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Vzdělávání žáků se SVP z pohledu učitele SŠ
Weiss, Petr
This bachelor’s thesis focuses on the issue of educating students with special edu-cational needs in secondary schools. The aim of the bachelor’s thesis is to un-derstand, describe and interpret how their teachers approach the education of these students. In order to better understand the issue, the basic terminology and legal framework of the subject will be introduced in the first part of the thesis. Afterwards the various disabilities that special educational needs of students stem from will be presented, followed by an examination of the support options avai-lable to teachers from schools and other institutions. In the conclusion of the theoretical part, I will discuss various approaches to stu-dents with special educational needs from different perspectives. In the practical part of this thesis, I will describe the results of the exploratory sur-vey, which will be conducted by a qualitative method through semi-structured in-terview as its tool. The collected data will be analyzed using open coding metho-dology.
Training of vaginal orgasm consistency in women
Formánek, Jan ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Šípek, Jiří (referee)
Aims: To confirm the correlation between the ability to focus attention on vaginal sensations during penile-vaginal intercourse and the consistency of vaginal orgasm (Brody & Weiss, 2010) in our sample. To create a psychological method which would help women to improve their ability to focus the attention on vaginal sensations during PVI. The core of the method consists of mindfulness-based techniques and the Kegel exercise. In the next step we empirically verify the effectivity of such training. Based on the previous findings (Brody & Weiss, 2010) we hypothesized that the improvement in ablity to focus attention on vaginal sensations would result in higher VO consistency, higher satisfaction with partner sexuality and in gaining the ability to reach VO in women who had never experienced it. Methods: The vast majority of the study is based on the methods of quantitative statistics. The sample of 96 women (experimental group N=44, control group N=52) daily filled out a questionnaire on sexual behaviour for thirty days before and another 30 days after the training. We received the complete data from 80 probands. The whole sample also provided the data concerning lifetime sexual experience. The experimental group took part in the training which consisted of four 35minut sessions in a week interval....
Implicit theories of sexual violence
Večeřová, Michaela ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Štěrbová, Zuzana (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to analyze, what implicit theories of sexual violence about offenders and victims are extended in society, and if implicit theories of sexual violence are created depending on age, education and gender. Theoretical part contains thorough explanation of the concept of implicit theories of sexual violence. This concept means unconscious ideas of people, about who could become victim or offender of the sexual crime, why and how the sexual crime was commited etc. Subsequently, an overview of what implicit theoris of sexual violence are mostly known and extended among people living in the Czech Republic, is provided. Empirical part focuses on adults living in the Czech Republic. For the research, the form of anonymous internet questionnaire has been selected. The questionnaire used for empirical part was Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale. The sample involved 193 participants. The results were then statistically processed in order to explore the correlation of implicit theories of sexual violence to gender, age and education level. Depending on the results, it may be concluded that men believe in the implicit theories more than women and people with lower education more than people with higher education, on the contrary, age did not seem as a significant predictor. The...
The willingness of women to engage in unwanted sexual activity in the context of self-esteem and mate value
Pícková, Anna ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Nekovářová, Tereza (referee)
This master's thesis primarily focuses on examining the relationships between women's willingness to voluntarily participate in unwanted sexual activities, their self-esteem and mate value. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the concept of consent, analyzes the reasons and psychological factors contributing to women's participation in unwanted sexual activities. The results indicate a moderately strong negative relationship between women's willingness to engage in unwanted sexual activities and their self-esteem. However, the relationship with mate value did not reach the level of significance. None of the aspects of women's sexual history significantly influenced the relationships between variables. The exploratory part of the research suggests that there is no difference between older and younger women in their willingness to engage in unwanted sexual activities. These findings have the important implications for prevention and education regarding sexual consent and establishing boundaries in sexual interactions. Key words: Consent, Unwanted consensual sex, Self-esteem, Mate value
Personality characteristics of men and their partner preferences
Mašková, Monika ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Kuchař, Jakub (referee)
Dating is becoming a dominant of the online world, but there is still the question of what determines mate preference and choice. This thesis examines the personality characteristics of men in the context of mate preferences. The aim of this thesis is to examine the relationship between men's personality characteristics and their preferences for an ideal partner. The thesis asks whether personality characteristics influence partner preference in ideal female partners or whether the personality level is negligible. The theoretical part presents the most important approaches to mate preference and mate choice. The theoretical part mostly supports the homogamy theory. The quantitative research examines men aged 20-35 using the NEO Personality Inventory and the Ideal Partner Scale. The research was done by an online questionnaire (N = 95) and five hypotheses were tested using statistical analysis. Statistical analysis of the data revealed that a man's personality characteristics has an influence on his mate preferences, but not as great as we would have thought. A statistically significant result was confirmed for hypothesis H1: Men with a higher Agreeableness factor in NEO will significantly more prefer partners with a higher Warmth factor. H2: Men with a lower factor of Openness to Experience in NEO,...
Structural brain characteristics in sexual aggressors diagnosed with paraphilic disorder
Bartošová, Martina ; Androvičová, Renáta (advisor) ; Weiss, Petr (referee)
Etiology of paraphilic coercive disorder, as well as origin of any paraphilic disorder, remains unresolved. The current approach in research is trying to elucidate the common denominator of paraphilic disorders on the one hand and distinguish their specifics on the other. Findings from neuroscience are increasingly gaining importance in investigating the underlying neurobiological mechanisms linked to the diagnosis of paraphilic disorders. This thesis is addressing clinical specifics and structural characteristics of the brain in sexual aggressors diagnosed with paraphilic coercive disorder. The literature review section provides an overview of theories regarding sexual arousal linked to the etiology of paraphilic coercive disorder. The empirical part of the thesis is devoted to analyzing possible structural specifics of limbic system in individuals diagnosed with paraphilic coercive disorder compared to a normophilic population of men. Volumetric brain tissue parameters in 21 individuals diagnosed with paraphilic coercive disorder and 33 controls were assessed using MRI. Following data analysis was aimed at comparing the differences in individual limbic system structures between the two aforementioned groups. No significant difference between the two groups was found in limbic system structures....
Castellan’s handbook: Methodology concerning due management of historical landmarks opened to public
Bidlasová, Lucie ; Bobek, Karel ; Bušta, Jaroslav ; Horyna, Tomáš ; Kadlec, Miloš ; Kunst, Lukáš ; Ryšavý, Radek ; Slavko, Pavel ; Weiss, Petr
The methodology is structured into separate chapters focusing on elementary topics of cultural property management. The preamble contains a short overview of historical development of historical landmark manager with international excursus and key words dictionary that would be appreciated by beginners unaware of the professional vocabulary. Main topics of management are: 1) Property management within the technical, organizational, economical and legal meaning. The subchapters formulate individual segments of various activities such as cultural and administrative assets evidence, employment relations, bookkeeping and budgeting. 2) Property safeguarding from securing it against theft to monitoring the artefacts microclimatic conditions. 3) Rehabilitation and maintenance of entrusted property especially emphasizing the realization of preventive solutions and providing a day-to-day care that results in continuity of historical values, methods and authenticity and in the end also significantly decreases the cost of maintaining the physical essence of the monument. 4) Presentation of cultural values to public, transmission of research outcomes and strengthening the cultural identity of society towards its history and values. The end of the text includes a crucial chapter focusing on planning and formulating of visions and conceptions of maintenance of concrete heritage areas. This part is extremely crucial as it is often overlooked. Sometimes from intellectual reasons but usually from a lack of time that is dedicated to operative solutions of concrete problems without an overall conception. These partial solutions are isolated with no linkup between them. The methodology urges the mangers to focus on conceptual activities and planning that will pay off in a long run.
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Orgasm and sexual satisfaction in woman
Milerová, Veronika ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Krejčová, Lucie (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of orgasm, sexual satisfaction and satisfaction in a partner relationship. The aim of the work is to investigate the relationships between achieving orgasm, sexual satisfaction and overall satisfaction in individuals who are currently in a partner relationship. Investigation of these relationships is only in women. The theoretical part of the work focuses on defining terms such as orgasm, satisfaction or partner relationship. It also focuses to get acquainted with topics such as orgasm function, sexual arousal and dysfunction, especially orgasm disorders, as well as the theme of factors contributing to orgasm. Within the framework of satisfaction, this thesis focuses on the topic of sexual satisfaction and with the theme of orgasm, it places in the context of overall satisfaction in a partner relationship. The empirical part of this work describes a quantitative type of research with the aim of establishing the relationship between the achievement of orgasm or sexual function measured using the FSFI questionnaire, sexual satisfaction examined using the GRISS questionnaire and overall satisfaction in the partner relationship measured using the CSI (32) questionnaire. The research was carried out using an anonymous online questionnaire survey, where a total of 101...
Watching Pornography - Behavioral Model
Janků, Karolína ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Štěrbová, Zuzana (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe and map the process of pornography viewing from the perspective of the behavioural model. This is mainly with focus on four main areas - motivation for pornography consumption, type of preferred pornography, viewing behaviour and subsequent subjective evaluation of the individual's satisfaction. The literature review section includes an introduction to the key terms of this thesis - such as the concept of pornography itself, its development throughout history, current trends in the field, as well as the behavioral model and its application to the process of pornography viewing. The empirical part focuses on the quantitative research conducted, where an online questionnaire was administered to respondents on the basis of self-selection. The questionnaire designed by the author aims its questions at the way of pornography consumption - from the motivation for viewing pornography through the preferred type of pornographic material to the subjective evaluation of the respondent's satisfaction. Key words pornography, pornography viewing, behavioral model

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