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Dying and death as a sociological problem
Beranová, Lenka ; Šubrt, Jiří (advisor) ; Urban, Jan (referee)
This thesis aims to trace the thematisation of death and dying in Sociology, which in the 1990' evolves into constituion of independent sociological subdiscipline: "sociology of dying and death". The main intention then is to go beyond the commonly held beliefthat the death is still a taboo. The Thesis consists of four thematic parts: first part summarizes the occurence of problems of dying and death in sociology, reflecting recent developments not only in social sciences, but also in the society as such. Theretofore the death is interpreted by religion but has been medicalized so that nowadays medicine represents the determinative paradigm of death. This development is in accordance with the most important framework in the intensely individualized society centered around the notion of "self', closely connected with the concept of body and embodiment. Second part represents - on the background of medicine - three stages of death, where each of them allows to develop its own sociological reflection. Third part is concerned with the revival concept of death in the work of British sociologist Tony Walter. On the basis of the comparison of traditional, modern and neo-modern model of death we comment on social phenomena associated with other relevant conceptions. Fourth part is focused on the problems os...
The Effect of Scientific Argumentation on Climate Activism on Twitter
Bicanová, Jana ; Urban, Jan (advisor) ; Soukup, Petr (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to test the main principle of the Gateway Belief Model (GBM) on Twitter data, as suggested and experimentally validated by other authors. van der Linden et al. (2015 and 2019). The GBM predicts that the perception of scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change increases the probability of support for public action against or in favor of the mitigation of the climate change. In this work I analyse a random sample of 115,940,434 tweets gathered over the course of the first six months of 2020. The big data is pre-processed using unsupervised (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) and supervised (Naïve Bayes Classifier) machine learning algorithms in order to generate keywords for filtering environmentally themed tweets and to classify either absence or presence of the climate activism. Within the dataset, 5,857 environmentally themed tweets were detected, finding that only 94 out of them were explicitly linked to the message of scientific consensus about anthropogenic climate change. The harvested dataset proved to be unsuitable for testing the GBM, not only because of the small number of tweets which contain the message about 97 % of climatologists reaching the consensus, but also because the majority of these tweets deny the consensus and therefore, do not represent a...
Doctor-patient relationship
Urban, Jan ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
Doctor- patient relationship Abstract This rigorous thesis entitled Doctor-Patient Relationship is focused on the analysis of the most important duties of a doctor in relation to a patient in the provision of health services. The first part is devoted to the historical excursion focused on the development of the relationship between doctor and patient during history. This part of the thesis describes the evolution from the historically prevalent paternalistic conception of the doctor-patient relationship to the more partnership model we know today. Highlighted are the possible advantages and disadvantages of the partnership model with regard to the patients complain about the lack of personal approach to them by doctors. In the rigorous thesis, a substantial part is devoted to the analysis of the term lege artis not only within its legal definition, but especially with regard to capturing the meaning of the term lege artis as understood in the literature and especially in the current case law. Attention is paid especially to the problematic aspects of the definition of the term lege artis and determining whether a particular procedure was lege artis or not. In this rigorous thesis there is also the question of whether it is possible for an average patient to determine if a given procedure in the provision...
Development and validation of a measure of an attitude to residential waste handling
Simonová, Štefánia ; Urban, Jan (advisor) ; Čada, Karel (referee)
In my paper I measured attitudes towards waste handling by implementing the theory of Campbell's paradigm. This theory is mostly implemented by authors in the field of environmental psychology, who focus on research of environmentally friendly behaviour. Campbell's paradigm looks at the concept of attitude as a behavioural predisposition, which is equivalently observable from three attitudinal reactions (evaluative, affective and behavioural attitudes). I decided to measure attitudes towards waste handling in households through self- assessment of people's own behaviour connected to waste handling at home. For the purpose of my paper I created a tool, which is capable of measuring attitudes towards waste handling and at the same time determines whether suggested attitudes have a real impact on people's behaviour. By using Rasch model of measurement I estimated difficulties of particular behavioural expressions and also levels of attitudes of my study's participants. Subsequently I used specific examples to illustrate the usage of these two variables for estimation of specific behaviour. Simultaneously, I confirmed that with increasing level of attitudes in connection with waste handling (that means more environmentally conscious attitude with regards to this issue) the probability of choosing...
Properties of metastable states of small dications
Šedivcová, Tereza ; Špirko, Vladimír (advisor) ; Skála, Lubomír (referee) ; Urban, Ján (referee)
AlÉa High]y cmrdated i*{nCI ratfuttir ere 'p| to calculaÍr the potentia] en- erry and spin-ortÉt cryEag fuctils fu wll ď tbe laest electronic states of the Co2+ dicatiou. Usint ttF fEí{iE tb pcitis err| |ifutimes of the correspond. ing vibrmic states are e|v.b.léd b1r mx gf }6fo *abiišation and complex-scaling methods Yithin tb€ baclut ď mhicLrnr| seródfru8€Í anal;'sis. Since the pre- dicted |ifuimes agrt€ xtr ritl tb -.rye Er'tes. fi-tb' the same plocedure based oD the a} t'dr.a calcÚI'tis c.D be rrd to kmiuáte the pcitions and widths of tbe isodatrmic sýst€D (sP+. Tbe mptcd E&tim€s ď serrcral vibronic states of CS2+ are il the rao6e l 1s < l < 1ps. tba&e tb€se stát€s goren the second step in the seqrntial Fthfq cs. . S- + Cý* .- S+ + C+ + S+ of the overal1 three-body CooM e4tr*n ďq. In terc ď the ftre6riry erqhrix' an att€mpt to determine both Vis arrd IR emissiln and e.kÉln q*e ď CtF* is made. Radiative lifetimes found for transition mmoú E'11ir.lft* rť| FlnétF:n A co€frdents are eva'l'uated using the compla-scaling ď li!fu&ly. j}6 mi<i61 is mncernď, the radiative ]ifetimes ď AsDř .-t ďtr &ctrb *at€s in Cď+ are longer than the rate of pledissociatin frm -r".+ sta€s" thth lmlÉit impossible íor emission to occur. The absorptin ryectn ď A'Dts .- x3tr 'rr{ bru .-- aIE+ are determined and their abso]ute...
Computational Study of Organometallic Interactions with Models of DNA/RNA and Proteins Using Tools of Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Mechanics.
Šebesta, Filip ; Burda, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Rulíšek, Lubomír (referee) ; Urban, Ján (referee)
Methods of computational chemistry represent an important tool in development of novel materials or drugs. In this thesis, they are used for investigation of Pt anticancer drugs. Interaction of five hydrated Pt(II) complexes with guanine as a small model of DNA is studied at the DFT level. Several Pt(IV) complexes exhibit less side effects and overcome some resistances of cisplatin, nevertheless they must be reduced to their Pt(II) analogues to obtain anticancer activity due to their high kinetic inertness. Therefore, reduction potentials for eleven Pt(IV) complexes are determined using DFT and post-Hartree-Fock methods. The kinetics of reduction play more important role. Thus, we study reaction mechanisms for reduction of tetraplatin by deoxyguanosine monophosphate and satraplatin by ascorbic acid. In both mechanisms the kinetic model for side reactions is employed since reducing agents occur in different protonation states. From the perspective of interaction of metals with thymine, proton transfer is of great importance. It is shown that the presence of hydrated metal cations - Mg2+ , Zn2+ , Hg2+ leads to a significant decrease of activation barriers for the N3↔O3 proton transfer. The QM/MM umbrella sampling MD method is employed in a study of binding of the hydrated mercury cation to the N3 position in...
The comparison of the approaches of the European Court for Human Rights and the Supreme Court of the USA to some aspects of the freedom of expresion
Urban, Jan ; Wintr, Jan (advisor) ; Kühn, Zdeněk (referee)
65 IX. Summary This diploma thesis titled "The comparison of the approaches of the European Court for Human Rights and the Supreme Court of the USA to some aspects of the freedom of expression" is focused mainly on comparison of both mentioned approaches to hate speech. After the opening chapter that set goals of this thesis and explains topicality of the topic and the reasons why I have chosen the topic, in second chapter the concern is focused mainly on a general introduction, historical outcome to the freedom of expression and its importance in Europe and in the USA. In the overview of European historical outcome the chapter is concerned with the thinkers as John Milton and John Stuart Mill among the others. In the historical outcome of the USA I put my interest mainly to the outcome before enacting the First amendment of the Constitution of the USA. In third chapter, that is fully concerned with analysis of the contemporary approach of both courts to hate speech, firstly I provide general analysis of the approach of ECHR that is linked to the specific analysis of the particular decisions of the ECHR. I proceed in the same way in case of the USA, where I am describing the general principles that makes grounds for the freedom of expression and in the next part I focus to the particular decisions that are...
Regulation of financial markets: Islam vs. conventional financial systems
Valachová, Sára ; Urban, Jan (advisor) ; Borkovec, Aleš (referee)
v anglickém jazyce This theses deals with the nature of Islamic banks and their products in the context of the regulation of financial markets and banking. Islamic banking can be understood as a banking activity that is consistent with sharia - Islamic law. Despite considerable obstacles that Islamic banking has faced in the past, it now occupies a significant and growing portion of the global financial system. In the first part, I will introduce the principles of Islamic law, on which Islamic banking is built, along with the key principles of Islamic finance. Special attention is also paid to the recent history of Islamic banking. Following is a section dealing with selected banking products offered by Islamic banks, whose understanding is crucial for the comprehension of the specific challenges that Islamic banks are facing. The second part is devoted to the issues of regulation of Islamic banks. Firstly, an overview of international regulatory institutions operating in the field of Islamic finance is given and I further explore the question of the impact of Basel III measures on Islamic banks. Due to its nature, Islamic banks are in need of further internal and external audit which examines compliance of their activities with Islamic law. This work is carried out by Sharia Supervisory Boards...

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