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Port of OptaPlanner on Android
David, Tomáš ; Rogalewicz, Adam (referee) ; Letko, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with portation of the OptaPlanner tool to the Android operating system. The OptaPlanner is used for solving planning problems and it is completely written in the Java programming language which is also used for application development of the Android operating system. However, Android does not contain all of the Java Standard Edition Application Programming Interface libraries and porting of OptaPlanner to Android thus causes dependency problems. The result of the thesis is solution design and implementation of the problems mentioned above and model Android Vehicle Routing Problem application which uses ported OptaPlanner tool.
Use of Mobile Device Sensors in a Car
Aron, Lukáš ; Široký, Vít (referee) ; Žák, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis analyses the use of an accelerometer commonly present in a mobile device for the measuring of vibration in a vehicle. Such measurements are used to map the quality of the road surface. The signal from the accelerometer and the current travelling speed of the vehicle are evaluated according to a threshold function. This function allows for a determination of whether the signal reported by the device signifies a pot-hole or another type of defect on the road surface. If the defect is determined to pose a threat to a vehicle travelling at higher speeds, then this fact is saved into the memory of the device. The second part of this thesis deals with the design of an internet and a mobile application, which is able to collect all measured data processes using cluster analysis and then shares the results with other participating devices. Tha practical results is that a map of road surface defect is thus created, which is then displayed to road users. This thesis deals with theory of mobile device sensors, including signal processing, as well as the design creation of the internet and mobile application.
Design and Creation of a Mobile Application to Support In-house Processes
Stankovič, Eduard ; Lipták, Maroš (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on proposal and actual creation of mobile application to support in-house processes, especially for improving ordering and delivery processes inside of small company. Thesis includes analysis of current state of processes and analysis of client’s requirements. Based on those requirements, mobile application is created, built with Ionic and Angular framework.
Dictionary for Mobile Devices with OS Android
Damborský, Tomáš ; Kouřil, Jan (referee) ; Smrž, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and implementation of dictionary application for mobile device with an Android OS. The key feature of application is ability to perform fulltext search. This is achieved by using the SQLite database with Full Text Search extension. SQLite databases are generated from source lexical data in Lexical Markup Framework format.
Gamification of Mobile Application for Intelligent Home Control
Lamacz, Jan ; Korček, Pavol (referee) ; Žádník, Martin (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of raising users' motivation to use the application for the Intelligent home control. It describes common principles of implementation of game-based mechanics into the real-life systems and deals with the concrete design of motivational programme. Practical part of this thesis describes the implementation of the designed system of rewards and its display in the mobile application. The final application contains the motivational system for users based on collecting points and achievements and covers the majority of the functions of the Intelligent home.
Mobile Application of Image Processing
Planer, Jan ; Herout, Adam (referee) ; Zemčík, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis addresses video streaming from smartphone to smartwatch. The main goal of the thesis is to find a way how to handle the limited hardware features of the watch and make video streaming as fast and smooth as possible. A part of this work is focused on implementation of client-server application, which streams video from Android device to Tizen smartwatch over Bluetooth channel.
Training Diary for Cell Phone with GPS
Syrůček, Marcel ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Horáček, Jan (advisor)
The main task of this program is to record the completed route in any sport that is carried in the GPS range. It is possible to find out information about the route, such as all the available data, plot a route on the map to view details on specific points, or export route in standard formats for working with geographic data, directly through the phone. The greatest contribution of this work lies in "running with so-called friend" application, in which the recorded route is directly compared with the same or similar track stored in the database and notify us, what are the differences between the performance.
On-Line Speech Recognition Implementation with API and Android Demo app
Gabčo, Jakub ; Schwarz, Petr (referee) ; Szőke, Igor (advisor)
In modern times, people try everything to relieve. This may fulfill speechrecognition. Local speech recognition is computationally demanding, because of that many companies are trying to create a remote network speech recognition. In this thesis, we are focusing on creating a server for speech recognition, Android application and selecting appropriate protocol for communication between client and server. HTTP and Websocket protocol are analyzed her and differences and advantages between them.
Mobile Application for Recommending and Managing Cooking Recipes
Lončík, Andrej ; Šůstek, Martin (referee) ; Zbořil, František (advisor)
The goal of the submitted thesis is the creation of mobile application for devices using the Android operation system. The main purpose of the application is the discovery and administration of food recipes and meal planning. The functions of the application include voice control and search by a photo or an image. This work describes the whole process of app -creation, beginning from the original idea, followed by the competition analysis, draft of the user interface, its implementation and concluding with the testing and final publication to the Google Play. In addition, the final version of the application offers the feature of creating new recipes or searching for already published ones on the internet based on the ingredients the user possesses. The ingredients can be written in, entered by the user's voice, or recognized from an uploaded image. The photo and image recognition is provided by the Firebase ML Kit Image Labeling tool. Thanks to the Google account authentization , the application is also able to save the user's content in Firebase Realtime Database. Mobile application is published on the Google Play store and is officially named Recipio .
Mobile App for Logging of Automobile Costs
Mokrý, Martin ; Špaňhel, Jakub (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design and implement a mobile application for the recording of a car's consumption. The application is made for the Android operating system. It lets the user easily and effectively input new refuel data. Based on this data the application can show the user an overall view of their car's costs. This thesis focuses on the creation of this application, individual stages of design, implementation details and the testing of the application. It also states and analyzes similar existing applications.

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