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Socioeconomic passportization of immovable cultural heritage
Kouba, Vojtěch ; Lindner, Milan ; Vořechovský, Jan ; Dostál, Petr ; Pátek, Zdeněk ; Dianová, Markéta ; Titelbachová, Šárka ; Tyslová, Irena ; Straka, Michal ; Zelený, Martin ; Kubaš, Mario ; Hanzlík, Jan ; Vančurová, Alena ; Vond, Zdeněk
Předkládaná metodika je výsledkem aplikovaného výzkumu a je zaměřena na ekonomiku památek, resp. nemovitých objektů prohlášených kulturními památkami České republiky. Jejím cílem je vytvoření pasportů ekonomických hodnot pro jednotlivé památkové objekty, v případě využití metodiky orgány veřejné správy i pro soubory památek určitého druhu či soubory památek na vymezeném území.
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Concepts of Animation and Reanimation in the Field of Cultural Heritage on the Example of Panský Dvůr in Dolní Počernice
Kratochvílová, Žaneta ; Tyslová, Irena (advisor) ; Kouba, Vojtěch (referee)
This thesis focuses on animation projects, which took place in the grounds of the courtyard in Dolní Počernice. The theoretical part describes the theory of cultural heritage animation, reanimation and animation projects and the possibilities of their funding. The aim of this thesis is to describe an analyse three animation and one reanimation project whose main subject is animation of immovable cultural heritage. This work follows up their success and impact on the local cultural life.
Destination management tools leading to destination development, explain on an example APRB
Matohlínová, Veronika ; Tyslová, Irena (advisor) ; Dianová, Markéta (referee)
Bachelor´s Thesis introduces the Agency for development of Broumovsko as a functional company in the field of tourism. The goal of this Thesis is to analyze tools and methods used by APRB to achieve the development of the region of Broumovsko. The theoretical part is talking about the key concepts of work and principles of function of a company focusing on destination management, and it works as a platform for the practical part of my Thesis, which is focused on the analysis of activities and methods of the Agency for development of Broumovsko. The ending of my work is dedicated to the results of comparison, which show us that APRB lifted the function of destination company up to a whole another level. APRB, in 12 years of its activity, awakened the cultural life and comunication and cooperation of companies, service providers and locals in Broumovsko. By its activities and projects, APRB supports attractivity of the region and creates better living conditions in Broumovsko.
The role of religious organizations in providing palliative care with the st. Jan Neumann hospice in Prachatice as an example
Palánová, Anna ; Kouba, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Tyslová, Irena (referee)
This Bachelors thesis is focused on contemporary palliative care. In the thesis, the history of care of the sick and elderly is outlined. Furthermore, the role of the Christian Church in this care is described, along with its significance in health care in the past and today. The thesis deals with the possibilities of palliative care, its present situation in the Czech Republic and the possibilities of carrying it out, alongside with describing more closely hospice care within culture, legislation and economy. It describes what is the role of the Association of providers of hospice palliative care and what were the reasons for the establishment of this association. Findings from the theoretical part are applied in practice on st. Jan N. Neumann hospice in Prachatice.
Analysis of cultural tourism of Porto and its attractiveness for Czech tourists
Steinocherová, Denisa ; Dianová, Markéta (advisor) ; Tyslová, Irena (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the attractiveness of cultural tourism of Portuguese city Porto for Czech tourist. The theoretical part describes the approaches to the definition of cultural tourism, its components, offer and the latest trends. The practical part contains quantitative research conducted to determine the attitudes of Czech tourists to the city of Porto as a tourist destination for cultural tourism. The outcome is the evaluation of research and determination of the status of Porto tourism market.
Food tourism trends on an example of starting up a new business
Musilová, Markéta ; Dianová, Markéta (advisor) ; Tyslová, Irena (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the modern trends in the area of food tourism in terms of starting up business focused on food tours for tourists in Prague. The main objective of the thesis is to analyze food tourism market environment in Prague. Based on that the author will assess whether the new business will be successful on the market. The theoretical part is devoted to the terminology of tourism, gastronomy development and modern trends in supply and demand of food tourism. In practical part of the thesis the author deals with methods of analysis of the market environment. Enterprise´s external environment is analyzed by using PEST analysis, internal environment is analyzed by analysis of competition using Porter´s Five Forces and Strategic Group Map. Finally, the author evaluates results of the survey in order to analyze demand for products on food tourism market.
Third Age education in Municipal library in Louny
Vaic, Petr ; Tyslová, Irena (advisor) ; Kouba, Vojtěch (referee)
The thesis' theoretical part focuses on resource research on topics: education of seniors, volunteering, communities, societies and library. In the practical part of this thesis, we focus on description of not-only educational work of Municipal library in Louny and the analysis of senior's attendance in culture using a custom survey. The survey was focused on middle-aged and older inhabitants in the town Louny, and developed, evaluated and collected by the author of this thesis. In the last part, we can find description of the collected data. Here it analytically evaluates and compares information about the socio-cultural activities in Louny, and offers the next step of development for management of the library.
Revitalization of public space as means for the development and functionality of a wider city centre
Šlepkovská, Katarína ; Lindner, Milan (advisor) ; Tyslová, Irena (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with restoration of public space, and is focused on the region of wider city centre. Closely associated to that are the concepts of urbanism and human scale. The aim of this thesis is to analyse the functionality of public space of the region Košice I in the city Košice, using PEST analysis. As a result, propose a number of measures to improve it. The theoretical part contemplates the terminology and important documents for urban planning. It also considers the urban directions of the past, followed by modern ideas, possibilities and forms of looking at the public space. In the practical part, strategies for the renovation of various urban settlements are summarized first. Consequently, an analysis of the evaluation of the city space in Košice I district is carried out considering certain conflicts that prevent the development of the territory. Based on that, several recommendations are suggested to prevent these conflicts.
Cultural product based on examples from performing arts located in Prague 10
Eiseltová, Linda ; Tyslová, Irena (advisor) ; Müllerová, Jana (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is cultural product based on examples from performing art. The aim of this work is the analysis of selected cultural products and their further evaluation. This work consists of two parts where the first one is theoretical and the second one practical. Theoretical part consists of three chapters all covering the subject of marketing, product and its marketing theory. Practical part then analyzes two cultural institutions in the field of performing arts. Both of these institutions are first presented in terms of their day to day operation . Later these institutions are examined for their cultural product and evaluated.

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