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Hydrosolubilization of BODIPY for optical labelling of biomolecules
Bartoň, Jan ; Kotek, Jan (advisor) ; Vrábel, Milan (referee)
1 Abstract This work aims at showing synthesis and potential use of water-soluble fluorescent probes based on BODIPY. The preparation of probes containing bioorthogonal mono- and heterobifunctional functional groups was demonstrated. Ground work was done at the optimisation of reliable, scalable and fast sulfonation of BODIPY in 2,6-positions. A protocol for handling sulfonated BODIPY has been established; especially for the exchange of counterions. In counterion se- lection, their relation to synthetic pathway and biocompatibility were taken into consideration. The second part of the work shows series of water-soluble fluorescent probes, into which can be easily introduced bioactive or bioorthogonal functional groups. This can be used for click chemistry in connection with turn off/on probes or fluorescent sensing of molecules or ions. All this can be done in aqueous solution without organic solvents, which is relevant for biochemical, analytical and imaging applications. Keywords BODIPY, bifunctional, water-soluble, fluorescent probe, solubilization, biocompa- tible probes, bioorthogonal reaction, BODIPY sulfonation
Redox labelling of nucleic acids for analyzing nucleotide sequences and monitoring DNA-protein interactions
Fojta, Miroslav ; Havran, Luděk ; Horáková Brázdilová, Petra ; Pivoňková, Hana ; Kostečka, Pavel ; Macíčková-Cahová, Hana ; Raindlová, Veronika ; Vrábel, Milan ; Hocek, Michal
Nucleobase labelling of DNA for electrochemical sensing was attained through chemical modification of thymine bases with osmium tetroxide in the presence of nitrogenous ligands, or via enzymatic incorporation of nucleotide conjugates with redox-active moieties using labelled deoxynucleoside triphosphates. DNA hybridization, primer extension and PCR techniques were used for sequence-specific DNA assays. Tail-labelled DNA substrates were applied to monitor DNA binding by tumour suppressor p53 protein.
Příprava modifikovaných nukleosidů, nukleotidů a oligonukleotidů nesoucích komplexy kovů
Vrábel, Milan ; Hocek, Michal
Series of modified nucleosides and oligonucleotides bearing metal complexes were synthetized. Palladium catalyzed aqueous-phase cross-coupling reactions were used as key step in the synthesis of modified metallo-labeled nucleosides, nucleotides and oligonucleotides. The corresponding Fc modified dNTPs were good sustrates for DNA polymerases and were efficiently incorporated to DNA by primer extension (PEX). The modified nucleic acids are applicable as tools in bioanalysis.
Syntéza modifikovaných nukleosidů a oligonukleotidů nesoucích bipyridinové a fenanthrolinové ligandy
Vrábel, Milan ; Rosenberg, Ivan ; Hocek, Michal
Cross-coupling reactions of 8-halopurines with ethynyl or phenylene-substituted bipyridine ligands gave the title compounds.

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2 Vrabeľ, Matej
2 Vrábel, Martin
2 Vrábel, Michal
2 Vrábel, Miroslav
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