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Diagnostics and therapy of spiritual emergency - orienting study
Janečková, Barbora ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Břicháček, Václav (referee) ; Hájek, Karel (referee)
The doctoral dissertation contains of a definition of spiritual emergency, differential diagnosis, description of kinds of spiritual emergency. It looks on the therapeutical possibilities in working with these states. Part of the dissertation is analysis of semistructured interviews with clients and therapists who work with these kinds of problems. In the analysis of the interviews with therapists I center on their experience with the dynamics of spiritual emergence, its manifestation and possible existence of similar traits of clients with this diagnosis. Important parts of the interviews are the most effective ways of working with these clients. I was also interested in their own perception on how spiritual emergence occurs and on the possible change in the quality of life of the client after this episode. In the analysis of the interviews with the clients I question when spiritual emergence occurred, how it started, how long did it last and what were the reactions from outside. Important part is centered on the interventions which the client experienced and their efficiency. Case studies demonstrate typical traits described at spiritual emergency, as quite dramatic beginning, complete recovery and also an important change in value system.
Crisis and personal growth: possibilities and metaphors of crisis
Veselá, Ivana ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
Each person has an experience with crisis, it is a natural part of human life. A crisis has an inner potential in the form of a challenge and it brings a new possibility for people in percieving reality and themselves. In this thesis I focuse on possibilities which open for those people who seek a professional advice. I suppose that crisis is a part of the process of personal growth. Therefore the main theoretical chapters refere to these four thems: crisis, personal growth, posttraumatic growth and metaphor. First I define what a crisis is including it's course and various types. Than I place crisis into the context of difficult life situations including coping strategies. Personal growth is defined in the view of development and change. Both are focused on the process. The goal of personal growth is described in a subchapture on optimal personality. The following chapter is on positive psychology which pays attention to the quality of life and percieving benefits. Out of psychoterapeutical schools I have chosen existencial-humanistic tradition which corresponds to my research question the most. I put attention to the founders of main schools - V. E. Frankl's logotherapy, A. Maslow's humanistic psycholgy, C.R. Rogers's client-centred therapy and F. Perls's gestalt therapy. The chapters about crisis and...
Computational model of continuous speech segmentation process in Czech language
Stehlík, Luděk ; Smolík, Filip (referee) ; Bahbouh, Radvan (referee)
The work discusses questions about the nature of the human mind, the process of language acquisition and the cognitive development in general and presents results of computational modelling of one of the seminal developmentally-psycholinguistic phenomena - segmentation of continuous speech flow on the basis of phonotactic and prosodic cues. In the general part of the work there is at first briefly introduced the philosophical topic of mind-body problem and then there is described intellectual, historical and cognitivelyanthropological background of the computational-representational paradigm which is in the contemporary cognitive science the most prevailing view of the human mind treating the mental life as a kind of computation in the sense of manipulation and transformation of syntactic structures. There are in detail introduced two competing interpretations of this statement in the form of physical symbol system hypothesis and connectionism which differ primarily about the opinion on how far from the level of ordinary thought and concepts we should look for the formal rules specifying mental computation. There are also mentioned two alternative theories in the form of dynamic (or embodied) cognitive science and theory of distributed cognition according to which the nature of intelligence doesn't lie...
Quality of life and life satisfaction of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Czech Republic
Urbánková, Olga ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Bahbouh, Radvan (referee) ; Procházka, Ivo (referee)
This study explores aspects of quality of life (QoL) and how QoL is influenced by HIV/AIDS. Two years ago, in 2006, HIV/AIDS celebrated its 25th anniversary since it was discovered. Of these 25 years, the last ten years were dedicated to research on QoL. The rationale is that even though the emergence of antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has prolonged HIV positive people's lives, this alone is not sufficient to make one's life good. Consequently, it has become necessary to pay attention to the quality of this extended life. There has been, so far, only one research dedicated to QoL among HIV positive people in the Czech Republic. According to UNAIDS, about forty million people are infected with HIV globally. By the end of February 2008, the Czech Republic had 1081 reported cases; yet very little has been done in the area of research on QoL among Czechs who are HIV positive. One study done by Potribná in 2002, on QoL (mainly Health) after starting HAART, uncovered a strong need for research on the QoL among people living with HIV in the Czech Republic.
Psychological aspects of negotiation
Mertin, Tomáš ; Boukalová, Hedvika (referee) ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor)
The theoretical part of the paper presents key topics of negotiation research - definition issues, phases of negotiation, distributive and integrative negotiation, negotiation - related variables (personal, emotional-motivational, cognitive, and interpersonal) and finally methods and approaches of studying negotiation. The empirical part of the paper consists of two related studies. The first part maps relations between variables in model negotiation. It pilots two tools - the Individualistic Orientation Inventory (IOI) and the Subjective Value Inventory (SVI - new Czech version). The second part uses 30-second segments of mute video recording from the beginning of the model negotiations in the first part of study. Naive judges then evaluate these thin slices of communication and guess the result (agreement/disagreement). The naive judges are found to predict the future results on a significant level. The effect of additional information on nonverbal communication and negotiation was proven to increase effect of the ability of intuitive judgment.
Chess performance and memory in children
Barták, Karel ; Uhlář, Pavel (referee) ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor)
Memory in the chess-players is one of the most important cognitive functions of all - especially as far as their ability to remember the chess positions is concerned. The theoretical part of this thesis implies both - an account of general memory characterizations with their evolution and the summary of the hitherto published results of the research from the domain connected with memory and chess performance in the adults but with a rare analysis of children playing chess. Therefore in the experimental part the author is concentrated mainly on the relationship between the chess performance and memory in children. The experimental group was constituted from 31 children of different efficiency in chess starting from 8 to 15 years of age. A part of the group was represented by the pupils of one of the elementary Prague schools, the other one was formed by the members of the junior chessclub of Prague. Results of this experiment showed a significant relationship of the memory to both - the meaningfull chess position as well as to the random chess position. A secondary finding was that there was no a significant relationship between memory abilities and age of the respondents. According to the positive influence of chess on the memory in children the author recommends to follow on this topic in the further...
Happiness - explorations, explanations and applications of the koncept
Osuský, Michal ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
This text strives to achieve three goals - a) to evaluate methodological quality (validity and reliability) of self-ratings of happiness, b) to show different approaches to measurement and analysis of happiness and satisfaction and c) to show possible applications of concept of happiness. Concept of happiness is described from the perspective of cognitive psychology, and different other concepts and theories are discussed in relation to the concept, such as 3 modes of experiencing happiness, hedonic adaptation, flow, role of expectations, types of attributes in relation to satisfaction, and others. It is shown, that every person has his stable level of happiness, around which his happiness oscillates due to the above mentioned factors. A model is suggested for integration of these factors. The model is called a hedonic potential model. However, the stable level differs substantially between countries. Data-mining tools are employed to show, how different indicators and variables might indicate this average stable level of happiness in the nations. Also, difference between happiness on individual level and aggregated national happiness is discussed. It is show that distinct mechanisms apply on both levels. Theoretical explanation is provided. Powered by TCPDF (
The connection between personal characterology and physique
Knesplová, Monika ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis deals theoretically and practically with the relationship between the physical, especially constitutional, characteristics and temperament. Constitutional approaches, especially theories of Ernst Kretschmer and Wiliam Sheldon, belong to the oldest approaches in psychology that link these two aspects and perceive them as two sides of the same coin. Holistic approach linking psychological and physical aspects of personality can be found also in non-European medical systems. One of the oldest medical teaching in the world is Ayurveda. It integrates physique and temperament and uses them for therapeutical purposes. The subject of the theoretical part was to present these theories, guidelines and other areas, that strived for interconnection of the physical and psychological aspects of human individual. In the practical part the goal was to empirically assess the substantiation of somatic types used in Kretschmer's theory and Ayurveda. The next goal was to focus on the relationship of selected physical aspects and temperament. For these purposes we used a questionnaire 4 Elements Inventory which applies the metaphor of elements, that appears also in Ayurveda. Further we created Questionnaire of Physical Characteristics that consists of three parts: the first part inquires about the...
Assessment centre - validity and other choosen characteristics of this method
Doubková, Dagmar ; Rymeš, Milan (referee) ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor)
My final thesis is focused on the issue of Assessment Centre method (AC), its validity, contribution and objectivity. The selection of competences studied by this method is discussed here as well. Strong and weak sides of the method are described by the SWOT analysis and possible opportunities and threats are pointed out in the work. The structure and the implementation of the AC method as well as its opportunities and real use in practice are described in the theoretical part of the work. This part of the work is also focused on the particular methods used within the AC methods. The differences between the Assessment Centres and Development Centres are brought up here. The AC method is compared with the other procedures which are used for the selection and development of employees. Opportunities and limitations of the validity of the measurement are discussed in this part of the work. The practical part of the work is devoted to the comparison of the AC method with other methods of selection and evaluation conceming the contribution and objectivity. The data analyzed in this comparison have been collected from the interviews with 27 personnel. Four files describing the AC method from the point ofview ofthe weak and strong sides are based on the above mentioned interviews. The obtained files point out the...
Subjectove experience of women's orgasm versus anorgasmia
Prokopcová, Leona ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
Mediální zprávy týkající se sexu obvykle realitu značně překrucují či nadsazují, aby vyvolaly určitou odezvu či senzaci. Takže lehce můžeme získat dojem, že chceme-li být sexy, musíme mít velká ňadra anebo že pouze zvláště přitažlivě vypadající muži stojí za případné sexuální úvahy. Překrucování a nadsazování často nacházíme v populárních časopisech i odborné literatuře, kde se dozvídáme o mnohočetných orgasmech, o tom jak dosáhnout hodinového orgasmu, o tom, jestli mají být zralé ženy spíše klitoridálně či vaginálně dráždivé. Je vyvíjen velký tlak na ženy v tom smyslu, že by měly mít "takový a takový" orgasmus a když ho prožívají jinak, tak je to nutně špatně, nemluvě o tom, když ho vůbec nemají. Zajímavé je, že odborníky na tomto poli jsou muži. Diskuse o tom, co prožíváme při orgasmu, co cítíme, co slyšíme, co vidíme, co si představujeme, co nás ovlivňuje, je stále ještě tabu. Ani o anorgasmii se nedozvídáme příliš mnoho. Jaké faktory se asi podílí na neschopnosti dosáhnout orgasmu? Od kdy můžeme ženu označit jako anorgastickou? Baker (1996) uvádí, že ze všech aspektů lidské sexuality je ženský orgasmus tím nejzáhadnějším a nejnepředvídatelnějším. Ženské zkušenosti se v tomto ohledu dost zásadně rozcházejí. Některé ženy nemají orgasmus nikdy. Jiné mívají orgasmus, ale nikdy během pohlavního styku. A...

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