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Fossil clown beetles (Coleoptera: Histeridae): early evolution of "beetle tanks"
Simon Pražák, Jan ; Prokop, Jakub (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
Clown beetles (Histeridae) represent a diverse (>4500 described species) group of beetles with worldwide distribution (except Antarctica) and with exceptional diversity of occupied habitats. Specialisation on environments such as subcortical space, dung and carrion, tunnels of wood- boring insects, caves, sand deserts, beaches, rodent burrows or ant colonies, has led to remarkable adaptations of morphology and even radical changes of entire body shape. To understand evolutionary paths of this extraordinary group of beetles, fossils are of vital importance. In this study, I examined eight undescribed species of fossil Histeridae from mid-Cretaceous Burmese and Hkamti ambers. I provide morphological descriptions and discuss possible taxonomical position of these species based on morphological characters. I further tested the phylogenetic position of all Cretaceous Histeridae genera via a topology-constrained maximum parsimony analysis based on a set of 69 characters. Among the studied species, representatives of Abraeini and Paromalini are reported for the first time from the Cretaceous. I discuss evolutionary implications based on the new as well as other Histeridae fossils. Subcortical strategy was likely common in the Cretaceous histerids, now reported in three separate lineages. It is also...
Applying new approaches in potato crop nutrition
The main objective of the bachelor thesis was to conduct a literature review in the field of fertilization and nutrition of the potato plant and to collect and sort information on new approaches used in potato cultivation. The thesis describes the methods of fertilization and nutrition with organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers (including essential elements) and their effect on potato growth and quality. Furthermore, the possibilities of using microbial and biochemical approaches to improve potato nutrition and their advantages or disadvantages are presented. The paper also presents opportunities to improve fertilizer use and minimize negative environmental impacts using new technologies and innovative practices. Finally, three practical examples from potato farms are presented.
Economy of Brownfield Revitalization from the Perspective of the City and the Investor
Tomanová, Tereza ; Růžička, Jan (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on determining the cash flow of the investment project and evaluating the economic efficiency of the Nová Zbrojovka brownfield revitalization development project. Development projects, economic analysis and sensitivity analysis are described in the theoretical part. Both of these analyzes are subsequently used in the practical part of the thesis. Furthermore, the work deals in detail with the issue of brownfields, describes possible methods of revitalization and other Brownfields in the territory of the city of Brno. The practical part of the diploma thesis describes the implemented project in detail, determines the cash flow of the project and performs an economic and sensitivity analysis of the investment project.
Deconstruction of interdependence between the pro-export segment of Russian energy and raw material insufficiency of European market - Case study on the relationship of Russia's energy policy to their own role in the natural gas market
Růžička, Jan ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
The author of the diploma thesis focuses on the securitization of a portfolio of energy importing strategic raw commodity of natural gas from Russia and CIS countries to the European consumer market (in the context of the Common Market of the European Union). Because this import is by part of European market agents perceived as a potential geopolitical instrument of the Russian Federation, they securitize interdependent trade and economic relationship and shape it to the form of political and economic threat. But the question is how much this form of securitization is an appropriate form of reaction. Under such thesis, the author focuses primarily on the analysis of approaches to securitization of the individual actors (EU, Russia, transit actors - states and corporations as well as key companies operating across whole network), and analyze their validity and logic. The second section of the thesis is the prediction of possible scenarios for European energy security in terms of its raw material inadequacy in the segment of natural gas. The prediction is done through a model of future development of natural gas segment including the possible development of the Russian energy sector as such.
Variation in dragonfly wing venation with application of geometric morphometrics (Insecta: Odonata)
Přibylová, Petra ; Prokop, Jakub (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
The pattern of wing venation in dragonflies (Odonata) bears a set of characters commonly used in systematics. The aim of this thesis is to identify the wing venation variability of dragonflies by various methods of geometric morphometric. The wing venation variability was examined on the level of suborder, family, species and also in respect to dimorphism through the principal component analysis (PCA), redundancy analysis (RDA) and centroid size. Data set consisting of images of 46 dragonfly species, belonging to 43 genera and 24 families was obtained from institutional entomological collections. The research carried out that Zygoptera have a large variety of wing contours. The wing venation variability of Epiprocta is shown primarily in the costa and node area. Between sexes there is no noticeable difference in shape or structure of the wing. The ratio between wing length and width and the pterostigma shape is dependent on dragonfly body size. Key words: Odonatoptera, Odonata, Epiprocta, Zygoptera, wing venation, variability, geometric morphometrics
Beetles on carrion: life strategies and ecological classification
Kadlec, Jakub ; Šípek, Petr (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
This work summarizes available information about beetle communities on carrions, their life strategy and ecology classification. Necrobiotic beetles are very important part of the decomposition process and the return of organic mass to the life cycle. We can classify decomposition by several criterions, most commonly by the overall appearance of the carrion and by the species of present insect. Conclusions are different depending on authors. Process of decomposition of carrion is affected by the readiness of access for different species of insect. Insect succession depends on many factors, some factors increase the process and others decrease it. The interrelationships between different colonizators of carrion are very important, this relationship is described by three models of classic success ecology. Necrobiotic insect has specific adaptations for the life on carrion. For this thesis, we have chosen 13 families, which are often discussed in publications. The rest of 190 necrobiotic genuses from 34 families is listed in this thesis with their characteristic ecology.
Legal and property situation of a state enterprise
Růžička, Jan ; Zahradníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Eichlerová, Kateřina (referee)
1 Legal and property situation of a state enterprise Abstract This thesis focuses on the evaluation of the current legislation of a state-owned enterprise in the Czech Republic, especially in the light of the last amendment of the State-owned Enterprise Act, which is effective from 1st January 2017. The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the valid legislation and also to evaluate the context with other legal regulations and finally to consider the need to preserve the unique legal form of the state-owned enterprise for the future. This diploma thesis is divided into the five chapters. The first chapter contains the brief characteristics of a state-owned enterprise and the definition of the basic concepts. The second chapter describes the historical development of the legal regulations of enterprises managing the state property from the establishment of Czechoslovakia until the year 1997, since when is effective the current State-owned enterprise Act. The third chapter, in four subchapters, analyzes the valid and effective legal regulations of the state-owned enterprise. The first subchapter is devoted to the company bodies of state-owned enterprises, the second to the subject of business and a purpose for which are the state-owned enterprises formed. The third subchapter is devoted to the...
Dead vertebrate bodies - factor of the soil environment
Jourová, Barbora ; Smrž, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Růžička, Jan (referee)
Microhabitats are a very interesting phenomenon in nature. They can be studied on many levels. Nevertheless, their common characteristic is the fact, that they create a unique community of organisms that are very different from the surroundings. One of the most interesting types of microhabitat is the dead body of a large vertebrate. Oasis of nutrients is formed on the small area on, beneath and around the body. It provides a space for living to many thousands of animals, mainly from phylum Arthropoda. The dead body is also an unpredictable factor. That is why many animals, mainly from order Diptera, specialized their life strategy on seeking of those dead bodies. The reaction of soil community on the decomposing body is fascinating, but it received in Czech republic a very little attention among scientists. Many body fluids are released into the soil beneath the body, and those fluids change pH in the soil that causes substantial changes in the composition of the soil community. This work is focused on the decomposition of pig carcass (Sus domestica). It captures all the stages of decomposition from the fresh body to skeletal remains. Furthermore, the change of soil mite community is described here. Mites were chosen because of their high species diversity and large abundance in soil. In this...
Analysis of development projects in the Czech Republic
Růžička, Jan ; Gardášová, Alena (referee) ; Komosná, Milada (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the analysis and description of the development market in the Czech Republic. The thesis describes the specific activities leading to the development project in all its phases, presents the project risks and defines the security and specifications of the development projects. The analysis is focused on commercial office projects and it is formed in three successive levels, at the level of the Czech Republic, at the level of the analysis of the Prague and Brno markets, to a specific analysis of the selected project.

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