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Prediction of Selected Parameters of Rotational Kinematics Pairs of Machine Tools
Marek, Tomáš ; Šooš, Ĺubomír (referee) ; Kolář, Petr (referee) ; Blecha, Petr (advisor)
The dissertation thesis is used as a methodology for prediction of selected parameters of rotational kinematic pairs of machine tools. The motivation for its writing has been continually increasing requirements for parameters (performance, accuracy, static and dynamic stiffness) of machine tools. The methodology takes into account the availability of suitable measuring devices and description of the design of rotary kinematic pairs. It will be useable for predicting the behavior of rotational kinematic pairs, even at the design stage by applying results to the machine design. The work is processed so that first is used a system approach to suggest methodology for prediction of the behavior of rotary kinematic pair in CNC machine tools, planning measurement strategy and verifying the results, including applications for specific kinematic chain of the selected machine. Based on this system approach and the resulting methodology, the measurement of the rotary kinematic pair was performed. The results of the system approach and measurement are generalized in the form of recommendations for designers of machining centers, allowing to increase the accuracy of the rotational kinematic pair.
Schedule of Chamber of Deputies - Possible Changes: Study 1.´137
Kolář, Petr
Časové rozvrhy a modely - současná průměrná schůze, jeden týden jednání tzv. permanentní schůze.
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Calibration of acoustic emission sensors
Kolář, Petr ; Petružálek, Matěj
Measurement of acoustic emission (AE) during laboratory experiments – rock sample loading - is an important tool for study of material mechanical properties as well as understanding of modes of its failure. For correct data processing it is necessary to calibrate used AE sensors. The calibration constants can depend on property of individual sensors, on their contact conditions, etc. As there can be a deformation induced charge in sensor contact condition, the calibration constants may vary with time. AE sources can be modeled (in the same way as natural earthquakes) as double couple sources with use of moment tensor (MT) formalism (3x3 symmetric tensor, i.e. 6 independent values, the problem is linear). We adopted method, which enable calibration of an individual station of a seismic network. The method is based on simultaneous determination of MTs and calibration constant(s). During the experiment there were repeatedly measured velocities of elastic waves by ultrasonic sounding, when AE sensors cyclically acted as sources. We processed this data and for each cycle determined calibration constant for all the sensors but one, which is supposed to be 1. The source is supposed to be of single force type, which further reduces number of determined parameters. The evaluation was performed cyclically for all the sensors, the final calibration constants are then the mean values.
The importance of maritime transport for international trade
Beranová, Aneta ; Křenková, Eva (advisor) ; Kolář, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of international maritime transport and its importance for the development of world trade. First, the basic theoretical background specific to maritime transport is explained. The thesis then deals with the analysis of the relationship between shipping and international trade. Emphasis is placed primarily on container transport. Furthermore, the current trends and problems that occur in maritime transport are discussed. Great importance is also put on the largest maritime routes and ports in the world. The last part of the thesis explores the potential use of the Northern Sea Route for commercial maritime navigation.
Potential of Continental Transport between People’s Republic of China and the Czech Republic
Sojková, Petra ; Kolář, Petr (advisor) ; Novák, Radek (referee)
The European Union (EU) is a key trading partner for the People's Republic of China (PRC). Nearly one third of PRC's production is send to the EU and half of EU exports is directed to the PRC. Such huge trade volumes require an appropriate logistical connection, which is currently dominated by maritime transport. However, since 2007 railway transport has also been available. The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the position of the railway transport of the PRC European route (with focus on the position of the Czech Republic) with regard to its development, obstacles and potential for the future. Firstly, the paper describes the background and reasons for the establishment of the New Silk Road (One Belt One Road initiative), followed by the trade and economic cooperation between the PRC and the Czech Republic. The practical part deals with individual aspects of railway connection. Neither in terms of trade volumes nor price can railway compete with the maritime solution, nevertheless it slowly but surely acquires its first regular customers.
Short Sea Shipping and the Port of Hamburg
Dvořáková, Barbora ; Kolář, Petr (advisor) ; Havránek, Jakub (referee)
This Master Thesis occupies itself with Short Sea Shipping and its link to the Port of Hamburg. The theoretical part deals in its first part with the topic Short Sea Shipping in general, defines it, describes its specifics and presents its position and regulation in the European Union, second part introduces the Port of Hamburg and basic data about its performance in general and most importantly in the field of Short Sea Shipping. The practical part analyses available statistics and documents monitoring the current situation and mainly political tendencies related to Short Sea Shipping in the European Union. The concluding chapter deal with an interview held with a representative of Hafen Hamburg Marketing in Prague regarding this subject in relation to the Port of Hamburg. Main goals of this Master Thesis are to identify key Short Sea markets, potential, opportunities and challenges of the Port of Hamburg.
Earthquake catalogue of completeness for eastern USA
Arnetová, Kateřina ; Eisner, Leo (advisor) ; Kolář, Petr (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the completeness of the seismic catalogs in eastern and central parts of the USA. In the last couple of years, there were some new seismic events that raised questions about their origin. Ellsworth (2013) believes that this trend is due to induced phenomena. In this work I have tried to elucidate their origin by calculating the magnitude of completeness of the seismic catalog. For the calculation, I used two seismic catalogs, ANSS catalog and Combined catalog provided by Dr. Ellsworth. The calculation was performed using three statistical methods: MAXC, GFT and BSTAB. To complement the results, continual calculation of the magnitude of completeness by GFT has been employed for both catalogs. Calculations have proved that the magnitude of completeness of both catalogs hasn't reached the value Mc = 3 or greater since 1970, but the drop came in later years. Seismic networks were not sensitive enough to capture seismic magnitude of M = 3 or larger in all cases. Continual calculation has demonstrated that the magnitude of completeness falls below Mc = 3 in such data selection, which includes the seismic events observed after introducing a denser network of portable stations USArray. The results make it evident that the increased number of seismic events in the eastern and...
Benefits of retina laser photocoagulation using PASCAL system
Němčanský, Jan ; Studnička, Jan (advisor) ; Kolář, Petr (referee) ; Řehák, Jiří (referee)
- Benefits of retina laser photocoagulation using PASCAL system Objective. To evaluate functional, anatomical and clinical efficacy, and safety of the pattern scanning laser (PASCAL®) photocoagulation in patients with diabetic retinopathy (DR) and/or diabetic macular edema (DME). Methods. From 2008 to 2013, 235 eyes of 151 patients were treated with pattern laser photo- coagulation at the Ophthalmology Department at University Hospital Ostrava. Patients were analyzed in the subgroups A, B and C according to presence of DR and/or DME indicated to panretinal photocoagulation (PRP) and grid or focal macular laser treatment. In the group A, one eye of the same patient was treated with pattern photocoagulation (20 ms/impulse) and the fellow eye with conventional settings. In groups B and C all eyes were treated with pattern photocoagulation. Best corrected visual acuity (BCVA), central retinal thickness (CRT), fun- dus photography, biomicroscopy, complications, pain response and duration of the treatment were evaluated during the minimum 12months follow-up period. Statistical analysis using parametrical and nonparametrical tests with p less than 0,05 was done. Results. Pattern laser PRP lead to BCVA stabilization in patients with very severe nonprolife- rative DR (NPDR) and proliferative DR (PDR). DME...
Electronic Textbook in Mathematical Methods of Physics
Kolář, Petr ; Žák, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Snětinová, Marie (referee)
Title: Electronic Textbook in Mathematical Methods of Physics Author: Bc. Petr Kolář Department: Department of Physics Education FMP CU Supervisor: RNDr. Vojtěch Žák, Ph.D., Department of Physics Education FMP CU Abstract: The objective of this work is to continue in Electronic Textbook in Introduction of Mathematical Methods of Physics and to create an other studing text not only for the first grade students (future physics teachers) at FMP CU but also for other students of physical and technical domains at universities which should help them with an introduction into mathematic necessary in physics. The main matter of this work is based on preparations and texts of dr. A Hladík, prof. J. Podolský and dr. V. Žák for lectures and exercises of subject Introduction of Mathematical Methods of Physics and Mathematical Methods in Physics I. The author's experience are also reflected. Equally, a small recherche of an existence and an availability of other sources pursuing given matters has been done. Some of these sources are recommended in this work. The created text should help readers with elementary matter of antiderivatives and Riemann integrals, double and triple integrals and integrals of the first kind with a special consideration to their applications in physics. A contribution of this and previous work for...

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