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The Manhattan Project and the Technology of the First Atomic Bombs
Zábojník, Vojtěch ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
This semestral thesis focuses on describing the technology behind the creation of the first atomic bombs in the Manhattan Project. It begins with the discovery of atomic fission and the associated nuclear reaction. This is followed by a description of the technological methods that were able to produce enriched uranium and plutonium. It concludes with a description of the types of triggering mechanisms of the "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" atomic bombs and the consequences of their use.
Evolution of Social media
Boček, Lukáš ; Froehling, Kenneth (oponent) ; Sedláček, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
In this thesis, history and examples of the most popular social networking sites are analyzed. Social media have become a significant part of modern life over the last few years. They changed the pace of human life and interactions between people. The history of social media from its origin to modern times is covered in this thesis, describing the evolution of individual platforms and providing reasons for their success or, on the other hand, extinction. In addition, the thesis concludes the current state of the media and also provides research, which is focused on social media users in the Czech Republic. The research is not only focused on the social media platforms usage, but also the experience of users with social media with focus on addiction. The addiction is described in the thesis, as well as social media advantages and disadvantages and also security risks, which users can experience while using social networking sites.
Literature search on fully-automated vehicles
Hipča, Tomáš ; Froehling, Kenneth (oponent) ; Sedláček, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
This thesis is focused on automated vehicles and contains a brief history of the development of automated vehicles, methods used, as well as devices and algorithms used in such vehicles, and a possible future of autonomous cars. It also lists the most beneficial literature on this topic, while providing additional information or author’s opinion on the matter discussed.
Reasons for low Linux adoption on desktop PCs
Langer, Filip ; Haupt, Jaromír (oponent) ; Sedláček, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to acquaint the reader with Windows and Linux operating system, their environment, programs they dispose of, their strong and weak points and determine why is Linux operating system not popular choice for adoption among desktop computer users. This bachelor thesis should provide reader with enough information to make them acquaint enough to determine, which operating system would fit their needs the most. I have decided to create this bachelor thesis due to the fact that I once faced the lack of information materials about this topic.
Impact of mobile phones on English
Smirnova, Ekaterina ; Froehling, Kenneth (oponent) ; Sedláček, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
This semester project is aimed at detection of all the important aspects that reflect the impact of the mobile telephones on the English language. In addition, thesis will depict all changes that are caused by this inventions, exemplified in various phenomena, invented in 21st century and have influenced the world of modern communication.
Technology of Online Voting Systems
Kováč, Michal ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
This thesis talks about the concept of online voting. It briefly describes what other voting methods are used in democratic countries across the world, and then in detail describes what countries are using online voting (nationwide and partially), and what countries have piloted or tried using the system in the past and what was the reason for its cancelation. In the last two parts, the thesis discusses the positives and negatives that online voting systems may represent, including analyzing voting data gathered from Estonia.
Building Management System
Kunický, Daniel ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (vedoucí práce)
This paper provides an insight into the building management system and its design. Building management system is represented in many modern buildings ranging from family houses to research centres. This system is able to ensure significant savings on energy, and is also responsible for the comfort and safety of inhabitants.
Artificial Intelligence
Ragas, Luděk ; Žouželková Bartošová, Marie (oponent) ; Sedláček, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to provide insight into the extensive field of artificial intelligence. At first, the thesis provides a definition of artificial intelligence and a brief overview of its history. Thereafter, this work also briefly describes technologies of artificial intelligence, such as neural networks, expert systems, and genetic algorithms. Lastly, this thesis describes influence and position of artificial intelligence in society.
Current trends in the airline industry
Štourač, Filip ; Sedláček, Pavel (oponent) ; Rujbrová, Šárka (vedoucí práce)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is to describe current technological trends in the airline industry and outline the expected future development in the aviation sector. The introduction starts with brief overview of aviation history followed by short depiction of a modern age aircraft. The next chapter deals with green technology and sustainability of aviation with focus on 3D printing, alternative jet fuel and two types of modern engines- Leap engine by CFM and geared turbofan by Pratt&Whitney. Third chapter about safety technology covers Ground Proximity Warning System and runway sensors. The following chapter focuses on current changes in maintenance technology regarding the growth of Internet of Things. In the last chapter, the reader is introduced to the expected future development of aviation.
Practical Use of Cloud Systems in Project Management
Poustecký, Ondřej ; Kopecká, Jana (oponent) ; Sedláček, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
The thesis is focused on a description of cloud system services and their application in project management of a non-profit organization. Theoretical introduction into cloud systems services is concerned in the first part of the thesis. Consequently features of several best known cloud system services will be described. Described systems will be further compared for usage in a particular project planning. Selection of the optimal cloud service solution will be determined in the conclusion.

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