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Planning expert system for mobile robot
Dvořáková, Ivona ; Sáblík, Václav (referee) ; Valenta, Jan (advisor)
The thesis connects on knowledge from semestral project. The first part of thesis represents primary parts, sorts, problems and principles for planning expert systems. The second part of thesis interprets possibilities and principles usage planning expert systems in mobile robotic. The thesis includes an example of mobile robotic, too. Characterization of robotic football is presented in the third part. The part of thesis interprets system´s scales and their specifications. In the last part detailed conception for robotic football is designed(group of MIROSOT).
Robotized workplace for palletizing parts
Valenta, Jan ; Bražina, Jakub (referee) ; Vetiška, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this thesis are robotic palletizing workplaces, which are theoretically analyzed ind the research part. In practical part of this thesis, these findings are used to design a specific robotic workplace. Thereafter, this design is developed in order to acquint the reader with each part of workplace. Subsequently the workplace is digitally commissioned. The result of this thesis is fully functional CAD model of the workplace with program ready to be uploaded to the robot.
Methods of knowledge representation
Adamec, Jan ; Valenta, Jan (referee) ; Jirsík, Václav (advisor)
Thesis analyses the problems of energy sources evaluation during the reconstruction of an object or new building.There are described representatives of heat sources for given energy sources in text. rough view of how to proceed in searching for acceptable energy source is made here. this problematics is solved by the help of diagnostic expert system NPS32. created knowledge base could be used for sale support or for users for easier orientation in this problematics.
House alarm system
Friml, Lubomír ; Valenta, Jan (referee) ; Macho, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis deal with design a realization of Electronic security system (ESS) based on PIC16F77 microcontroller. ESS allows evaluating signals from move-detection sensors, magnetic contacts and laser gate. The interruption is signalized by optical and acoustic warning.
Wakeboard winch
Valenta, Jan ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Malášek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor‘s thesis contains a description of the individual parts construction of winch for wakeboarding with types of serially-produced models of winches. The work includes custom design and construction solutions of winch with strength calculations and drawings.
Automated Weight Tuning for Rule-Based Knowledge Bases
Valenta, Jan ; Pokorný, Miroslav (referee) ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Jirsík, Václav (advisor)
This dissertation thesis introduces new methods of automated knowledge-base creation and tuning in information and expert systems. The thesis is divided in the two following parts. The first part is focused on the legacy expert system NPS32 developed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, Brno University of Technology. The mathematical base of the system is expression of the rule uncertainty using two values. Thus, it extends information capability of the knowledge-base by values of the absence of the information and conflict in the knowledge-base. The expert system has been supplemented by a learning algorithm. The learning algorithm sets weights of the rules in the knowledge base using differential evolution algorithm. It uses patterns acquired from an expert. The learning algorithm is only one-layer knowledge-bases limited. The thesis shows a formal proof that the mathematical base of the NPS32 expert system can not be used for gradient tuning of the weights in the multilayer knowledge-bases. The second part is focused on multilayer knowledge-base learning algorithm. The knowledge-base is based on a specific model of the rule with uncertainty factors. Uncertainty factors of the rule represents information impact ratio. Using a learning algorithm adjusting weights of every single rule in the knowledge base structure, the modified back propagation algorithm is used. The back propagation algorithm is modified for the given knowledge-base structure and rule model. For the purpose of testing and verifying the learning algorithm for knowledge-base tuning, the expert system RESLA has been developed in C#. With this expert system, the knowledge-base from medicine field, was created. The aim of this knowledge base is verify learning ability for complex knowledge-bases. The knowledge base represents heart malfunction diagnostic base on the acquired ECG (electrocardiogram) parameters. For the purpose of the comparison with already existing knowledge-basis, created by the expert and knowledge engineer, the expert system was compared with professionally designed knowledge-base from the field of agriculture. The knowledge-base represents system for suitable cultivar of winter wheat planting decision support. The presented algorithms speed up knowledge-base creation while keeping all advantages, which arise from using rules. Contrary to the existing solution based on neural network, the presented algorithms for knowledge-base weights tuning are faster and more simple, because it does not need rule extraction from another type of the knowledge representation.
Cutting equipment
Valenta, Jan ; Dokoupil, Vladimír (referee) ; Omes, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is to desing a cutting equipment for cutting wires from wire mesh. In theoretical part the cutting proces and elements which appear in the proces are described. In the practical part these finding are used to create a design of cutting equipment. As part of design development, selected components are described and the stress of these components is determined.
Design of lifting beam with load capacity 15 tons.
Valenta, Jan ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Šťastný, Antonín (advisor)
This bachelor work describes the design of the construction analysis of lifting beam simple whit fixed-distance of suspension elements. The work includes research of basic types of lifting beams, own design of the beam, solidity calculating, 3D model and drawing documentation.
Fuzzy Petri Nets for Expert systems
Maksant, Jindřich ; Valenta, Jan (referee) ; Jirsík, Václav (advisor)
The object of this thesis is proposal and practical implementation of expert system, whose knowledge base will be modeling by fuzzy Petri nets. The proposal is based on knowledge in theoretical analysis of diagnostic expert system and fuzzy Petri nets. This proposal is realised in programming language C#. There are described functions of program and it is made a model consultation with using two different knowledge base.
New methods and trends of e-learning
Šprta, Vlastimil ; Honzík, Petr (referee) ; Valenta, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis follows the mid-term work in which I have dealt with e-learning in general. Seeing that e-learning is very broad subject and that in specialized branches it is transformed all the time, in this work I describe and evaluate its forms, standards and essential components from different points of view. I characterise every component individually and I name both its necessary and ideal parameters. I do leave out neither the links between individual components of e-learning nor the hardware. I especially focus on the Moodle system. I characterise it and I describe its origin and history. I pay special attention to the evaluation of statistics related to the usage of the Moodle system. The main content of this work is concerned with e-learning resources at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engeneering and Communication, Department of Control and Instrumentation. In great detail I describe and evaluate all the most used e-learning resources. This work contains suggestions for optimalization of these e-learning resources and for making them more effective. Those suggestions are based on my evaluation, on questionnaires and on the general knowledge, while taking in consideration both students and members of the staff approach.

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