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What is "climate change"? The negotiation of meaning in current discourse
Černý, Jan ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
In this paper will be investigated what is the actual meaning of climate change (Klimawandel). Since it is a problem of semiotic nature, Peirce's conception of the sign, especially the assignation of signifier to the signified, will be taken as a starting point. This is the fundamental principle of the pragmatic approach to meaning (negotiation of meaning). Language corpora and lexical feature maps (SOMs) are used to analyze the language context of climate change (Klimawandel). It will be examined how meaning is currently defined in dictionaries of the German language. Texts from politics, industry and science are analyzed to shed light on the process of negotiating of meaning in these contexts. This paper also aims to make a general contribution to the discussion on climate change.
English expressions in German-language advertisements between the years 2000 and 2021
Kursikova, Anastasia ; Tichák, Viktor (advisor) ; Dovalil, Vít (referee)
The core of this bachelor thesis is an empirical study of seven selected English expressions in German-language advertising, between the years 2000 and 2021. The empirical study is based on a survey. The introduction explains the choice of the topic and describes the course and goal of the work. In the first, theoretical part, all the necessary terms on the subject of English borrowings in the German language are explained and the basic principles of advertising are characterized. In addition, some studies that were previously conducted on a similar topic are cited. The methodological part illustrates the means and procedures used in each part of the analysis. In the practical part of this work, survey results are collected and analyzed. The analysis consists of two parts. In the first, qualitative analysis, the respondents' answers are written down and analyzed semantically. The second, quantitative, provides concrete charts and statistics, also based on respondents' specific answers. In the concluding part of the work, the results of the study are summarized, and the resulting theses are developed. Powered by TCPDF (
German as a pluricentric language in educational contexts
Frejlachová, Markéta ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
Thesis deals with question, how is pluricentricity of German taken in consideration in classes in the Czech Republic. The research consists in analysis of textbooks and analysis of the data, which were acquired through interviews and group discussions and questionnaire. The attitudes of teachers and pupils of high schools and elementary schools to pluricentricity are evaluated according to language management theory. The information about pluricentricity (predominantly from the lexicon) are transmitted in textbooks as well as in classes to the pupils in a disorganized way. The teachers accept austrian varieties if they recognize them as austrian lexemes, but the preference for the dominant variety is apparent and for didactical accounted.
German as a pluricentric language in educational contexts
Frejlachová, Markéta ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Vachková, Marie (referee)
The thesis discusses the question of the extent to which German is approached in Czech schools as a pluricentric language. It consists of a theoretical part, a part devoted to methodology, course books analysis and empirical research. The theoretical part provides information about pluricentricity, German as a pluricentric language and the language management theory, while the methods of group conversations (focus group and group discussion) are introduced. The course books analysis provides an overview of what can be found in course books that are in use in Czech schools, concerning language variation depending on the country. The analysis reveals that the information regarding lexicon and pragmatics prevailed. The results of the empirical research are presented according to four research questions: To what extent is German treated as a pluricentric language in the course books? To what extent is German accepted as a pluricentric language by teachers? To what extent is German accepted as a pluricentric Language by pupils? Is English accepted as a pluricentric language rather than German? Empirical research, conducted by means of questionnaires and focus group, proves that the pluricentricity of German language is thematized by teachers mainly in connection with information about German-speaking...
Learning and teaching grammar at high schools. German as a second language
Coufalová, Hana ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Berglová, Eva (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to find out about the situation in teaching German grammar at Czech upper-secondary schools. It examines selected aspects of the teaching by means of questionnaires for German teachers and their students. Further it analyses the most frequently used textbook of German "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?", which is evaluated by the author as a negative example among the textbooks. As its counterpart she analyses the textbook "Schritte International" which is, on the contrary, an example of a good textbook. On the basis of the analysis she proposes a tentative list of principles, according to which the teacher should choose an appropriate textbook. The author tries to determine basic theoretical requirements for teaching German grammar and she compares them with reality, which does not seem to correspond to this demands. She concludes by providing suggestions for improving the current situation.
On the use of a German dialect in Untermetzenseifen. A language biography
Rusová, Lucia ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Riehl, Claudia (referee)
The present thesis deals with the use of a German dialect in Medzev in Eastem Slovakia. In this respect it provides an overview not only of the current situation, but also of the development in recent years. One concrete family of Carpathian Germans and all its three generations are in the focus of this thesis. Individual language biographies enable a detailed description of the changes in the usage of individual languages in the speaker' s repertory during his life. Furthemore, the language biographies also provide adescription of factors influencing these changes. We predominantly focused on changes in the usage ofthe dialect. The thesis also maps the development of the usage of the dialect from the oldest to the youngest generation in the given family.
On the status of Czech in Austria: an analysis of the demand for Czech in Vienna with special regard to the relationship between language, economy and culture
Belková, Eva ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Berglová, Eva (referee)
The aim of this study is to describe the status of the Czech language in Austria with special regard to the relationships between language and economy. The work is focused on the position of Czech among other foreign languages in the field of school education, and generally its position on the foreign-language-market in Austria. The final part of the thesis illustrates the demand for Czech language in Vienna. The research is based on examination of teaching Czech language at schools, high schools, universities and 15 different language schools and institutes in Vienna, all randomly selected from the spectrum of adult-education institutions. The interpretation of the results is party based on the theory of different languagevalue ascribed to individual languages and partly on information derived form the analysis of the media content. My interpretation further draws on the statistics of foreign language teaching in Austria released by the Austrian Language Competence Center (Österreichisches Sprachenkompetenzzentrum) and the Austrian Ministry of Education (Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur). The economic indicators of the Austrian foreign trade balance in the last five years are accessible on the web pages of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich). According to...
"Šprechtíme" - Project for the support of German language in the Czech Republic
Pokorná, Markéta ; Dovalil, Vít (advisor) ; Šichová, Kateřina (referee)
This thesis will deal with the project to support German Language in the Czech Republic known as "Šprechtíme". In the context of Czech language policy of the past two decades the author focuses first on the questions related to the creation, formation and promotion of the project. The author also aims to determine whether the project got into the subconscious of the Czech public (Prague and the border region) and whether it fulfilled the expectations of its creators. In this thesis both methods of qualitative and quantitative research (Interview, written questionnaires) will be used. Key words: German, sociolinguistic, multilingualism, language policy, "Šprechtíme", quantitative research, qualitative research
Adverbial Clauses of Time with Conjunctions bis, bevor, ehe
Kolář, David ; Šemelík, Martin (advisor) ; Dovalil, Vít (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with subordinate adverbial clauses of time in German introduced by the following conjunctions: bis, bevor and ehe. The theoretical part of the thesis concentrates on the description of adverbial clauses of time in selected grammar books. The introductory chapter of this part presents how this area is dealt with in the grammar book by Gerhard Helbig and Joachim Buscha, which is considered to be a basic handbook for German as a foreign language at an advanced level. This part also describes how these clauses are dealt with in other grammar books. An emphasis is put on comparing this description with the description by Helbig and Buscha. The practical part focuses on the occurrence of adverbial clauses of time in selected sources, namely fiction, newspapers and the DeReKo corpus. The analysis focuses on clauses introduced by bevor, ehe expressing implied negation. Furthermore, the analysis deals with adverbial clauses of time with future reference in which the analysed conjunctions, i.e. bis, bevor and ehe, are interchangeable according to some of the analyzed grammar books. Key words: grammar, subordinate clauses, conjunctions, bis, bevor, ehe, empirical research

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