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Office building with a shop
Staněk, Matěj ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the preparation of project ocumentation for the construction of an office building with a shop. It is a building with 2 above-ground floors with a partial basement. The building is located in the former area of the agricultural industry on plots No. 890/69, 890/70, 890/71 in the cadastral area of Holovousy v Podkrkonoší [641332]. The vertical load-bearing structures in the above-ground floors are designed from reinforced concrete monolithic columns, which are filled with ceramic masonry of the Porotherm system. The load-bearing structure of the basement part of the building is made of reinforced concrete monolithic walls. The horizontal load-bearing structures are designed as a monolithic reinforced concrete cross-reinforced slab. The building is covered by a single-skin flat roof with an extensive vegetation layer and is based on piles. The first floor of the building houses sales and storage areas. On the second floor there are administrative and storage areas. In the basement part of the building there is a technical room and a storage area.
Brňák, Martin ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The main subject of this masters‘s thesis is the project of the library in Kroměříž. The object contains basement, ground floor, two above-ground floors and is covered with the flat roof. The library is dispositionally divided into several parts. The basement is meant to be the technical background of the object. The Cafe and the library with the book rental are designed to take place on the ground floor. On the second and third floors are situated the studing rooms and the offices for staff. The construction is designed by monolithic reinforced concrete constuction in a 5x5 m module based on piles. Perimeter surface is partly made of glazed and ventilated facade. The most dominant feature of this building is the hanging glazed facade on the southern and northern side. Infill mansory is projected by the Therm system. This work contains project documentation of the construction including studies and visualisations
Health Center
Kalenda, Lukáš ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The subject of this master´s thesis is the preparation of selected parts of the project documentation for the construction of the health centre. The building is designed as nearly zero energy building. The aim is to design a suitable layout that meets the requirements for the operation of a small-scale health centre without an inpatient area. It is also necessary to select a suitable structural and material solution. The building is situated in a gap in an existing terraced development on a flat site. The building consists of three floors above ground and one underground floor. The foundation of the building is made up of plain and reinforced concrete foundations in combination with reinforced concrete footings in place of columns. The vertical load-bearing structures are made of therm ceramic blocks, which are supplemented by reinforced concrete columns inside the layout. In the case of the perimeter masonry, the construction is supplemented by a contact insulation system and a ventilated facade with cladding made of metal cassettes. The horizontal load-bearing structures are made of reinforced concrete monolithic slabs. Flat vegetated roofs are designed over the lower parts of the building. The uppermost roof plane is designed as a double-skin roof with a stacked concrete tile covering. In the basement area of the building there is a technical background, while it is possible to further subdivide these spaces and use part of them as a warehouse or filing cabinet. On the first floor there are 3 commercial premises usable for example as a pharmacy, optics and beauty salon. On the second floor there are a total of 5 surgeries with a common waiting room and 1 dispensary. There is also 1 commercial space usable as a massage studio. On the third floor there are 2 dental surgeries with a common X-ray room and one dental hygiene surgery. The layout of all floors also includes sanitary facilities divided for staff and visitors. The thesis includes an assessment of the proposed building in terms of building physics (thermal technology, acoustics and daylighting) and fire safety.
Rehabilitation Center
Štrbáková, Adela ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the new construction of a rehabilitation center in the center of Púchov. The goal of the work was to develop project documentation for the implementation of the construction. The building is designed on parcels no. 49/37, 49/38, 49/68, the land is flat and there are no buildings on it. The building has two above-ground and one underground floors. The perimeter supporting structures on the above-ground floors are designed from the Porotherm system. In the basement, the perimeter load-bearing walls are solved with monolithic reinforced concrete walls. The ceiling structures in the building are designed as monolithic reinforced concrete ceiling slabs and prestressed Spiroll ceiling parts. 250mm.. The building is covered with a single-layer flat vegetation roof with a slope of 3%. The building has a rehabilitation facility on the first above-ground floor. On the second above-ground floor there is an administration and a cafe. In addition, the building has a technical room, warehouses and staff locker rooms in the underground floor.
Car service
Novotný, Patrik ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The car service is in the cadastral territory of Kumburský újezd of the city Nová Paka. The building has 2 above-ground floors and one underground. On the first above-ground floor, there are spaces for commercial purposes, such as a showroom. Furthermore, here we will also find the work area of the workshop, where work on the cars will take place. On the second above-ground floor are the office spaces for the management of the company. The vertical load-bearing structures are made of sand-lime blocks, and prestressed concrete panels are used for the ceiling structures. The roof structure is made of counter-top wooden trusses. The building has designed foundation made of plain concrete.
A leisure center
Istvánová, Martina ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The subject of my master’s thesis is creating a part of a design documentation for constructing a Leisure center with nearly zero energy consumption. The Leisure center is designed as a building with two above-ground floors and a basement. It is a newly-build public building with educational purposes. The building is designated for leisure time education activities for children and youth and organizing various cultural events such as exhibitions and theatre plays. There is a coffee shop on the first above ground. In the basement of the building is a mass garage for 10 vehicles, technical utilities of the building and a storage space. From the construction side the building is designed as a cast-in-place concrete frame with reinforced concrete columns and beams and mainly with cast-in-place reinforced slabs. A part of the building’s ceiling is designed as prefabricated reinforced prestressed concrete floor slab.
Apartment building
Maršálková, Martina ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
This bachelor thesis processes the project documentation for the apartment building with a nearly zero energy consumption. The project of an apartment building is located in the city of Liberec, city district of Vesec and has four above-ground floors and one underground floor. The foundation of the apartment building is located in a slightly sloped terrain overlooking Ještěd and the neighborhood consists of family houses and apartment buildings. The main intention was to design comfortable, spacious and modern living space with low energy costs. The layout of apartments is suitable for families with children or for a young couple. None of the housing units are designed as barrier-free for people with limited mobility, but access to the building is wheelchair accessible and, if necessary, apartments can be changed to meet the requirements for barrier-free standards. In the basement of the building there are common areas including the gym and separate garage parking spots. Parking will be available even outside of the building, located from both sides of the building. The elementary materials used for the construction are brick and concrete from which the supporting structures of the building are made. The roof and part of the front of the building is designed to include vegetation.
Apartment resort Velke Karlovice
Špačková, Adéla ; Šubrt, Jan (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor’s thesis is a reconstruction of apartment house and change of its functional utilisation to apartment resort. It is located on the outskirts of Velké Karlovice in CHKO Beskydy. Current object is in the form of two mutually-shifted blocks with slightly inclinated saddle roof. It is created from 3 above-ground floors. In the ground floor are garages and cellars, in second and third are located the apartments, more precisely 8 of them. The main idea of the project was to keep the original object and simplify its fundamental shape. Add and remove something. Proposed changes finishes the fourth floor with four other apartments. Newly the object contains 12 apartments. On the ground floor is cafe, wellness with sauna and inner pool, utility room and cellars. Apartments contain an open plan, one bathroom and one bedroom, every residential room has access to the outside - balcony or loggia. Perimeter walls are combination of original bricks and new ceramic brickwork Porotherm and it is newly insulated with mineral wool. Monolitic reinforced concrete ceiling constructions are original, as well as staircase. New wooden roof truss has been created because of extension of attic floor.
Apartment resort Velké Karlovice
Minarčíková, Barbora ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor’s thesis is an architecture project created within the AG036 subject. This study is the elaboration of the documentation for a building permission and documentation for construction. The subject of this thesis is a design of above-standart apartment resort in Velké Karlovice, Leskové village, Zlín district. Suggested resort is located in sparse development in a typical Wallachian village Velké Karlovice in area Leskové. The land holding is located in a north hillside of a mountain valley. The height difference on the land is imperceptible. The surrounding buildings are two-storey and predestined to living predominantly. On designed land area are other buildings predestined as a temporary residented flats, it’s hinterland, a wellness resort and an appurteance. The main building is four-storey. On the underground floor is located a covered parking space for 14 cars, common room, lounge, and inner hinterland. An above-ground floors are predestined as apartments of different sizes. The floorplans of apartments are usually axailly symmetric. The acces on the land area is solved throught a bus turntable on the north side from the road. The car acces to building is located on the north side of building and the pedestrian acces on the west side. Most of the area is grassed. A paved sidewalks, little pond and another parking spots are there too. The facade of the building is white plastered in combination with a wooden tiling. The east side of the building is glazed throughout the wall with balconies and terraces (because of the valley view). On the west side is located a porch, which is used as main entrance into the apartments.
Mixed-use building in a city
Kopijevská, Kateřina ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the design of a multifunctional house in Poděbrady. The work is based on the study in the subject AG034 - Studio of Architectural Creation 4. The solved area is located between Paroubkova Street and Jiřího náměstí in Poděbrady, where the height difference between the street and the square is 6.3 m and the goal is to connect these two places with passage. It is an extension to the existing burgher house, whose northern facade towards the square is under historical protection. The extension is therefore located on the western part of the plot. A staircase from Paroubkova Street to the atrium serves to overcome the height difference. The building consists of 6 floors, where 3 floors serve as garages, which 1 of them is completely underground, and 3 floors, which are used for civic amenities and housing, which are connected to the existing building. There is a roofed atrium as a connection between the existing and the newly designed building. On each floor there are 3 residential units with a disposition of 3 + KK, where the apartments are connected by a built-on gallery. The optical barrier between the atrium and the apartments is formed by a designed steel dividing wall. The construction system of the building is combined from reinforced concrete columns with girders and a wall. The ceiling structures are designed from reinforced concrete slabs. The structure is partly covered by a flat roof and partly by a glazed roof.

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