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Novel approaches to chemical modification of diamond surface
Bartoň, Jan ; Cígler, Petr (advisor) ; Řezanka, Pavel (referee) ; Stehlík, Štěpán (referee)
1 Abstract Diamond is a unique material for its physical and chemical stability. However, many advance applications rely on surface functionalisation. Here, two types of diamond were modified on the surface - thin layer of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and nanodiamond particles (NDs) high pressure and high temperature (HPHT). The aim of CVD surface modification was to prepare photosensitised, conductive, diamond electrodes for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSC). For this purpose, a thin diamond layer doped with boron was deposited on the silicon wafer. Boron doping provided p-type (semi)conductivity to diamonds. The surface of the diamond was hydrogenated with H-plasma, and a short carbon linker with a protected amino group was UV-photografted to the surface. In another study, a photoconverting dye (P1) was covalently attached to the amine-linker. Furthermore, a dye designed based on donor-π-acceptor (D-π-A) concepts was attached to the surface. Finally, a systematic study was done for differently conductive diamond layer and the underlying silicon wafer These experiments gradually lead to the highest ever reported photocurrents of 6.6 µA cm2 for a flat photosensitised boron-doped-diamond (BDD) electrode. Monomolecular layer surface functionalizations on CVD diamond are difficult to detect or even quantify...
Quality Monitoring Device for Electrical Power Networks
Bartoň, Jan ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Vašíček, Zdeněk (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the parameters of electricity quality. The aim of this work is to design and implement a prototype device that will allow remote measurement of power quality. The proposed system uses NB-IoT technology for data transmission. The system enables remote measurement of important parameters of electrical energy, such as the magnitude of the supply voltage or the frequency of the electric network. The device can measure electric current, average voltage values and detect dip / swell voltage events. The device reads a sampled electrical signal suitable for harmonic analysis. The device has started to meet the requirements for measuring device of class S according to EN 61000-3-40.
Optimization of voltage amplifier
Malík, Luděk ; Bartoň, Jan (referee) ; Šedivá, Soňa (advisor)
This bachelor thesis concerns the simulation and optimisation of a voltage amplifier as a part of a multifunctional calibrator 9010, which has been recently introduced by Meatest s.r.o. company. The simulation is executed with LTspice software. LTspice itself and the basics of its usage are also described in this thesis. Furthermore, this thesis contains the theoretical analysis of used components and their connetions. The thesis also depicts the schematics of the above mentioned voltage amplifier supplied by the Meatest s.r.o. company. The thesis contains measurements of selected properties of the voltage amplifier from the 9010 calibrator and their comparison with the results of the simulation. The optimisation concerns these selected properties and compares them to the original qualities of the calibrator 9010 voltage amplifier.
Optimization of single-page application startup
Bartoň, Jan ; Švikruha, Patrik (referee) ; Ilgner, Petr (advisor)
This thesis concerns with optimalisation of launching the single page JavaScript application Kentico Kontent. It especially focuses on dividing JavaScript libraries and packages into independent files according to certain criteria. These adjustments to the application are divided into several scenarios. For every scenario, six types of measurements have been carried out, due to which the impact of the change on the speed of loading the application and the amount of transferred data from server to client was found. The result of this thesis is a proposal of adjustments which lead to a faster launch of the application, due to a smaller amount of data being transferred from the server, therefore the application can use the browser cache more effectively.
Climatic tests - DC calibrator M160
Kozárek, Radek ; Bartoň, Jan (referee) ; Šedivá, Soňa (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is about climate test of DC calibrator M160. In section of theory, there are described standard. Next topic is calibrator M160 and its technical parameters, design of climate conditions. Next it deal with program Caliber, which automate measurement. Practical part of this thesis is about measurement of data in climatic conditions. This data were processed and compared with data, which guarantee manufacturer on reference range. In conclusion there is evaluation if this data could be used for whole operating temperature.
Thermostat on LinkIt Smart Platform
Bartoň, Jan ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Vašíček, Zdeněk (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the automation of heating regulation in the household. The goal is to design and implement a prototype of a embedded system to enable the automation of the heating control process with the emphasis on low acquisition costs. The proposed system is used to control the eQ-3 MAX! wireless radiator thermostats. The user interface of the system is the touch screen. As well as iOS mobile application that allow remote control of the system. A prototype of a Wi-Fi sensor is designed and implemented to measure temperature. The work includes hardware and software design of individual parts of the system and their implementation. The resulting system is a good basis for a low-cost system for comprehensive home automation.
Hydrosolubilization of BODIPY for optical labelling of biomolecules
Bartoň, Jan ; Kotek, Jan (advisor) ; Vrábel, Milan (referee)
1 Abstract This work aims at showing synthesis and potential use of water-soluble fluorescent probes based on BODIPY. The preparation of probes containing bioorthogonal mono- and heterobifunctional functional groups was demonstrated. Ground work was done at the optimisation of reliable, scalable and fast sulfonation of BODIPY in 2,6-positions. A protocol for handling sulfonated BODIPY has been established; especially for the exchange of counterions. In counterion se- lection, their relation to synthetic pathway and biocompatibility were taken into consideration. The second part of the work shows series of water-soluble fluorescent probes, into which can be easily introduced bioactive or bioorthogonal functional groups. This can be used for click chemistry in connection with turn off/on probes or fluorescent sensing of molecules or ions. All this can be done in aqueous solution without organic solvents, which is relevant for biochemical, analytical and imaging applications. Keywords BODIPY, bifunctional, water-soluble, fluorescent probe, solubilization, biocompa- tible probes, bioorthogonal reaction, BODIPY sulfonation
Bifunctional BODIPY for optical labelling of biomolecules
Bartoň, Jan ; Kotek, Jan (advisor) ; Henke, Petr (referee)
The water-soluble derivate of BODIPY was prepared, which will be further modified in order to prepare bioorthogonal bifunctional BODIPY. Target application of this derivate is fluorescent probe for labelling of biomolecules. Main goals of this thesis were optimalization of synthesis of BODIPY core and sulfonation to positions 2,6. It was found out that sodium salt of sulfonated BODIPY shows good solublility in water and methanol, but it is poorly soluble in less polar solvents. Based on these findings DIPEA salt of sulfonated BODIPY was prepared, which shows outstanding range of solubility from water to dichlormethane. These findings will be used for synthesis of bifunctional water- soluble BODIPY. Further, the potential of Pd-BODIPY complex for detection of CO was reasserted which will be further investigated. Keywords BODIPY, bifunctional, water-soluble, fluorescent probe, fluorescence, protein labelling, solubilization
System Proposal for the Use of Low-potential Heat
Kučera, Roman ; Bartoň, Jan (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the problematics of a low-potential heat from the energetics point of view. It also deals with the sources and subsequent use of the low-potential heat. First of all, the thesis mentions the origin of these sources and also describes where they can be found. Also the technologies, that are able to utilize this heat, like heat pumps and solar collectors, are mentioned in this part of the thesis. In its next part, the bachelor thesis deals with use of the waste heat for heating and production of electrical energy. In the last part, the thesis presents the project that introduces a specific concept of the system for object heating from the waste heat.
Legal regulations on collective investing with a view to the role of bank as a depositary
Barton, Jan ; Kotáb, Petr (referee) ; Kohajda, Michael (referee)
The aim of the master thesis (Legal regulations on collective investing with a view to the role of bank as a depositary) is to analyze contemporary situation of collective investment in European and national context in the light of recent developments and trends in the world financial markets. The main purpose to pursue this subject matter and also the reason why this master thesis has been written is to obtain a clear overview of all regulations and principles (not merely at statutory level) which might affect the activities connected with founding, operation and investment decisions of UCITS and non-UCITS collective investment entities. Second part of the thesis, after the introduction, describes shortly the historical roots of collective investing, followed by a separate subchapter covering the general principle of collective investing through which all other parts of the thesis are knotted together. Third part provides a short structuring of the collective investment entities from a legal point of view, taking into account different characteristics of corporate entities engaged. Also diverse investment strategies and the increasing importance of collective investing within financial market's intermediary functions are mentioned hereby. Fourth part is consequently devoted to the pure description of...

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