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Gender relationships between boys and girls in mixed class groups in the first grade at elementary school
Jindrová, Zdeňka ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Zemanová, Lenka (referee)
Univerzita Karlova Pedagogická fakulta Katedra psychologie DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Genderové vztahy mezi dívkami a chlapci ve smíšených třídních kolektivech na 1.stupni ZŠ Gender relations between boys and girls in mixed class groups in the first grade at elementary school Zdeňka Jindrová Vedoucí práce: doc. PhDr. Irena Smetáčková, Ph.D. Studijní program: Učitelství pro základní školy M7503 Studijní obor: 7503T047 Učitelství pro 1.stupeň ZŠ (OKM1STV06) Rok odevzdání: 2020 ABSTRACT My diploma thesis deals with the relations between boys and girls in two mixed class groups of a state primary school in the city "n" and two mixed class groups of a private primary school in the city "b". The work is divided into theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part I describe the basic definitions concerning the keywords of this work. I pay particular attention to the approach of individual pupils to gender issues and gender relations between pupils. I am interested in how good the relationships between girls and boys in mixed groups are. My work is based on professional literature, available Internet resources and the assigned questionnaires of relationships in the classroom. In the empirical part of the work I explain the methods and phases of my research. Questionnaires also serve as a decisive factor, if there is...
Didactics of Gifted Children at Primary School
Jůzová, Kateřina ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Zemanová, Lenka (referee)
This master thesis aims to describe the methods, form of work and educational strategies used in teaching gifted students and to verify their effectiveness in practice though action - based teacher research. The teoretical part contains the results of czech and foreign literature research concerning the issue of gifted education. It focuses mainly on methods, forms and content of education, but also defining the basic concepts of be gifted and be talented, models of giftedness, characteristics and typologies of gifted pupils, their motivation and attitude of teacher, who plays an essential role in the education process of (not only) gifted pupils. The practical part contains the course and evaluation of action teacher research, where I will apply theoretical knowledge to primary school classes with gifted children and verify their effectiveness in practice. The research is divided into two cycles. The first cycle is focused on observing teaching. The other one cycle includes the planning, implementation and reflection of self teaching, into which the theoretical knowledge is applied. The research results showed that the most of knowledge gained in theoretical part of the thesis was verified as effective. Especially creation of own materials, choice of interesting and actual topics. Key words:...
Time management of managers of small businesses
The purpose of this thesis is to analyse and evaluate time management of managers of small businesses and to propose optimal use of their time. Specifically, the thesis focuses on time management of managers of small businesses in the sector of communications and information services. The first part of the thesis focuses on theoretical description of 10 techniques, which are considered to be helpful in pursuing more effective time management. The next part of the thesis is practical and it is focused on the aim of the thesis. Two methods of analysis were used for this purpose. Firstly, it was questionnaire survey focused on analysis of basic characteristics of selected file's time management. Based on that, I was able to prepare an approximate proposal for making time management of this sample more effective. In order to develop a recommendation that will be tested in practice, the effectiveness of this proposal was examined through a second research method and thus in-depth interviews. Two detailed individual interviews with each respondent were carried out. In the first one, the specific situation of each of the respondents was analysed and the universal plan was adapted according to their individual needs and proposed to them. Managers followed the plan for few weeks and then gave me feedback on its effectiveness through a second in-depth interview. The final recommendation is divided into 2 sub-sections. All steps in the plan are covered in detail. The proposal contains visual example of righty scheduled day.
Developement of storytelling skills in preschoolers with the use of short film
Engaging and attractive media content is being exposed to young children since an early age. However, the impact of the media on their development is questionable. There are certain ways how to use media in order to have a positive impact on child's development If reasonable ways of handling media are found. Bachelor thesis addresses the use of digital media, film, in a nursery and aims to develop storytelling skills in preschoolers via the use of a short film. The study concludes, that there can be detected some improvements in storytelling skills of preschoolers by means of the program with the use of short films.
Assessment of Management Techniques
The purpose of this thesis is an analysis of the use of management techniques and resultant recommendations for better application of selected techniques. Management techniques consist of a wide range of managerial activities, this thesis is focused on ten of them. These techniques are general and universal. The theoretical part of this thesis focuses on characterisation of selected techniques. In practical part selected managers and their application of these techniques at their work are analysed. The analysis is based on individual interviews. The purpose of presented analysis was to find shortcomings of techniques and to calculate these mistakes financially. If a manager does not use correct technique during his own activity, costs related to the task are often bigger and results are more expensive than they have to be. Result is general mistakes and recommendation for better application of selected techniques.
The nursing process in a child patient with portal hypertension
Zemanová, Lenka ; Voleníková, Ivana (advisor) ; Mitrová, Katarína (referee)
My work called "Nursing process at a child suffered from portal hypertension" have been devided into two basic parts. The first part is theoretical, the second one is practical. In the first half of my work I deal with anatomy and physiology of liver, gallbladder and gallbladder ways. In the second part I mention characteristics of the disease, a clinical picture of portal hypertension, a general assessement leading to diagnosis of this disease. In the first part I have mentioned basic information about the disease, course of hospitalization, investigative methods and therapy survey. In the practical part I use the investigative process model, which goes out from the "Functional health" by Majora Gordon. Thanks to gained infromation from the medical documentation, from the patient, patient's mother and other medical stuff I analyzed all problems and set out actual and potential nursing diagnosis before and after the surgical intervention. I describe realization and evaluation of nursing interventions. In the end of my work I delt with the patient's education and also with patient's mother'education. The aim of the education was to advice and to adhere to medical and nursing instructions, to hand over sufficient of information about consequences and answering all questions, that have been in my competence....
Possibilities usage base - cognitive procedures in cognitive and personality expansion scholar
Zemanová, Lenka ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee) ; Krykorková, Hana (advisor)
This diploma theses focuses on the possibilities of metacognitive procedures use in learning and personal development of a student. It consists of theoretical bases of the topic as well as of empiric research of "minutes of learning", one of the metacognitive strategies which help students to adapt relevant learning abilities. In the theoretical part we can find the principles of education for 21st century and the key skills of a learner, as well as the fundamental curricular documents. In other chapters, the learning and personal development of a student is being focused. There are seven topics necessary for complex development of learner's personality. We get an overview of psychological concepts of the topics, and an insight of different psychological theories which are concerned with metacognitive strategies. The conditions for development of metacognitive dispositions of a learner are mentioned in the last chapter of the theoretical part. The methodological part states the aim of empiric research, describes the method used and defines the chosen sample. The third part - empiric research - examines the influence of the metacognitive strategy "minutes of learning" on the overall approach of a learner towards their own learning process. The empiric part consists of the analysis of research material, ways...
Monetary policy of the Federal Reserve System in finantial and economic crisis of the 21. century
Zemanová, Lenka ; Houštecký, Martin (advisor) ; Dvořák, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on a monetary policy which was applied by the Federal Reserve System in a period of economic crisis which started in 2007. In the theoretical part of the thesis is mentioned the definition of monetary policy, its tools and facts about the Federal Reserve System. The thesis describes slightly the beginning of a crisis. Then there are described tools, especially tools for providing liquidity to the finantial sector and a communication with public. In a next part of the thesis there is described a quantitative easing, its principles, periods and impacts on a balance sheet of the Federal Reserve System. In the last part, there is analysed the influence of monetary policy on economy of the United States of America.
Analysis of reproduction parameters in the grandparent stock of geese.
The reproductive efficiency in the grandparent stock and the parent stock of geese was monitored in the thesis. In terms of the grandparent stock, there were found out better values in year 2012 than in year 2013. In 2012, there was a better egg fertilization of 4.61 % (the average was 49.65 %) and hatchability of the put eggs better of 3.83 % (the average was 39.01 %). The hatchability of the fertilized eggs was almost the same in both years. It has the same value of 78.63 %. Best results were proved in strains 1, 3 and 4. Worst values were proved in the strain number 41. The chosen indicators of geese of four ponds were monitored in the parent stock. The average fertilization of eggs was 58.26%; significantly higher value was proved in case of the Jakulský pond (72.34%). The average hatchability of the put eggs reached 46.46%; the highest value was also proved on the Jakulský pond (56.22%). The other ponds have balanced results. The hatchability of the fertilized eggs reached the average value of 79.10%, the highest value was proved on the Lomský pond (84.45%); the second place is represented by the Velebil pond (79.42%). The geese bred on the Lomský pond had eggs with the lowest fertilization, but with the highest percent of hatchability of the fertilized eggs. In case of geese bred on the Velebil pond, there was an increase of the monitored indicators in year 2013 than in 2012. In contrast, the Byňovský pond, the Jakulský pond and the Lomský pond showed an increase of the monitored indicators in 2012. There was a smaller difference of egg fertilization in geese of the Jakulský and the Lomský pond. There was a smaller difference of hatchability indicators of either put or fertilized eggs in geese bred on the Byňovský and the Jakulský pond.
Antonín Knížek (1890-1974) in the services of the democratic ideal
This thesis captures the unusual life of legionary and teacher Antonín Knížek, native to Staré Hrady. Based on studies of literature and personal collection of Antonín Knížek placed in the literary archive of the Monument of national literature in Prague (secluded division in Staré Hrady). Thesis is divided into three thematic parts. The first reflects the life of Antonín Knížek from birth to his death, which due to his lifespan (1890-1974) was largely influenced by both world wars, as shown in both his educational activities and literary works. Next part deals with his era in the Czechoslovak Legion in Russia. Based on his extant diaries, an effort is made to map Knížek´s intellectual world of 1917-1920. The third and last part is aimed at variety of his literary works.

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