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The Media Portrayl of Czech attendance at International Exhibition in Montreal 1967 in contemporary press
Dražilová, Veronika ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Sládková, Hana (referee)
Master diploma thesis "The Media Portrayal of Czechoslovak attendance at International Exhibition in Montreal 1967 in contemporary press" intends to show media picture of Czechoslovak attendance at Expo 1967, through the use of analysis of selected daily press and social and cultural journals. It sets Czechoslovak attendance into political, cultural, ideological and media context and outline history and development of International Exhibition. Thesis also introduces Montreal exhibition and present information about attendance of Czechoslovakia. On this foundations arise the second part of the thesis, which propounds the media picture of this event in selected contemporary press and using analysis of self-mindedness that refers to rate of statement of facts and objectivity. Selected press and journals were monitored for a period of eight months and by researching there was considered form o reporting, ideological affection and general focus of selected press about this event. Important considered elements were also influence of freeing atmosphere of second half of sixties and fact, that exhibition took place in capitalistic state. Outcome of all these circumstances is media picture of this event, which is shown in conclusion of thesis.
Czech sharing on Expo 1958 in Brusel and its image on contemporary press
Kacerovská, Soňa ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Sládková, Hana (referee)
v AJ The world exhibition in Brussels in 1958 marked an important event in the history of the Czechoslovakian totalitarian art history. Until today it is still a reminder of the high quality art handicraft, design and multimedia formation. In the atmosphere of the Cold war the EXPO 58 became a symbolical clash of the capitalist and socialist principles of government and a comparison of skills and abilities of their representatives (US and USSR). The attention of the visitors and the media surprisingly concentrated on the Czechoslovakian exposition, which apart from the traditional products presented also some new initiations in artistic and technological branches and contributed to the establishment of the so called Brussels life style. It was the Czechoslovakian success which helped the media to use the mechanisms of propaganda. Using three daily newspaper and two weekly magazines this work is trying to capture how was the Czechoslovakian participation showed to the public and what features of propaganda were used.
Magazines for preschool children during the period 1990-2000
Veitová, Kateřina ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Sládková, Hana (referee)
Title: Magazines for preschool children during the period 1990 - 2000 Author: Kateřina Veitová Supervisor: Mgr. Radim Wolák The thesis deals with analysis of market with magazines for preschool children between years 1990 and 2000. The first part describes the transformation of media environment and conditions for issuing periodicals. Also monitors all the titles that were issued during the period, and notes the impact that the publishing business conditions changes had on them. In the second part, the thesis focuses on the development of selected titles in terms of external and internal characters in the specified period and compares these titles with each other. For the purpose of the analysis were selected titles: Bobik, Medvídek Pú, Méďa Pusík, Mickey Mouse, Kačer Donald and Sluníčko, there were analyzed every two copies of each year in the period from 1990 to 2000 when the magazines were published. To achieve our goals, the qualitative research methods and study of relevant literature were used. The thesis also includes a chapter devoted to the profile of preschool age, for better orientation in the subject. Keywords: Magazines, preschool age, children, qualitative research, media after 1989
Use of augmented reality in media and advertising
Jakubičková, Dominika ; Sládková, Hana (advisor) ; Topinková, Martina (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the phenomenon of augmented reality and its use in media and advertising. The aim of this study is to provide theoretical background of the augmented reality technology, its position in context of media studies and also to gather informations about a practical use in advertising. The first part contains the definitions of augmented reality and related terms, such as virtual reality, augmented display technology, specialized software and portable or mobile computers. I will also add a summary of the historical development in this field of study. The rest of the theoretical section deals with media and advertising characteristics, especially from new media approach, which is characterized by specific attributes of interaction, participation and marketing features. I will also add the relevant data from the quantitative content analysis of advertising campaigns with use of augmented reality. The results will also serve as basis for the summary of characteristic procedures and trends in the field of advertising campaigns.
Fact-checking post hoc in media content
Jakubičková, Dominika ; Sládková, Hana (advisor) ; Jirák, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the post hoc fact-checking of media content (fact-checking after the text has been published). It focuses primarily on user's fact-checking and on fact- checking organizations. Both types of fact-checking process share some similar characteristics and differ in other aspects. Although often they complement each other. To achieve more complex perspective, I decided to extend the theoretical part and use not only the fact- checking theory, the definition and typology of disinformation content, but also selected media theories and description of fact-checking organizations. In analytical part, I decided to focus on analysis of both sides of post hoc fact-checking - habits and attitudes of average users towards media and fact-checking organisations and also outputs of fact-checking organizations (fact-checking articles). The main goal was to develop a methodology, which could effectively interlink both sections of the field and to generate conclusions, which could have a positive impact on future trends of the post hoc fact-checking.
"Visual communication analysis. The case of contemporary European theatre posters"
Jonášová, Helena ; Kruml, Milan (advisor) ; Sládková, Hana (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to describe and define basic principles of visual communication from the point of view of mass communication theory and classical media theory and to attempt to create a basic synthesis of these branches. The visual communication is currently dominating form of communication not only in advertising and marketing, but also from the point of purely artistic expressing, which nowadays abandons classical conservative techniques and searches for new ways of expressions. The focus on the diploma on European theatre poster, which is a factual synthesis of those trends, allows adequately assessment the relevance of media theory in relation to visual communication as a way of addressing recipients with the information given in a form of an image. The topic of European poster has been chosen to widely demonstrate the general acceptance of visual communication as a part of sociocultural discursion in a global sense. Another dimension of a theatre poster is its function in public space and the possibilities of the audience to accept the message in these surroundings. On the background of relevant media theory it will also be presented the position of contemporary theatre poster among new trends of mass communication. The quick arrival of new media and their easy accessibility...
Media image of David Černý and his work in the zech press
Kušiaková, Anna ; Sládková, Hana (advisor) ; Ježková, Tereza (referee)
This bachelor thesis "The medial image of David Černý and his work in the czech press" is trying to present the medial image of contemporary czech controversial artist in selected periodicals, formed both by the media and his personality. For specific documentation of the image, its changes and development while outlining development of periodicals themselves were selected two seasons; five-year period before the turn of the millennium (1996-2000) and equally long period after the turn of the millennium (2006-2010), the periodicals were chosen from among the most read newspapers (MF DNES, Lidové noviny, Hospodářské noviny and Blesk) and weeklies (Reflex, Respekt a Týden). In the first part is presented the biography of David Černý and his work, as well as some of the press trends since 1989. The second part of the work is focused on a specific period and personality in the monitored titles, the aim is to describe from selected articles the medial image of David Černý and describe, how it has been transformed, how has changed expression of the artist and which changes have occured in press. David Černý is a significant czech artist and because it does not occur too many comprehensive publications, dealing closer with his controversial person and work, I would like this work to contribute to the...
The Art Journal Ateliér from the fondation to the present time
Mikulíková, Radka ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Sládková, Hana (referee)
This diploma thesis "The Art Journal Ateliér from its foundation to the present" goes into the semimonthly art-oriented Ateliér magazine being issued from 1988 to December 2015. The work looks about historical context of period 1980 and 1990 until the first decade of the new millennium. The thesis, in detail, is focused on Ateliér magazine publishing in years 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 2000 and 2008. The most detailed there are analyzed years 2012 and 2015, the crucial years, in light of magazine financial crisis. In 2010 the magazine got into financial trouble that culminated at at the end of 2015, the time the periodical had made a request for liquidation. 1. January 2016 the magazine entered into liquidation. In all surveyed years the attention is focused on the editorial staff, the graphic design and the semimonthly Ateliér magazine content. The most detailed is the magazine analyzed in 2012 and 2015 by using the analyses of all authorial texts there, there will be presented story writers contents from among the editorial staff and externals who had participated in both editions. An attention is paied to those authors writting in the periodicals,on how many there were in total and on how many times they wrote in the magazine in one year. The second analysis aimes only on copyright reviews of...

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