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The effect of specific dietary intervention on inflammatory activation of innate immunity in patients with stabilized celiac disease
Selková, Katarína ; Daňková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Černá, Marie (referee)
Introduction: Celiac disease is a complex autoimmune disease induced in genetically predisposed individuals after ingestion of cereals containing gluten. Monocytes, as the main effector cells of innate immunity, play a non-negligible role in the development of the immune response in response to pathogenic and foreign agents as well as in the pathogenesis of celiac disease. The only effective treatment for celiac disease is strict and lifelong adherence to a gluten-free diet, while dietary choices are of key importance in the regulation of this disease. Oats have emerged as a controversial but nutritionally rich option to supplement a gluten-free diet with a source rich in fiber, micro- and macronutrients. Therefore, in this thesis, we focused on how the innate immune system, specifically monocytes, interact with the avenin peptides of a selected gluten-free oat cultivar and whether an immune reaction detectable at the molecular level occurs in response to its consumption. Materials and methods: 39 patients with stabilized celiac disease were included in the study, who consumed 50 g of raw oatmeal of the selected cultivar daily for 14 days. CD14+ monocytes were isolated from whole blood before the start of the study and after its completion using immunomagnetic separation, in which TLR2, TLR4, TNFα,...
Proposal of internal communication for Tribun Ltd.
Černá, Marie ; Janík, Michal (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This thesis puts mind to proposal of internal communiacation in the company Tribun EU Ltd. The thesis contains two parts. The first theoretical part describes methods and course of the communication in the company. The second part is devoted to finding and implementation solution for a specific company.
Proposal for alternative financing of the reconstruction of the square in Třebíč
Hykolli, Nikolas ; Černá, Marie (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the proposal of a possible way of financing the reconstruction of Charles Square in Třebíč and choosing the optimal variant. The theoretical part summarizes all important concepts related to the theme of the diploma thesis. These include public administration in the Czech Republic, central and local budget systems, selection procedures and funding sources. In the practical part are found the ways of financing the urban investment, both own and foreign. These may include credits and grant titles.
Role of antibodies against HLA and non HLA antigens for organ transplantation.
Svobodová, Eva ; Slavčev, Antonij (advisor) ; Mrázek, František (referee) ; Černá, Marie (referee)
Rejection is a significant complication after transplantation and one of the main reasons for loss of graft function. It is triggered by the response of the organ recipient's immune system based on the recognition of mismatched HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigens) and non-HLA antigens of the donor. All components of the immune system participate in this process, and according to the predominance of individual reactions, rejection can be divided into T cell-mediated rejection (TCMR) and antibody-mediated rejection (AMR). Rejection can develop immediately after transplantation in an acute form, or as a chronic form during several to tens of years after transplantation. The diagnosis of rejection is determined according to the clinical status, laboratory tests (including the detection of donor-specific antibodies, DSA) and histological findings in biopsies. The knowledge of validated gene expressions from the molecular microscope (MMDX) and other diagnostic tests has been recently applied. Individual phenotypes of rejection are evaluated and revised according to the international pathological classification. This work focuses on the analysis of immunological factors in relation to T-cell and antibody- mediated rejection after organ transplantation. The thesis deals with the determination of DSA in relation...
The effect of maternal nutrition on the newborn genome methylation
Pavlíková, Jitka ; Rössner, Pavel (advisor) ; Černá, Marie (referee) ; Hlaváč, Viktor (referee)
The maternal diet during pregnancy is an important factor involved in the epigenetic programming of the offspring. In addition to the nutritional aspect, the epigenome is also influenced by possible contaminating substances that may occur in the diet of pregnant women. An important group of these potential contaminants are persistent organic pollutants, which are compounds of mostly anthropogenic origin that persist in the environment for a long time, become part of food chains, and some of them accumulate in living organisms. These substances are being monitored for their adverse effects on organisms, and the use of some of them has already been banned or at least significantly restricted. The aim of this work was to find out whether the quality of the diet of pregnant women in the Czech Republic differs in terms of nutrition and contamination with persistent organic pollutants so much that these differences can be reflected in the methylome of newborns. The diet quality of 49 pregnant women from the Karviná and České Budějovice regions was analyzed. During the last month of pregnancy, these women recorded in detail all the food they ate for one week and at the same time collected a quarter of this food in boxes (one box for one day). Information on the quantity and quality of the diet was...
Mechanisms of antigen presentation in the etiopathogenesis of celiac disease
Hudec, Michael ; Černá, Marie (advisor) ; Hrdý, Jiří (referee) ; Slavčev, Antonij (referee)
1 ABSTRACT Celiac disease (CeD) is a chronic autoimmune disease that develops as a response of the immune system to the presence of gluten in the small intestine. CeD is manifested not only by classic intestinal symptoms: abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, as well as complex less common symptoms: anemia, osteoporosis, psychiatric disorders or menstrual cycle disorders. HLA risk alleles predisposing to origin of celiac disease are HLA-DQ2 (DQA1*05:01 / DQB1*02:01) and HLA-DQ8 (DQA1*03:01 / DQB1*03:02). There are other celiac disease-associated polymorphisms outside of HLA locus (6p21.3) that are located in 5q32 and 19p13 regions with unclear connection to CeD development. HLA class II glycoproteins are expressed on antigen presenting cells (APC) that include dendritic cells, macrophages and B cells. Monocytes are one of several possible dendritic cell precursors that circulate in the bloodstream. Deviations in the frequency of intermediate monocytes are directly associated with autoimmune disorders such as Crohn's disease or rheumatoid arthritis. It is known that the monocytes of CeD patients show pro-inflammatory reaction in the presence of gluten. It means that, in the context of CeD, the response to gluten arises earlier than the activation of gluten-specific T cells. The conventional way of direct...
Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in cancer progression and HIV-1 latency
Kovářová, Denisa ; Hejnar, Jiří (advisor) ; Černá, Marie (referee) ; Rösel, Daniel (referee)
Epigenetic mechanisms of transcriptional regulation and modulation of gene expression using RNA interference have become a powerfull tool for studying various cellular mechanisms, including tumor progression and viral latency. Advances in expression profiling have provided technology to detect candidate genes implicated in this complex process and bring other possibilities in the diagnosis and treatment of tumor diseases. In this work, I compare the gene expression profiles of v-src-transformed metastatic and nonmetastatic cells using microarray chip technology. Transcription factor homeodomain only protein X (HOPX) was identified as one of the differentially expressed genes. Activity of HOPX gene in several cancer types is usually controlled by promoter methylation. The role HOPX in metastatic formation was assessed by inoculation of cells with modulated expression of HOPX in a syngeneic chicken model system. After HOPX knockdown using shRNA, originally metastatic line showed decreased in vivo metastatic capacity. Further genomic analyses identified a cadre of genes affected by HOPX knockdown. These data demonstrate that HOPX is a metastasis-associated gene and that its knockdown decreases the metastatic activity of v-src-transformed cells through altered gene expression patterns. In the second...
Strong Epistasis in Genetics of Leishmaniasis - Identification of Genes and Mechanisms
Krayem, Imtissal ; Lipoldová, Marie (advisor) ; Černá, Marie (referee) ; Krulová, Magdaléna (referee)
Leishmaniasis, a disease caused by Leishmania parasites, ranks as the leading neglected tropical disease in terms of morbidity and mortality. Genotype of the infected organism is an important factor that influences susceptibility to and manifestations of this disease. To study human disease using mouse models, several strains are required, which could collectively exhibit different human pathophysiology. In the current thesis, we investigated the genetic influence on resting levels of immune cells in mice, because these resting levels could influence susceptibility to many of clinical disorders, including infectious diseases; and we performed a systematic review of the role of host genetics and cytokines in Leishmania infections. Moreover, we employed systems genetics to map genes causing susceptibility to leishmaniasis, and to identify additional mechanisms controlling response to Leishmania parasites. Also, we fine mapped the locus Leishmania major response 15 (Lmr15) in order to functionally characterize its role and to identify novel potential candidate genes regulating the response to L. major. Finally, we show a novel role of guanylate binding proteins 2b and 5 in the resistance to L. major. Strain B10.O20 carrying 3.6% of O20-derived genes on the C57BL/10 genetic background, on chromosomes...
Pilgrimage, countryside and pilgrim
Černá, Marie ; Daniel, Ladislav (advisor) ; Fremlová, Vendula (referee)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the relationship between the artist and the landscape. The thesis focuses mainly on the tradition of pilgrimage and outlines the aspects of the landscape that the artist uses as a pilgrim in his work. The pilgrimage phenomenon is shown here through the works of Czech as well as foreign authors, from the illustrations from the travels to the performances in the landscape. In the didactic part, the tasks focused on the activities in the landscape are outlined, which reflect the perception of the landscape of the secondary school pupils. In the practical part there is a project dealing with the reflection of my travels around the landscape. Keywords Landscape, pilgrim, performance, action art, romanticism
Immunopathology of type 1 diabetes mellitus - autoreactive versus regulation mechanisms
Vrabelová, Zuzana ; Štechová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Černá, Marie (referee) ; Funda, David (referee)
Immunopathology of type 1 diabetes mellitus - autoreactive versus regulation mechanisms Powered by TCPDF (

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