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Water park Brno
Liznová, Veronika ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the solution of the Lužánky sport complex in Brno. The aim of the diploma project is to create a new modern sport recreation area which will be situated next to the existing swimming pool. The main object is an aquapark with indoor and outdoor pools. In area of the aquapark are other premises like wellness, fitness cen-ter, café and other small businesses. Proposed object should be connected to the exis-ting pool with a 50-meter track. Visitors could go from one place to the other without exiting the complex. Also included is the increase of indoor and outdoor parking. Around the complex a footbridge had been designed to connect all the sports facilities. The foot-bridge is intended for pedestrians and cyclists and is designed to avoid blocking car traffic. Main entrance to the aquapark is on the same level as the footbridge, on the 2nd floor. Visitors can go to the footbridge by pedestrian ramp, stairs or lifts. This complex will meet the requirements and current expectations of the visitors in the area. It will also increase the attractiveness of the entire territory.
High-rise building in Brno
Caha, Jakub ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
In this study is designed high-rise object in Brno in the city part called Veveří. These propose is divided for two high-rise towers of hight 177 a 57 meters, which continue on next door high-rise building of office centre Šumavská. These objects are connected each other with glass neck. This high-rise building is designed like creative centre, which associate different kinds of art directions in one object, in combination with living and vertical gallery. In each storey is variable space for studios, workshops a offices, in undeground storey is designed parking. Main object si divided over to whole height with strips and windows, what supports verticality of this object. Second tower is designed like minimalistic soliter with perforated facade in gold color.
Water park Brno
Brázdová, Zuzana ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The subject matter of the assigned project is Aquapark Brno – located near Lužánky. The subject is an architectural study elaboration of an aquapark adjoining the current swimming pool building which was established in 1979. This building facility is used primarily by professional swimmers and sportsmen for it contains the only 50 meters long swimming pool with a tribune in Brno. The aim of the project is to create new areas and pools for visitors with recreational intentions and therefore to widen the possibilities for free time activities. The project also deals with restoration of a 16 meters long training pool in the existing building, creation of inner and outer aquapark areas and adding exercise and dance halls as an extension to the existing fitness center. Another goal of this project was to make the pedestrian access to the area more pleasant which is achieved by creating an underground parking space in the area of the existing building’s frontal space and also by designing a footpath leading from the remote side of the excessively frequented Sportovní street. The primary aim of the project is an operational connection of the existing and the new building by a central building and also preventing an eclipse of the area by integrating the building in the area’s hillside. The advantage of the project is the presence of relaxation facilities and sports areas. The project completes the sporting environment of the area which makes it an attractive locality for a family recreation.
SEFO Olomouc
Abrhámová, Tereza ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
The topic of my master’s thesis was to create an architectural study of Central European Forum in Olomouc. The Forum will be housed in refurbished premises of the Museum of Modern Art on Denisova Street and a new building erected on the neighbouring vacant lot, which was created when five historical burgher houses were demolished in 1969.The forum will be focused on collecting, exhibiting and publishing activities regarding various representations of Central European art, with special attention paid to modern and contemporary art. ‘Forum’ is much wider term than, for instance, ‘museum’ or ‘gallery’ – apart from its essential activities, various discussions, lectures, symposiums, and other events will also be organised. Proposed area is located in the heart of Olomouc city, directly in its conservation area and therefore it was crucial to take into consideration the existing historical development in neighbourhood. Main volume of the proposed building connects with building of the existing museum. Gradation of the other volumes based on the sloped terrain configuration lead to a sensitive completion of the vacant gap site and the existing historical surroundings remained preserved. construction of the new building of Central European Forum came to creation of new exhibition and assembly spaces, depositories, studios as well as technical facilities, changing rooms and sanitary facilities for museum crew.
SEFO Olomouc
Koniasová, Eliška ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Dulenčín, Juraj (advisor)
This thesis describes the design of the Central European center in Olomouc (SEFO). Space for the new building is located in a vacant lot in the historic district Olomouc. The objective is the expansion and reconstruction of the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc on Denis street, so that was sufficient for all the needs of the growing museum. The museum has about 185,000 works of art, this number is one of the most prominent institutions of its kind in the Czech Republic.
Purposeful updating of a set of historical objects
Pill, Tomáš ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Boleslavská, Yvona (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is the design for the renovation of the Porta Coeli monastery complex in the village of Předklášteří. It is a unique, valuable place with a rich history and spiritual character. Monastic life is a historical and, to some extent, today's purpose. However, it is currently in decline and can be expected to disappear completely in some time. Large parts of the area, including historic buildings, are thus in a dilapidated state without use. The monastery provides the visitor with only a minimum of possibilities - a visit to the museum, guided tours, Sunday service. However, the place has a huge recreational, rehabilitation and spiritual potential, which the proposal seeks to develop. Based on the analyzes of the current state and utilization, buildings and areas for further design were selected. These are mainly objects: sýpka, ovčín, probožštví, kočárovna, stará fortna, II.kvadratura, opatství and added new building. Of these, the new building and the stará fortna are further elaborated. The design respects the currently implemented and prepared plans with the monastery. The designed objects are of different typology and functional content, they are connected thematically with the effort to create a comprehensive complex focused on wedding ceremonies, rehabilitation, cultural activities and other social events.
Sport Centre Za Lužánkami Brno
Růžička, Jan ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
Master thesis elaborates architectural study of football stadium for FC Zbrojovka Brno, which base is urban study of the Sport Centre behind Lužánky. Football stadium creates a main dominant of the area. The proposal satisfies requirements by ČMFS and UEFA's major league stadium 3rd category with some elements of the Elite category. The architectural expression of the football stadium and its volume solution is based on the morphology of sports buildings. Based on the shape of the auditorium. Individual sides of the auditorium are curved and connected by a quarter-circle corner. Arena auditorum arrangement enhances not only the audience but the gaming experience too. The external appearance of the stadium is due to the support structure of the roofing that creates division of the fasade which is filled by ETFE foil with reinforcements of glass fiber fabric. The capacity of the football stadion is designed for a total of 15 000 spectators. Of these, 160 seats are reserved for spectators whit impaired mobility and orientation and accompaniment and 340 VIP seats. The rest is devided into two grandstand, lower one has 8 200 seats, upper one 6 300 seats.
Sports and Relaxation Centre Za Lužánkami, Brno
Venclík, Ondřej ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis was to prepare an urban study of a sports center in Brno Za Lužánkami. Before the diploma thesis, we focused on this area in the previous winter semester. The aim of the diploma thesis is to develop an architectural study of the multifunctional sports complex. In the current state of the area around the football stadium and the Boby Center / Cosmopolitan Hotel, there is a lot of paved space, used only for parking. The territory has great potential for revitalizing the territory. Not only its size, but also its proximity to the very center of Brno. The urban problem of the current area is the neglected technical condition of the buildings, the unsatisfactory function of the buildings and the poor connection of the area to the surroundings via Drobného street and Sportovní street. The aim of the work was to design the demolition of the football stadium. Unfortunately, as it has been raining into it for over fifty years and the concrete structures are in an irreparable condition. The main part is therefore dedicated to this part of the new territory, which will be created by the demolition of the football stadium. In the new territory, I chose the construction of divided sports facilities. Each building will specialize in one given sport. The buildings will have entrance areas, sanitary facilities and gyms. The proposal will respect an important axis of vision for the former football stadium from Rybníček street. There was a rich sports history here in Brno, which my parents also experienced. An important aspect of the design is the strong genius loci, which must be worked with sensitively. This area deserves to be revived so that the inhabitants of the whole of Brno can play sports again, as it was a few decades ago on the daily agenda to practice in this green locality.
Sports and Relaxation Centre Vsetín, Ohrada
Tallmayer, Dominik ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
This paper aims to elaborate an urbanistic study focused on the establishment of a multifunction athletic and recreational area located in Vsetín-Ohrada, carrying the name of the location, Ohrada. The reason to elaborate on this project is the current desolate state of the area, which already does not fulfil its purpose and serves only as lodgings and as a facility for the tennis club. My approach for this project implies identified accidence of buildings with an emphasis on maximal use of daylight, open spaces, green areas, and social interactions. All of these parts connect ideas and needs of future generations and deliver into the area new Genio Loci. For me, the biggest challenge in this complex area is finding the answer to meaningful use of the big amount of soil that is part of the canker tribune. The solution for this challenge might be in the creation of new access paths and footbridge to the buildings which provide several parts of space with different atmosphere and purpose. The main idea was the creation of a leisure public space with an emphasis on the variability of used areas that serve people from all age groups. It creates several main areas that divide the location and deliver various atmospheres for each generation. Additionally, the area as a whole is open and accessible to the public. A sign of long-term functional society is the ability of considerable behaviour toward public areas. Space in front of and between buildings happened to be more important than the building itself. In this case, we can talk about public life that is sustainable in time.
Water park Brno
Modlitba, Zdeněk ; Kotek, arch Jakub (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor)
The topic of the diploma thesis is a revitalization of a historically valuable area Za Lužánkami as a center for sport and leisure time, but also sets an urbanism concept and development of a neighborhood housing area. A complex architectural study solves an extension of an existing Lužánky city swimming pool in Brno. The main idea is a simple form of the new building, easy walkthrough the territory, creating an enjoyable public space and an extension of the existing greenery. The new water park is designed as a two-storey, rectangular object, connected with an existing swimming pool. Inside you can find a 25m swimming pool, a plenty of relaxing pools, wellness, café and offices. The inner part is also connected with an outdoor pools with a big slide, terrace for sunbathing and a playground. The overall proposal offers an exploitng the potential of this area as a solution to the current city deficits, such as parking lots, housing and especially the sport facilities near the Brno city center.

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