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Youth independent travelling: a case study in Prague
Kačmáčková, Kamila ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Kůsová, Tereza (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is an alternative form of tourism, the youth independent travelling, which is an increasingly important aspiration for young people around the world. Theoretical part describes specific traits of young travellers, the evaluation of tourism in Prague and it draws attention to the issues of concentration of tourism. Practical part of the thesis focuses on research of young travelers and their perception of Prague. It evaluates information sources and reveals missing active products even though this area has great potential for alternative tourism forms. The thesis evaluates current situation and suggest new solutions. Keywords Youth tourism, young travellers, individual tourism, independent travelling, tourism in Prague, overcrowded Prague center
The Contribution of Farmers' Market to Czech Farmers
Procházková, Alena ; Fendrychová, Lenka (advisor) ; Spilková, Jana (referee)
This paper is focused on the represented contributions of farmers' markets to farmers and rural areas. The goal of this research is to find out if farmers' markets can be a thriving strategy for Czech farmers and if they represent the same contributions as the western authors introduce. The theoretical portion of this paper provides a review of the new paradigm of rural development, alternative food networks, farmers' markets and specifies the conditions of Czech agriculture. The contributions based on the literature research were used as material for interviews with farmers from three selected farmers' markets in Prague. According to the results from the interviews, it seems that the farmers' markets are partly a thriving strategy for Czech farmers despite differing conditions in agriculture. The farmers' market can be, for small Czech farmers, a way to increase their profits as well as provide them with a larger portion of the sales price. By contrast, the potential to increase employment by generating new job opportunity was not proved to be true. Only a small part of farmers needed to employ another person. Keywords: Farmers' market - Farmer - Producer - Contributions - Rural development - Prague
Analysis of factors influencing the crime in the city of Liberec
Růžička, Jakub ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Vávra, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with crime in the urban environment, focusing on the city of Liberec. The basic approaches to urban studies and the basic theories of criminality are mentioned in the theoretical background. The results of various Czech and foreign studies dealing with the same topic are also mentioned. The methodological section contains the explanation of statistical analyses based on the data obtained from the Police and Czech statistical office and from guided interviews with members of the Police and the Municipality of Liberec. The main aim of the thesis is to define characteristics which influence crime and its location in the urban space, and to sketch out what the best crime prevention in the urban space could be. In the empirical part of the thesis firstly, the most frequent offenders and the most frequent types of crime are identified. Then, the influence of the residents' characteristics and the characteristics of urban environment on the crime rates are considered in the subsequent analyses. These analyses are grouped into three factors called the socioeconomic conditions of residents, the living conditions and the quality of flats. The results of the analyses are combined with the outcomes of guided interviews to form the final conclusions. The first one is that crime in Liberec is mainly...
Systems of Retail Regulation in European Countries
Tkadlečková, Tereza ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Bednář, Pavel (referee)
8 Abstract This thesis contributes to debate on retail development regulation in European territory. The aim of the text is firstly to evaluate differences between instruments that are used to standardize retail development in Europe. Secondly, point out relevance of rules existence to control retail spread. And thirdly elaborate a scheme of typology according to present valid limits in selected countries. The field survey is divided into two parts. It is primarily focused on modern developing period, interprets basic changes and trends of current situation and atractivity of particular regions for next development. Attention is also paid to describe general impact of assessing influence on environment by retail development. As an output of this work is division countries into groups by analysing their system of legislative restriction's structure and mechanisms of commercial planning. Five categories were described by chosen characteristics. One of the characteristics is the relation between competences in hierarchical levels of state authorities. Another example is differences in allocation of decision making in developing process. Keywords: retail impact assessment - commercial planning - regulating indicators
Ecosystem services and community gardens in Prague
Růžičková, Lucie ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Frélichová, Jana (referee)
Community gardens are a new phenomenon which appeared in Prague quite recently. This thesis focuses on the topic of community gardens and its specific aim is to determine whether the Prague community gardens perform the functions of ecosystem services. The thesis consists of two main parts. The first part aims to create a theoretical framework necessary for the introduction to the study of ecosystem services and the concept of urban gardening. The second part tries to outline which ecosystem services are the most prominent in the researched community gardens and which are the least covered, thus which community gardens in this performance of ecosystem services evaluated best and which the worst. By applying the method of field research and interview it has been confirmed that cultural ecosystem services are the most prominent benefit of community gardening for local communities in Prague. Other important functions that community gardens in this survey performed were supporting and regulating ecosystem services. Equally important is also the finding that community gardens perform the function of producing healthy food for local gardeners. Key words: ekosystem secvices, urban gardering, community gardens
New residential areas in Prague and their public spaces
Vyhnánková, Markéta ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Spilková, Jana (referee)
In the first part of my thesis I evaluate emplacement of new residential areas within Prague. I focus on residential areas constructed after 1996 and I try to find what types of buildings these new areas consist of. In the second part of this thesis I investigate presence of sojourn public spaces in the selected residential areas and I concentrate on their equipment. I am interested in visitor's opinion on appearance of public spaces in four different areas in Prague. I conclude that the count of new residential areas in outer city is very similar to the count in the peripheral parts of Prague. Sojourn public spaces are present mostly in the areas, which are created by blocks of flats. The presence of sojourn public spaces is an important factor for the inhabitants of Prague. But when it comes to choosing a new housing, they prefer other criteria such as the price of the realty or the quality of its surrounding. Powered by TCPDF (

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