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Collocability of German Adjectives in a Bilingual Dictionary
Budín, Tomáš ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis researchs the collocability of the german adjectives and gives some suggestions for the presentation of the collocability in the microstructure of the adjectival entries in the German-Czech translatory dictionary. The diploma thesis is a secondary product of the project of The Large German-Czech Academic Dictionary which has been realized in the Institute for German studies of the Phaculty of Arts of Charles University in Prague since 2000. The lexicographs use the methods of the corpus linguistics, especially a combination of the concepts corpus-based and corpus-driven. Analogous methods were used in this diploma thesis. By means of the Cooccurrence Data Bank (CCDB) of the Institute for the German language in Mannheim the most frequent cooccurrence partners of an adjectiv were found, concrete dictionary examples were found out in the corpus DeReKo of the IDS Mannheim using COSMAS II or on the Internet using the search engine Google. The dates were saved in a special numerical chart of a data bank which is structured on the basis of word classes. The diploma thesis comes to the conclusion that each adjectival entry can be carried out in more ways depending on the preferred criterion which can be frequency based, syntactical, semantical or didactical. In the practical part of the...
Analysis and elaboration of terminology in the field of horse breeding and horsemanship in the Large German-Czech Academic dictionary.
Zachrdlová, Lucie ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
The presented bachelor thesis concentrates on the analysis and elaboration of the terminology in the field of horse breeding and horsemanship in the Large German-Czech Academic Dictionary, according to the requirements of the lexical database LGCAD. The bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is based on modern lexicographical literature, defines the term of professional language, professional terminology, and terminological dictionary, and deals with the professional language of horse breeding and horsemanship. The main part of the thesis deals with critical analyses of the treatment of terms in various handbooks, focusing on several items such as morphology extent, and quality of equivalence, registration of typical collocation, terminological synonymy and lexicographic example, and bringing to justice several terminological inaccuracies found in the available literature. The practical part consists of fifty elaborated terms from the field of horse breeding and horsemanship.
What is "climate change"? The negotiation of meaning in current discourse
Černý, Jan ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
In this paper will be investigated what is the actual meaning of climate change (Klimawandel). Since it is a problem of semiotic nature, Peirce's conception of the sign, especially the assignation of signifier to the signified, will be taken as a starting point. This is the fundamental principle of the pragmatic approach to meaning (negotiation of meaning). Language corpora and lexical feature maps (SOMs) are used to analyze the language context of climate change (Klimawandel). It will be examined how meaning is currently defined in dictionaries of the German language. Texts from politics, industry and science are analyzed to shed light on the process of negotiating of meaning in these contexts. This paper also aims to make a general contribution to the discussion on climate change.
Translation dictionaries with Vietnamese;
Vuongová, Thao Linh ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
The thesis entitled "Übersetzungswörterbücher mit dem Vietnamesischen" aims to examine the quality of Vietnamese-German dictionaries (print and online) using examples of selected verbs and verb idioms. The first step is to compile a bibliography of dictionaries that are available on the Internet and in the printed form, to briefly characterize them (author, year of publication, introduction, designation of address, scope, presence of a grammatical overview and other appendices, such as a list of literature used to make the dictionary). The focus of the thesis is a critical analysis to examine how dictionaries consider the needs of native Vietnamese speakers who learn German as a foreign language and need to translate into it (dictionaries focused on production, so-called active - Vietnamese-German) and those of them, who translate from German into Vietnamese (so-called German-Vietnamese passive dictionaries)
Non-Conjunctional Concession in German
Drobník, Ondřej ; Friedová, Mirjam (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
in English This Master's thesis deals with German non-conjunctive concessive expressions. The concession is here understood as a ternary semantic-logical relation based on concessive implication and conjunction. Theoretically, the entire work is embedded in Construction Grammar. The goal of the work was to confirm the hypothesis that there are far more concessive expressions than traditionally listed in reference grammars. The parallel corpus InterCorp was used as a data source, with the help of which Czech concessive expressions (excerpted from grammars) were "projected" into German. The number of obtained equivalents was indeed many times higher. The equivalents were subsequently classified according to the expressed modification of the concessive relation (pure concession, irrelevance, etc.). The last part of the thesis is an empirical case study, supported by the data from a monolingual corpus, devoted to the construction [ob XP oder XP]. The given construction expresses irrelevance, can be connected to various parts of speech (e.g., nouns, verbs, particles), shows internal syntactic variation and, among other things, it indicates how speakers conceptualize irrelevance. Keywords: Concession, Construction Grammar, irrelevance, German, corpora
German as a pluricentric language in educational contexts
Frejlachová, Markéta ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
Thesis deals with question, how is pluricentricity of German taken in consideration in classes in the Czech Republic. The research consists in analysis of textbooks and analysis of the data, which were acquired through interviews and group discussions and questionnaire. The attitudes of teachers and pupils of high schools and elementary schools to pluricentricity are evaluated according to language management theory. The information about pluricentricity (predominantly from the lexicon) are transmitted in textbooks as well as in classes to the pupils in a disorganized way. The teachers accept austrian varieties if they recognize them as austrian lexemes, but the preference for the dominant variety is apparent and for didactical accounted.
German as a pluricentric language in educational contexts
Frejlachová, Markéta ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
The thesis discusses the question of the extent to which German is approached in Czech schools as a pluricentric language. It consists of a theoretical part, a part devoted to methodology, course books analysis and empirical research. The theoretical part provides information about pluricentricity, German as a pluricentric language and the language management theory, while the methods of group conversations (focus group and group discussion) are introduced. The course books analysis provides an overview of what can be found in course books that are in use in Czech schools, concerning language variation depending on the country. The analysis reveals that the information regarding lexicon and pragmatics prevailed. The results of the empirical research are presented according to four research questions: To what extent is German treated as a pluricentric language in the course books? To what extent is German accepted as a pluricentric language by teachers? To what extent is German accepted as a pluricentric Language by pupils? Is English accepted as a pluricentric language rather than German? Empirical research, conducted by means of questionnaires and focus group, proves that the pluricentricity of German language is thematized by teachers mainly in connection with information about German-speaking...
German and Czech logistics terminology
Dufek, Jan ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Berglová, Eva (referee)
V předkládané rigorózní práci se zabývám lingvistickou analýzou německého a českého terminologického systému v logistice. Tato práce se skládá ze dvou částí, teoretické a praktické. V teoretické části nejprve objasňuji, co se rozumí pod pojmem odborný jazyk a terminologie a zkoumám, jakých výsledků bylo v oblasti terminologické vědy a výzkumu odborného jazyka dosaženo. Opominout nelze ani lingvistickou práci v oblasti logistiky a problematiku vztahů mezi termíny, které představují metodiku této práce. V praktické části je prováděna analýza německé terminologie v logistice pomocí sémantických vztahů mezi termíny. V popředí těchto rozborů stojí vztah celku a části, který je dále ještě determinován specifickým příznakem. Na tuto empirickou část navazuje kontrastivní analýza německé a české terminologie v logistice, v níž se kromě rozdílů sémantických bere zvláštní zřetel na odlišnosti v počtu jednotlivých komponent příslušného termínu jakož i na slovotvorné rozdíly při konstrukci názvosloví v obou jazycích.
Avionics terminology. Preparatory work for a German-Czech dictionary of avionics terminology
Kováriková, Eva ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Berglová, Eva (referee)
Language for special purposes ("LSP") is a variety of standard language, whose primary objective is exchange of information among specialists (speakers of one or more languages). Among other things, the LSP speciality consists of lexical units, so-called technical vocabulary, included in technical dictionaries. This thesis deals with issues regarding the creation of a German-Czech Dictionary of Aerial Terms, a multilingual technical dictionary, which is primarily designed for translators, interpreters, students and readers of popular science texts and easier LSP literature. The core of the dictionary consists of vocabulary from the area of aircraft construction and types of airplanes, aircraft engine, equipment and emergency devices. By comparing concept systems from subareas of both languages, an essential analysis regarding questions in the fields of synonymy and equivalence was accomplished, and 500 vocabulary items with linguistic as well as encyclopaedic information were compiled. These terms will now be subjected to lexicographic and technical correction.
Phrasemes in the work by M. Viewegh and their Czech Translations. A Corpus Analysis.
Ježková, Jaroslava ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Berglová, Eva (referee)
This thesis deals with contrastive phraseology. It compares the use of phrasemes in the work by M. Viewegh and their German translations, with focus on somatic phrasemes. The thesis is conceived as a corpus analysis. For the purpose of the thesis was chosen three Vieweghs texts and their German translations from the InterCorp corpus for comparison. InterCorp is a parallel corpus that was created at the Institute of the Czech National Corpus at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague. The object of the work is to describe differences or correspondences in the use of somatic phrasemes in the work by Viewegh and its German translations. KEYWORDS: Contrastive phraseology, phraseme, phraseologism, collocation, somatic phraseme, Viewegh, German translation, parallel corpus InterCorp, corpus analysis

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