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Redesign configuration management of process in a chosen Organization
Šavel, Jan ; Zelená, Veronika (advisor) ; Přibil, Jiří (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyze Configuration management process in a chosen organization through ITIL Best Practices Library and provide a redesign based on collected materials. Analyzes cover Configuration management and partially Change management processes whose are tightly connected with each other. In theoretical part I focus on general description of analyzed process, its modeling and modeling tools. Next chapters follow up with ITIL Best Practices Library version 3 and CMS (Configuration Management System) usability as a federated system for Configuration management process. In practical part I focus on current state of Configuration management process in analyzed organization and provide advantages and disadvantages. Those are input for redesign of Configuration management process. In the end of my thesis I compare the original and current redesigned solution and provide a set of advantages and disadvantages coming from this change.
The e-Government in the Slovakia at the beginning of the 21-th century
Kozoň, Martin ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor) ; Novák, Michal (referee)
Bachelor thesis The e-Government in the Slovakia at the beginning of the 21-th cen-tury is dealing with the history of the e-Government and progressive development of it in the Slovak republic. It also seems to be description of the actual state of things and the pre-planned activities for the next period. As well it is looking on the e-Government in the Estonia and in the Great Britain as the most advanced countries of this region and to detail it is angaged in the e-Government of the Czech republic. The practical part is focused on the testing of the e- Government functionality by the real online sending of author´s tax declaration, where he is describing all the steps, which he had to do.
Development of massmedial communication of energy drinks between 2010 and 2015 with a focus on television advertising
Mošnová, Kamila ; Novák, Michal (advisor) ; Přibil, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis defines mass media and the forms it can acquire. It shows their importance in marketing communication and lays more emphasis on advertising and television. This thesis is specialized on monitoring of marketing communication of energy drinks brands while the theoretical part describes its most frequently used forms. The practical part is focused on the television commercials in the time period between years 2010 and 2015. It evaluates the situation of television commercials promoting energy drinks on the Czech market in individual years of given period. It also monitors their development in time, and based on the discovered conclusions appraises the importance of television advertising nowadays.
Current Situation on Customer Relationship Management Systems market: Analysis and Potential of CRM Systems for tradesmen in the Czech Republic
Popelka, Ondřej ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor) ; Zelená, Veronika (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the problematics of Customer Relationship Management systems in the context of their usage by tradesmen. It is divided into two main parts, the first of which aims to introduce readers into the problematics of CRM and SCRM systems and their benefits for tradesmen, describe the evolution of these systems with the arrival of the Web 2.0 interface and the environment where teese systems can operate. In the second part I analyzed the results of the questionnaire for tradesmen, which was aimed at mapping their opinion on these products, their willingness to invest in them and finding out about the benefits of individual functions of CRM systems. Following the results of the questionnaire, I defined a suitable solution for tradesmen and applied to the pre-selection for the most suitable products in this segment. Thanks to the preferences of the respondents and the evaluation of the required functionalities, the most suitable solution was found for representing the tradesmen in the Czech Republic.
Filing Service in Public Administration
Růžičková, Radomíra ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor) ; Bína, Vladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of filing service and archival science. The theoretical part is focused on definition of the basic terms and contains a description of the document lifecycle. An important part of the filing service is the creation of the file which is governed by the applicable legislation. Life cycle of documents and files is ending within the shredding proces. The individual steps are described in the thesis. The practical part is focused on achieving of the targets in this thesis. It deals with the filing service of a specific public originator which is the Municipality of Kamenice nad Lipou. There is described the evolution filing service in the municipal office, the implementation of an electronic filing service system and start of data boxes operations. The goal of the thesis is valorize the benefits of the introduction of electronic filing services and if public originators can achieve savings due to this information technologies. There will be evaluated positives and negatives of both analog and electronic form filing service and whether all public originators are able to practice filing services by applicable laws.
Analysis of an internet store presenting through social networks
Pichová, Michaela ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis of the shopping process in e-shops, which is presented mainly through social networks, Facebook and Instagram. The Internet and especially social networks are nowadays very popular, just like internet shopping. The aim of the thesis is testing simplicity and clarity of the purchasing process and to evaluate the profile on the Facebook social network. Chapters in the theoretical part describe the Internet in general and business opportunities on the Internet and social networks. The social profile rating is realized through the web application LikeAlyzer. In addition to this, an eye tracking tool is presented there which is used to compose the practical part of this thesis. The results are displayed in the eye maps format, e. g. Heatmaps, which is one way of displaying the results, supplemented by knowledge gained from short questionnaires.
Electronic Services for Citizens
Hejdusová, Kateřina ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the topic of electronic services, which are provided by the public administration to citizens. The thesis focuses mainly on services provided in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the current situation in the field of electronic public administration services, which are offered in the Czech Republic, and to propose several measures that could improve the current situation. The evaluation is done by the method of comparison of offered services in the Czech, Estonian and Finnish Republic. Service features are evaluated using a five-step maturity model and benchmarking principles. For services in the Czech Republic that are evaluated on the basis of the comparison as missing or of insufficient quality, steps are proposed to eliminate their deficiencies.
The Process of Choosing the Optimal ERP system
Svoboda, Petr ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis aims to be a practical manual that helps to choose the optimal ERP system for a small non manufacturing company. Intercompany systems are very complex and differ in relation to the size of companies and their activities. Therefore, this the-sis is written for purposes of a chosen company. The question that I would like to answer during the process is whether open-source systems can fully substitute commercial ERP systems in smaller companies. To achieve the goal, I designed a new customer oriented model. At the second part of this thesis, I test the model and its parts. After the analytical phase, specification and validation, I deal with a multi-ple criteria decision making process that helps to choose the optimal ERP system within budget constraints. Representatives of COTS, open source and newly build systems were considered among demanded systems.
Analysis of the Possibilities of printing solution
Nosek, Miloš ; Přibyl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Přibil, Jiří (referee)
Goal of the work is to interconnect isolated knowledges from single study subjects into logical framework for management of IT services including transparent decision making method. Value of the mentioned approach is in interconnecting of the ITIL knowledges, the latest knowledges from outsourcing area and decision making know-how. There will be necessary to collect and analyse quantitative and qualitative data to achieve the target. Requirements will be expressed by IT service. The most suitable variant will be chosen by transparent method supporting decision making. Shown process can be generalized and used for design and evaluation of other IT services.
Analysis of selected e-shop from the point of view of User Experience and User Interface
Trachtová, Monika ; Přibil, Jiří (advisor) ; Novák, Michal (referee)
The main goal of this master thesis is to choose a more user-friendly e-shop option. This finding is achieved through several testing methods. As this is a user experience and user interface topic, the concepts of this topic are more closely approximated for better understanding of subsequent testing. Another approach is the testing methods used to ensure the goal of the thesis. The key part of the thesis is a practical one, which deals with the above-mentioned testing of two variants of e-shops. E-shops are tested using five-second test methods, eye-tracking measurements that become the most important test of this thesis, oral questionnaire and complementary emotional cards. Using eye-tracking measurements, visual maps are obtained that plot the visual field of each respondent. All results are processed, analyzed and subsequently interpreted to the final result.

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