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Projekt rekonstrukce kalamitních holin na území Arcibiskupských lesů a statků Olomouc
Bednář, Pavel
The topic of the bachelor thesis is concerning reforestation of calamitous cleared forest areas and withering spruce stands (Picea abies, L. Karsten) in the property of Olomouc archbishopric’s forests and estate (Arcibiskupské lesy a statky Olomouc) located in Hostýn Highlands in cadastral territory of Rajnochovice municipality. The first part deals with the causes of spruce wilting at the present and analysis of these causes in the researched location. The practical part concerns complex reforestation project including choice of tree species composition, proposed reforestation method and followed by recommended landscape aftercare until its forest stand provisioning. Further, the bachelor thesis includes overall economic calculation of proposed project concerning reforestation and forest stand provisioning.
Impact assessment of the shopping mall construction on the city centre
Zavřelová, Pavla ; Spilková, Jana (advisor) ; Bednář, Pavel (referee)
This thesis focuses on problems related to unregulated construction of shopping malls in the city centres. Shopping malls are often built considering their negative effects on small merchants, urban environment etc. This particular problem was analyzed in two cities (Pardubice and Liberec) using elements of Retail Impact Assessment study and counterfactual impact evaluation method. Results showed that placing the shopping malls to the city centre changes the structure of retail units in its vicinity. Since customers prefer larger shopping facilities, their shopping behaviour changes, and small merchants are forced to addapt and compete with "all under one roof" shopping centers. Some of them cannot compete with these centers and are forced to close. Contribution of this research focuses on application of unique methods which indicated a need to regulate and coordinate building of large shopping centers within Czech cities. Key words: retail impact assessment, city centre, vitality, shopping mall
The current relevance of village shops and the identification of rural food deserts the example of Semily district
Syrovátková, Marie ; Šiftová, Jana (advisor) ; Bednář, Pavel (referee)
As the rural retail net in Czechia has declined in the last 20 years, the aim of this thesis was to develop the current socioeconomic importance of village shops in countryside in order to assess the possibility of the existence of rural food deserts in Czechia. The example of the Semily district was used. The combination of quantitative and qualitative analyzes allowed to learn that the absence of a village shop is often associated with other unpropitious socioeconomic characteristics. In comparison with municipal leaders of villages without village shops, municipal leaders of villages with village shops believe in the crucial importance of village shops. However, no differences in social conditions and quality of life between villages with and without village shops were found. In the researched region, seven of nine villages without any village shop have the characteristics of rural food deserts. Their particularity is the comprehension of their inhabitants with the current situation. Nevertheless, village shop is an important community centre in the countryside. Therefore its preservation should be one of the priorities of local governments. Hence the duty of municipal leaders of villages without any village shop is to support the community life of village inhabitants by another means. The paper...
The Food Deserts Issue - The Case Study of Zlín
Suchý, Jan ; Bednář, Pavel (referee) ; Spilková, Jana (advisor)
8 THE FOOD DESERTS ISSUE - THE CASE STUDY OF ZLÍN ABSTRACT This thesis attempts to provide an introduction to the 'food deserts' theme by outlining how the problem of access to food for households has become an increasingly important issue in the transforming Czech retail market. The first part reviews the development of new types of retail space in the Czech Republic in the past two decades. The emphasis is principally on the growth of new formats of food retailing - supermarkets, hypermarkets and discount stores - which to a greater or lesser extent have affected every local market and supported spatial restructuring of the Czech retailing. On the other hand, it has also changed the pattern of traditional shopping facilities, which in turn have often experienced decline. The second part of this work describes the retail change in Zlín and analyses the local distribution of food retail stores. It takes both quantitative and qualitative approach to define areas with relatively poor access to adequate food provision. There, it particularly focuses on consumers with lower mobility who are thus more restricted in their grocery choice. The last section includes conclusions, mainly the discussion of resulting policy responses, possibilities of prevention of this phenomenon, as well as implications for...
The Transformation of Retailing in the City of Ostrava: A Geographical Analysis
Bednář, Pavel ; Sýkora, Luděk (advisor) ; Szczyrba, Zdeněk (referee) ; Mulíček, Ondřej (referee)
Conclusions .{ eeoeraphical summary of the transformation of urban retailing in Ostrava as a specific erarnple of postcommunist city (i.e. factors for the accomplishment of the transition): o nerv sPatial paftern of localization of shopping centres and new ýpes of retail outlets (towards car bome consumer - winners on the demand side) o assortment decline or commercial bligbt of traditional shopping centres in prefabricated housing estates o spatial oligopolization of the local market in grocery retailing by intemational retail chains (winners on the supply side) o strengthening competition among different types of grocery retail outtets (i.e. supermarkets vs. hard discounts) o spatial differentiation of retail outlets in their ownership structure (international and national vs. regional and retailers) o new urban forms in urban morphology o new urban functions on the edge of the compact city (i.e. commercial areas with monofunctional retail clusters or Aee standing stores without spatial links both functional and morphological to surrounding urban space). o changing of urban life sýle and time-space pattems of moving peop|e in the city (changing shopping trips and shopping behaviour) o creation of food deserts in the zone of individual family housing a increasing spending time in commercial private space...
Systems of Retail Regulation in European Countries
Tkadlečková, Tereza ; Bednář, Pavel (referee) ; Spilková, Jana (advisor)
8 Abstract This thesis contributes to debate on retail development regulation in European territory. The aim of the text is firstly to evaluate differences between instruments that are used to standardize retail development in Europe. Secondly, point out relevance of rules existence to control retail spread. And thirdly elaborate a scheme of typology according to present valid limits in selected countries. The field survey is divided into two parts. It is primarily focused on modern developing period, interprets basic changes and trends of current situation and atractivity of particular regions for next development. Attention is also paid to describe general impact of assessing influence on environment by retail development. As an output of this work is division countries into groups by analysing their system of legislative restriction's structure and mechanisms of commercial planning. Five categories were described by chosen characteristics. One of the characteristics is the relation between competences in hierarchical levels of state authorities. Another example is differences in allocation of decision making in developing process. Keywords: retail impact assessment - commercial planning - regulating indicators
Calibration rutines of the standard Datron 4920
Schinneck, Jakub ; Bednář, Pavel (referee) ; Havlíková, Marie (advisor)
This master’s deals with the calibration routines of the alternating voltage measurement standard Datron 4920. The first part introduces the basic terminology of metrology, its history and organizations specializing in metrology. The thesis describes the alternating voltage at the highest metrological level through AC/DC difference. The theoretical part also describes the alternating voltage measurement standard Datron 4920 and its measurement functions together with the calibration routines. The main aim of thesis is to create the calibration procedures AVMS Datron 4920. Based on the created calibration procedures, a flowchart of application for calibration routines is designed. The practical part then continues with programming application for calibrating AVMS Datron 4920 based on the created flowchart. In conclusion, the application is tested at selected points of measurement and an analysis of measurement uncertainties is carried out.
Dielectric Properties of Epoxy with Ground Mica
Bednář, Pavel ; Polsterová, Helena (referee) ; Havlíček, Svatopluk (advisor)
This thesis deals with the dielectric relaxation spectroscopy applied to samples of an epoxy slip filled by grounded mica with granularity of 40 m. The changes of dielectric properties were investigated depending on the fulfillment of grounded mica, temperature, the relative air humidity, and the frequency between 100 Hz and 1MHz.
Mapping methodology of cultural and creative industries at local and regional class in the Czech Republic
Žáková, Eva ; Dubová, Markéta ; Kraus, Marcel ; Bednář, Pavel ; Návrat, Petr
The methodology describes the working procedure for mapping cultural and creative industries at local and regional class. In this context mapping of this methodology it is meant the analysis of phenomena in a given territory, specifically identifying the current status and needs of individual sectors in a given location.
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