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Animated marbles - editorial preparation and commentary on the collection of short stories
Staňková, Anna ; Vaněk, Václav (advisor) ; Merhaut, Luboš (referee)
The aim of the submitted thesis is to bring a new adjustment of edition of a short story collection by Josef Šimánek called Animated Marbles. This thesis includes, next to the edition of the collection, complete editorial report and explanatory notes. It is dealing with period response to the collection Animated Marbles and it also brings a brief overview of the life and work of Josef Šimánek and last but not least, a more detailed reflection of the collection mentioned above.
Vliv změny technologie dojení, ročního období a plemene na mléčnou užitkovost krav.
The aim of the bachelor thesis was to evaluate the change of the milking technology, the season and the breed for dairycowsmilkproduction in the collectivefarm Budíškovice. The studywas taken place in the cowshead in Třebětice village. Collected data wereevaluated for 209 dairycows. The firstobservationexamineschanges in milking technology while the milkingparlor was renovated. Original Farmtecmilkingparlor was changed to a milkingparlorfrom Delavalfirm. During the reconstruction, the milking was taken on the temporarymilkingparlorfrom Delaval, which was builtoutside the area of cowshead. The second observation was related to the change of the season. It was found the firstamount of milkof cowswithcalf in individualmonths. The last observationwas relatedwith the cattlebreed. The companybreeds Holstein, Bohemian Pheasantbreed, Montbeliard breeds and hybrids of these breeds. The monitoring was takenunderdifferentclimaticconditions, whichcouldsignificantlyaffect the results. Based on the results obtained, it was found that all observed and other influences of the external and internal environment were significantly reflected in the performance of the cows studied.
Financial and Strategic Analysis of Zentiva, k.s. and its Competitors in the Industry
Uhrová, Veronika ; Staňková, Anna (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the financial and strategic analysis of Zentiva, k.s. based on publicly available financial statements and information. In the first part are theoretical foundations of financial analysis, the second part is the financial analysis of Zentiva, k.s. together with the characteristics of the company and the pharmaceutical industry. The third part compares Zentiva with the industry average and selected competitors. The fourth part deals with the strategic analysis of Zentiva, k.s. At the end of the thesis the financial situation of the company is compared with its competitors and the industry average for the pharmaceutical industry.
The financial analysis of the company Hanácká kyselka s.r.o.
Shapikhanova, Dauriya ; Holečková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Staňková, Anna (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse the company Hanácká kyselka s.r.o., which belongs to the most important producers of mineral waters in the Czech Republic. This work is divided into two parts: methodical and practical. The subject of the methodical part is to explain the importance of financial analysis and describe its basic methods. Further attention is paid to the practical part, that describes the horizontal and vertical analysis, the analysis of the ratios and the forecast of the financial distress of the company for the period 1.1.2012 to 31.12.2015. At the end, an overall evaluation of the financial and property situation of the company is made within the established values.
Financial analysis of the company Dermacol a. s.
Belugina, Elena ; Staňková, Anna (advisor) ; Marek, Petr (referee)
Bachelor thesis deals with financial analysis of the company Dermacol a. s. for years 2011 until 2015. The aim of the thesis is to determine financial health and evaluate financial situation of the chosen company. The main sources of information are primarily published financial statements and annual reports. Whole thesis is divided into two parts. Methodical part focuses on defining selected methods, models and financial indicators, which are later applied to the selected company. It involves horizontal and vertical analysis of the financial statements, interpretation of calculated indicators and prediction of financial stringency with the help of creditworthy and bankruptcy models.
Financial analysis of company pietro filipi, s.r.o.
Vacková, Barbora ; Holečková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Staňková, Anna (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to conduct a financial analysis of Pietro filipi s.r.o. for the years 2011-2015, particularly evaluate its financial health and stability. The analysis is comprised of methodology and practical part. Methodology deals with the financial analysis as a whole describing individual procedures and indicators. Practical part deals with a company introduction, followed by application of above mentioned methodology and indicators of financial analysis. Finally the calculated indicators are compared with indicators of a competitor.
Financial analysis of Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s.
Čech, Ondřej ; Holečková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Staňková, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis Financial analysis of a company Plzeňský Prazdroj, a.s. is divided into two logical parts, methodical and practical. The methodical part provides basic informations about principles and purposes of financial analysis together with its sources. Further the horizontal and vertical analysis and the differential and ratio indicators of profitability, liquidity, aktivity and indebtedness. At the conclusion of the methodical part credit and bankruptcy models are presented. In the practical part this methodology is applied to the analyzed company in accounting periods ending in years from 2012 to 2016.
Emirates Airlines Financial analysis
Tussupkhanova, Diana ; Holečková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Staňková, Anna (referee)
Part of this bachelor thesis is finding and comprehensive assessment of the financial health of Emirates Airlines by using tools and methods of financial analysis. The financial analysis is based on company's consolidated financial statements for the period 2011-2015. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part defines the concept of financial analysis as well as the individual methods and indicators that are necessary for its compilation. At the beginning of the practical part, Emirates Airlines is being represented and the methods that were described in the theoretical part are being used. The rest of the practical part includes creditworthy and bankruptcy models that will assess to financial health of the business. In the conclusion of the bachelor thesis key information obtained from the financial analysis are summarized and evaluation of the overall financial situation of Emirates Airlines is described.
Financial analysis Kooperativa pojistovna, a.s.
Michálková, Tereza ; Holečková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Staňková, Anna (referee)
Following bachelor thesis is focused on the financial analysis of Kooperativa pojišťovna, a.s. company. The thesis is divided into two main parts - methodical and practical. The methodical part defines financial analysis in general, its goals and users, focuses on its methods and describes financial ratios and complex models. In the practical part the analysed company is introduced and its financial analysis for the period of 2011-2015 with the use of explained methods and principles is realized. At the end of the thesis the knowledge gained from the financial analysis is summed up and the recommendation is provided.
Financial analysis of company AGROSTROJ Pelhřimov, a. s.
Slavík, Vojtěch ; Staňková, Anna (advisor) ; Neškudla, Michal (referee)
This thesis objective is to analyse a financial health of company AGROSTROJ Pelhřimov, a. s. in the period 2011 to 2015 from public available information. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part presents sources of information, users of analysis and methodology. The second of the thesis introduces the company itself. The Last part focus on applied methods of financial analysis using company data. Within the last analytical part, the financial health of analysed company has been assessed via calculations of financial ratios, bankruptcy and creditworthy models horizontal and vertical analysis.

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