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Development and transformation of Czechoslovak and Czech television in 1980s and 1990s
Zemanová, Tereza ; Krátká, Lenka (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to describe, through the oral history method, the development and certain changes of the Czechoslovak and later Czech television in the 1980s and 1990s as observed by ordinary employees of this institution. The work focuses on the everyday lives of technical and administrative workers and it is delimited by the years 1980 and 1998 which was the year the tenure of Ivo Mathé, the first general manager of CT, ended. The main subjects of interest are the basic work conditions such as salaries, working hours and employee care arising from the collective bargaining agreement. Furthermore, the work deals with the workplace atmosphere and relationships, and loyalty of the employees towards the institution. Apart from the description of the respective topics the work aims to cover the changes of everydayness in connection with the So-called transformation of the society, or compare the 1980s with the time following the November of 1989.
Disillusion in Ian McEwan's 21st century Novels
Zemanová, Tereza ; Beran, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Kolinská, Klára (referee)
(in English): The focus of this diploma thesis is disillusion in the works of the contemporary novelist Ian McEwan, particularly in his twenty-first century novels. The thesis analyses the disillusionment of the reader based on McEwan's work with traditional narratives and the reader's expectations, which is achieved through the employment of the unreliable narrator in Atonement (2001) and Sweet Tooth (2012), depiction of self-deception in Saturday (2005) and Solar (2010), and the misunderstanding on the interpersonal and intrapersonal level in On Chesil Beach (2007) and The Children Act (2014). The analysis uses the method of close reading and critical evaluation through the hermeneutic process in combination with Iser's theory about the reader, Foucault's definition of discourse and some generally accepted ideas based on psychology. The analysis reveals that Ian McEwan uses disillusion in his novels as a device through which he tries to encourage the reader to critically evaluate the reader's preconceptions about the world, the conventional narratives, and the roles the reader ascribes to him/herself and to the society around him/herself. By allowing the reader to build his/her expectations of the story's denouement and then crushing them, McEwan points out the reader's routine regarding a given...
Mitochondrial unfolded protein response
Zemanová, Tereza ; Doležal, Pavel (advisor) ; Mach, Jan (referee)
Mitochondrion is an organelle of the eukaryotic cell responsible for the crucial metabolic processes and the apoptosis. Therefore, it is necessary for the survival of the cell to maintain mitochondrial functionality. Hence, the mitochondria have specific signalling stress-activated pathways for re-establishing its homeostasis. Unfolded protein response is a stress response to the presence of unfolded proteins that includes signalling from the organelle to the nucleus and activating specific genes for chaperones and proteases. This thesis summarizes current knowledge of the mitochondrial UPR, in the matrix as well as in the intermembrane space. It describes different types of the mitochondial chaperones and proteases, the reasons and the impacts of the mitochondrial stress causing the UPR and also briefly covers the problematics od the UPR in the cytosol and the ER.
Taxation of employment income in the Czech republic and Great Britain
Zemanová, Tereza ; Tepperová, Jana (advisor) ; Trgiňa, Gejza (referee)
The aim of this thesis within the theoretical and comparative part to identify the similarities and differences in the taxation of income from employment in the Czech Republic and Great Britain in the context of structural components and on the basis of facts to determine any recommendations for the Czech Republic, whose introduction could have positive impact on the resulting tax burden or, conversely, find and highlight solutions that are applied in the Czech tax system. The application will demonstrate these differences and specifics on examples aimed to seek lower tax liability for a selected amount of income tax and show the way of taxation of income from employment.
Food products with probiotics
Zemanová, Tereza ; Valicová, Markéta (referee) ; Trachtová, Štěpánka (advisor)
Fermented dairy products containing probiotic microorganisms which are distinguished by favorable effects on the intestinal microflora, are in present time consumed in large quantities. Products range in which microorganisms are contained in recent years expanded greatly. On the market are currently available not only milk, but also meat or vegetable products of this type. The aim of work was to get acquainted with probiotic microorganisms, a description of their use in food industry, and whether they have for us “Homo sapiens sapiens,, favorable or unfavorable effects. In the practical part of work was showed the presence of probiotic bacteria in fermented dairy product using the polymerase chain reaction methods.
Controlling in company Llentab
Zemanová, Tereza ; Mikovcová, Hana (advisor) ; Koucká, Jana (referee)
This Diploma thesis aims to theoretically define tools used by modern controlling and then practically apply them in specific company in Czech Republic. To analyse the chosen company will be used both strategic and operational controlling instruments. Calculations and analysis will help the company to understand the environment in which they operate and which is their current position. Finally I formulate opinions and recommendations about the currently used procedures in the company.
Marketing Communicatios T-Mobile
Zemanová, Tereza ; Štědroň, Bohumír (advisor) ; Stříteský, Václav (referee)
Bachelor Thesis "Marketing Communications T-Mobile" is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is to bring readers the basic concepts and tools of marketing communications, including new and becoming more modern trends in this area. The practical part describes the market of mobile operators in the Czech Republic and outlines how the tools of marketing communication are used in a particular company, including practical demonstration of campaigns have already been held.

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