strategic documentation entitled South Moravian Region Development Plan. The actual support for regional development in South Moravian Region is financed by the region's budget and a special-purpose fund named Development Fund of South Moravian Region.
The budgetary allocation of taxes to municipalities
Bláhová, Martina ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
The objective of this bachelor thesis is to find purposes why the excise taxes, of which total revenue flows solely to the state budget, should be included into shared taxes, i.e. a part of the total income from those taxes would be transferred into municipal budgets.
Analysis of the performance of the budget of the town Habry
Příbramská, Nikola ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Hermanová, Jana (referee)
This Bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the performance of the budget of the town Habry from 2009 to 2013 will focus on amendment to the law on budgetary determine taxes and its impact on the economy of the town. The basic concepts relating to the budget process and budget structure are defined in the theoretical part. The individual types of income and expenditure of the budget are in detail described in this part and the budget is discussed in detail in the practical part in the specific case of the town Habry. The influence of the amendment to the law on budgetary allocation of taxes to the budget of the town Habry is analyzed in the practical part, which is the main outcome of this Bachelor thesis. The budgets and final accounts provided by the town Habry were the source for this work and professional resources focused on this issue were the source in the theoretical part.
Analysis of the Impact of the Introduction of the Euro in the Slovak Republic
Korčoková, Dominika ; Musil, Martin (advisor) ; Pucandlová, Miroslava (referee)
This paper analyses the introduction of the euro in Slovakia. The theoretical part focuses on issues with the European Economic and Monetary Union , including the timetable for integration. The next section focuses on the addition of Slovakia to the Economic and Monetary Union, and specifically describes inflation rates. The end of theoretical part discusses the introduction of the Euro in Slovakia. The practical research assesses the advantages and disadvantages of the euro in Slovakia and their impact on GDP.

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