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Unreliable Narrator in Selected Novels by Honoré de Balzac
Nepilová, Tereza ; Šuman, Záviš (advisor) ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (referee)
in English The bachelor thesis deals with a narrative category of unreliable narrator in selected novels by Honoré de Balzac. Our aim is to analyse the narrative strategies displayed in the novels in connection with theories of discourse, to describe the function of various types of narrators and to characterize the relation between the narrator and other narrative categories. We have mainly focused on modern unreliable narrator conceptions pertaining to the rhetorical and cognitivist approach, and by applying it on selected Balzac novels we try to see whether and to what extent it is suitable for the analysis. Incidentally, we have also studied the influence of literary movements (Literary Romanticism/Realism) on various modes of narration.
Jealousy in French and Catalan Medieval Romance
Frešerová, Eliška ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Šuman, Záviš (referee)
This paper is dedicated to one of the vices, jealousy, and its study in three medieval romances in which jealousy is one of the main themes. The romances are Tirant lo Blanc, Flamenca and The Romance of the Rose. These texts offer, in addition, a possibility to compare the approach to jealousy in different areas, which are contemporary Catalonia, northern and southern France (Occitania), and in various literary traditions - in a Catalan chivalry romance Tirant lo Blanc, being late from the French point of view (end of the 15th century) and so being very different too, then in a typical courtesy romance Flamenca, where jealousy has an important role thanks to the topos castia gilos (a punishment of a jealous man) and finally The Romance of the Rose containing many courtesy elements but being original at the same time. Key words: medieval romance, jealousy, Occitan, Catalan, French, vices, courtesy, chivalry romance
Representation of Death in Legendary Tales by François-Marie Luzel, Anatole Le Braz and François Cadic
Burdová, Zuzana ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Šuman, Záviš (referee)
This thesis aims to approach the representation of the death in the Britannic folklore throughout the work of three important Britannic folklorists: Marie-François Luzel (1824- 1895), his disciple Anatole Le Braz (1859-1926) and abbé François Cadic (1864-1929). The work describes how the vison oh the death developed historically in the Celtic mythology and in Christianism. To give a more complex idea of Britannic folklore the thesis treats its typical aspects, describes the genesis and the transformation of its emblematic character, Ankou, and briefly presents the world of deceased souls, commonly called Anaon. It aims furthermore to introduce the life and the motivation of the three authors and to portray the socio-cultural context in contemporary Brittany. The second part is firstly based on the analysis of some chosen mythological tales and the courteous novel Lancelot ou le Chevalier de la charrette by Chrétien de Troyes, examining its characters by means of the archetypal triangle proposed by Daniela Hodrová and the initiatory journey of the main characters. Secondly, the work explains what the "veillée" represents in the oral literature, as well as its connection to the "récit légendaire" (developed by Le Braz) which is later compared to the Luzel tale. This part treats also the style of...
The Concept of Fantastic in Contemporary Quebec Novel
Djabliková, Helena ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Šuman, Záviš (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses mainly on the subject of fantastic in contemporary Quebec literature. With the example of Le Ciel de Bay City, a novel by Catherine Mavrikakis, it studies the relation between reality and imagination. This work adopts the notion of fantastic launched by Tzvetan Todorov and it analyses the limits, as well as the particularities of this genre. Furthermore, this study offers a comparison with similarly created works of Quebec literature : La Grosse femme d'à côté est enceinte (The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant) by Michel Tremblay and Le Maître de jeu by Sergio Kokis.
Hidden Presence of Romain Gary in Work by Émile Ajar
Hálová, Kateřina ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Pohorský, Aleš (referee)
This diploma thesis is examining hidden presence of a French author Romain Gary in the works of Émile Ajar. Only after Gary's death the public learned, that Émile Ajar was in fact Gary's pseudonym, although he has publicly denied this connection throughout his life. Because of this unrevealed mystification, Gary was given Goncourt prize twice, despite the fact that each author is only allowed to receive it once. Gary claims in his testament, that an observant reader of his work should immediately discover the connection. Can we agree with him, even if literary critics failed to find out? This work investigates various literary practices used by authors to hide their identity. The "lives" of both authors are presented. Gary did not only create Émile Ajar's life story, he also persuaded his nephew to pose as Ajar in public. The stories are followed by a comparative analysis of eight novels: four published under Gary's name and four under the pseudonym. Comparing the selected works from diverse aspects, we try to answer the principal question: Was it possible to prove that Émile Ajar was Gary's creation during his very lifetime?
Vallières' White Niggers of America. French Canadians and Their Place in The Society throughout The History
Kabáčová, Michaela ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Šarše, Vojtěch (referee)
This thesis analyses the phenomenon of White Niggers of America. The first author to define and to analyse the concept was a Quebecois journalist and writer Pierre Vallières with his book White Niggers of America. Firstly, we follow the historical development of the phenomenon and then we focus on social conditions of French speaking Quebeckers. Thereafter, we explore the political side of the studied phenomenon and we also deal with author's argumentation strategies used to capture reader's attention and to convince him of postulates. The primary aim of this thesis is to asses the phenomenon of White Niggers of America from multiple points of view: historical, literary, social and political.
Antiheroes in French Roman Noir
Karkovský, Radek ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Šuman, Záviš (referee)
(in English): This work will consist in an analysis of the antiheroes in modern French literature, especially in "Roman Noir". Before treating the topic of antiheroes in mystery fiction we will describe the history of this type of protagonists in world literatures, from the classic literature to the modern one. To be able to understand the problematics of antiheroes in Roman Noir, we will also describe the history of French mystery fiction. Regarding the analysis of antiheroes in this sub- genre of crime fiction, we will start with the character of Maigret. Although the novels of G. Simenon are not real Romans Noirs, we consider them as a "passage" of the detective novel - in the traditional sense - to the Roman Noir. Furthermore, in this work, we will analyze characters of real Romans Noirs; first, the crude and surprising behavior of Nestor Burma, a famous character of Léo Malet, then the mediocrity of protagonists of the novels Morgue pleine and Le Petit Bleu de la côte ouest of Jean-Patrick Manchette, and finally, Fabio Montale, an atypical investigator from a novel series of the late twentieth century written by Jean-Claude Izzo.
The Search for a Feminine Ideal of Beauty in Gainsbourg's and Baudelaire's
Sotonová, Jana ; Pohorský, Aleš (advisor) ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the search for a feminine ideal in Gainsbourg's and Baudelaire's works. The image of an ideal woman is apparent in the works of both authors. In Gainsbourg's case, we partly dealt with the image in our bachelor thesis Lolita in Serge Gainsbourg's life and works. We try to follow up on the study. The first part of this thesis deals with Gainsbourg, especially his relationship with women. The second part treats of Baudelaire and his perception of a perfect woman. In the third part, we present selected Gainsbourg's texts, and on their basis we define the author's perception of the feminine beauty. Analogously, the fourth part deals with the analysis of Baudelaire's poetry. In the fifth part, we marginally mention also the works of other authors, where we can see a similar search for a feminine ideal. Keywords : Gainsbourg, Baudelaire, woman, ideal, myth
The Reception of Milan Kundera in Czech and French Cultural World
Suchomelová, Lenka ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Galmiche, Xavier (referee) ; Kyloušek, Petr (referee)
The PhD thesis The Reception of Milan Kundera in Czech and French Cultural Worlds aims to describe the main tendences and changes in the evolution regarding the reception of Milan Kundera and his work in both of the countries concerned, from its beginning to the year 2015 and their consecutive comparison. The analysis of the perception of the writer's work is based especially on articles from the press and the monographies about the author's work published until now in both of the cultural worlds. An essential part of our work has also become the chapter dealing with the author's occasional texts and translations published in various periodical or in the form of prefaces or postfaces to other monographies.
The Strategy of Asimilation in The Early Works of Patrick Modiano
Dufek, Adam ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Šuman, Záviš (referee)
Keywords: Patrick Modiano, assimilation, narrator, occupation, autofiction Abstract: The strategy of asimilation in the early works of Patrick Modiano In this thesis the three novels by Patrick Modiano are analysed: La Place de l'étoile (1968), La Ronde de nuit (1969) and Les Boulevards de ceinture (1972). The thesis is concerned with the changes of the identity of the characters depending on the environment. In the beginning the work defines the social process of assimilation as perceived in modern sociology. The work deals with the narrative strategy of the author and tries to analyse the process of the assimilation of the characters and elements in common within the three works. The main goal of this work is to define where, why and how the characters are being assimilated and what is the author's intention and inspiration in using this subject.

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