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Aspects of the Study of People with Serious Physical Disabilities at Universities in the Czech Republic
Kalivodová, Pavlína ; Titzl, Boris (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
In my dissertation called The aspects of study of persons with serious somal disability, I explore factors that affect studying at universities in the Czech republic. I have five main aims in my work: 1. to summarize all possible aspects that impact both studying of the watched group and making decision about their possible studies; 2. to integrate this data into context of current technical a financial possibilities of society; 3. to find out the real occurence of described aspects in the chosen group of students with serious somal disability; 4. to outline possible changes that would improve current situation 5. to describe this issue in the Slovak republic. The theoretical part consists of: Introduction into the problem; definition of target group of my degree work; a short list of the most frequent causes of serious physical disabilities; description of difficulties affecting study; indication of the ways to improve the situation; description the situation in foreign countries. In the practical part I focused on research of interest of handicapped students in studying at universities and I mapped out their specific needs related to their possible university studies.
Reflections of ideas to support children with disabilities in the thesis of František Čáda and Its overlap with the current special education
Požárová, Michaela ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Titzl, Boris (referee)
Anotation The aim of thesis is to measure the contribution of prominent professor František Čáda for the formation of Czech special education in the context of 20th century to the present overlap. The effort is based on archival materials processed to show František Čáda personal life, his public activity and importance for the development of Czech special education. The basis of the work consists of materials arising from the activities of František Čáda, correspondence, memoir literature, history and current knowledge of the published literature from the field pedopsychologie. Finally, the thesis uses the memories of a son František Čáda.
School beginnings of teacher Augustin Bartoš
Kolář, Petr ; Titzl, Boris (advisor) ; Mužáková, Monika (referee)
This work describes an unknown early life, study, pedagogical actions and scientific reports of Augustin Bartoš (1188-1969), the famous Czech teacher, writer and educator of children with disabilities. He was born in Červený Kostelec, Eastern Bohemia and after attending local schools he was admitted to Teacher Institute in Hradec Králové. Graduating in 1908, he started to teach in schools around the city. During time, he promoted the activities of industrial arts and active school movement between local teachers. In 1912, he joined to Educational Institute for Boys in Hradec Králové and during 1919 helped to manage Educational Institute for Depraved Girls in Jilemnice. At the end of the year he was invited to be manager and school-master of Jedlička Institute in Prague. 176
The Significance of Diversity for Special Educational Thinking
Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina ; Titzl, Boris (advisor) ; Kysučan, Jaroslav (referee) ; Vítková, Marie (referee)
To elucidate the relation between human beings and diversity, to find the means for its integration, and to expose the attitudes that society has had and still has to diversity - this is the objective of this dissertation. Diversity, dissimilarity, these are general terms that cover persons with physical handicaps, social disadvantages, mental handicaps, as well as members of ethnic and religious minorities and people in extreme situations. The author's intent was to collect a large number of cases where diversity, thus broadly conceived, is perceived as an advantage or as a condition that one can come to terms with, with or without the assistance of others. Human society has treated and still treats otherness disapprovingly, with disdain or scorn. These interrelations, which are manifested across all culture and history, may be helpful to the professionals and the people on the other side - the disadvantaged. They can help them find a path to pursue and pass to an understanding of oneself in one's otherness and to understand others that have found themselves under the sway of otherness. The directions outlined in the individual chapters suggest different ways of facing differences. Each chapter makes a different contribution to a special branch of study, focusing on a specific area, and analysing...
Josef Zeman's Contribution to Associational Life of People with Disablement
Klvaňová, Jana ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Titzl, Boris (referee)
The aim of my thesis titled "Josef Zeman's Contribution to Associational Life of People with Disablement" is to familiarize the readers more closely with Josef Zeman's contribution to the development of care for individuals with disablement, with respect to his participation in the federal movement. The accessible sources from the archives, period literature and Josef Zeman's estate were processed by the historical and analytical method. The introductory chapter maps the historical context of the time focusing on the legal aspects of the federal movement. Next part is devoted to the life stages and bibliography of Josef Zeman. The third chapter is focused on his active participation in improving the living conditions of disabled people through associational activities. The final part documents Josef Zeman's contribution in the field of special education.
Comprehensive care for children with multiple disabilities (combination of mental and physical disabilities)
Zikl, Pavel ; Titzl, Boris (advisor) ; Stejskal, Bohumil (referee) ; Černá, Marie (referee)
The main topic of my work is comprehensive care for children with multiple disabilities (combination of mental and physical disabilities). The theoreticmethodical part is aimed at used terminology, estimated number of such pupils in our schools and at comprehensive care/rehabilitation. Main stress is put on medical rehabilitation and the possibility of using it at schools (methods of medical rehabilitation used at schools, positioning). In the second part results of research work connected with education and comprehensive care for children with mental and multiple disabilities are presented. They are two separate pieces of research connected together with different methodology used in each of them. The first one is a quantitative research (description and analysis of education of pupils with mental and multiple disabilities integrated in common schools). The second one is a qualitative research (analysis and comparison of education of children with multiple disabilities in special and common schools). The summary and a discussion are at the end of the work.
World of Cerebral Palsy
Kudláček, Miroslav ; Kabele, Jiří (advisor) ; Titzl, Boris (referee)
- Miroslav Kudláček "World of Cerebral Palsy" The aim of this project is to describe a process how people suffering from Cerebral palsy are getting to know their own disability. It is characteristic for this disease that its first symptoms develop not later than one year after the birth. So if follows that this man/child does not have a chance to gain any kind of experience of what it means "to be healthy". Therefore his point of view as far as his disability is concerned is completely different from those people who, for example, have had a car accident. The paper therefore intends to deal with a cognitive process how such disabled individuals cope with this problem. Theoretical part will be based on social constructivism (Berger, Luckmann, Kabele) and Piaget's "psychology of development". Methodological part should consist of interviews with people with Cerebral palsy which they will analyzed by concept Grounded Theory.
Hope and Reality Clashing Existential problems of parents in self-determination of their offsprings with intellectual disabilities
Kopřiva, Petr ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Titzl, Boris (referee) ; Šotolová, Eva (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of the independence of people with intellectual disabilities from parents. The aim of the thesis is to map the way of adulthood of people with intellectual disabilities in the context of the life story from the point of view of their mothers, including perspectives and prospects for the future. The thesis tries to answer the question: Why do parents postpone the planning and realization of their children's independence to their late age? The central theme how parents deal with the consequences of their children's intellectual disabilities throughout their lives and the confrontation of hope and reality in the field of self-esteem, human relationships and partnerships of intelectuall disabled people. The research method is the analysis of life curves and interviews with the use of grounded theory. The work compares a group of mothers of persons with moderate intellectual disabilities and a group of mothers of persons with mild intellectual disabilities. The results show qualitative differences in the problems of both groups. In the case of mothers of persons with moderate intellectual disabilities, there is a dilemma about protected housing, in the case of the mothers of person with mild intellectual disabilities, there is a dilemma about the child's partnership. The...

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