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Sports hall
Návarová, Michaela ; Doc.Ing. Bohumil Straka,CSc. (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
The thesis proposal is developed wooden structure sports hall. The hall is designed for general sports (handball, football, tennis, volleyball, basketball). Plan dimensions of the hall are 26,5 m x 45 m and variable height.The structure is designed for the České Budějovice. Carrier enclosure is designed from the glued laminated wood with axial distance of 3 m Purlins are designed as simple beams with axial distance of 2,5 m and PUR sheathing panels are used. Articulated connection is made with steel pivotal connections.
Load carrying structure of a riding hall
Patrný, Jan ; Straka, Bohumil (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is the design and assessment of the load carrying structure of a riding hall in Třebechovice pod Orebem. It is a rectangular hall with dimension of 36 meters x 72 meters with a gabled roof that will be utilized for dressage and equestrian competitions. Hall dimension is determined by the riding area 25 meters x 60 meters,by the safety clearances and grandstand for spectators. The load carrying structure is made up of thirteen crosslinks by six meters of solid-columns and lattice trusses connected by purlins. The spatial rigidity of the structure is ensured by the bracings system.
Industrial building
Nitková, Jana ; Buchta, Stanislav (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis contains design of steel one-aisle industrial building with span 24 m, lenght 63 m and height of the holder of a crane track girder 8,7m. There are two overhead cranes with load capacity 12,5 tons and 32/8 tons in industrial building. The structural material hall is made of steel S 235. The drawings includes transverse and longitudinal section, platform and manufacturing drawing of continuous truss.
Production hall
Trachtulcová, Šárka ; Šmak, Milan (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is desigh and assessment of steel structure industrial building. This hall has two bays. The width of the main bay is 30 metres, the width of the second bay is 15 metres. The length of building is 90 metres. Load-bearing system is created of three fixed columns with pin-supported truss beams between. Construction of roof is designed as truss purlin system. There is a bridge crane of 32 tons capacity. The building is situated in area of Uherské Hradiště.
Production hall
Londa, Jan ; Pilgr, Milan (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
This thesis deals with steel structures of industrial building with the arrangements of the building with a span of 18 m, a length of 18 m and a corresponding height of cantilever of a crane track girder is 6,6 m. In the hall are considered two cranes with a capacity of 20/5 t and 32/8 t. The structures is designed for the district of Olomouc.
Sports hall
Štelc, Martin ; Straka, Bohumil (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design expertise and supporting structures the single-roof sports hall for locality Brno. The ground plan dimensions are 42 x 72 m and ground clearance of about eight meters. Two variants are processed and selected variant is elaborated in detail. The sports hall is designed for most sports played indoors. In a static calculation are designed and assessed the main load-bearing elements such as truss glued laminated timber, wooden purlins, columns, girts and bracing. The work includes drawings.
Riding hall
Cmajdálková, Alžběta ; Straka, Bohumil (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the design od the construction of riding hall. The riding hall ground plan dimensions are 78,0 x 47,1 m, height is 15,6 m. Trackway has dimensions of 60 x 25 me is suitable for test for jumping horses, for more plant and equipment focused on dressage. The structure is designed for the area of Český Krumlov. It is a curved construction of glued laminated wood. The riding hall is made of cross- binding- triple joint arches. Individual cross-binding are distanced 3 m. Arcs are connected by purlins. The stability of the whole construction is toughened by six areas.
Smělíková, Petra ; Puchner, Josef (referee) ; Sýkora, Karel (advisor)
The topic of my Bachelor's thesis is a static assessment of a bearing structure of a current footbridge which is also used for cycling. It is placed in Kunovice near Uherské Hradiště. The length of span is 28 meters. Its construction is solved as space framework with through-span. Main beam is truss structure with upper saddle flange. The height of beam in the middle of the span is 2.5 meters and above supports is 1.5 meters. The calculation is done either by hand or using calculation program Scia Engineer 2012.0.
The Roofing of the Sport Hall
Štelc, Martin ; Sýkora, Karel (referee) ; Buchta, Stanislav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the drafting and assessment of timber structures, the single-roof sports facility to span 40 meters for the Brno locality. Hall dimensions are 40 x 52.5 m. A height of the hall is 16 m sports hall is designed for most sports played indoors. The supporting part of the roof is designed as an arch structure made of glued laminated wood. The structure is made up of cross-linking - triple joint arches distance of 3.5 m. Arches are connected by purlins. Stability is ensured by placing four fields bracing.
Theatre House in Přerov
Tichák, Tomáš ; Sýkora, Karel (referee) ; Barnat, Jan (advisor)
The main purpose of this work is a structural design of the building of theatre in Prerov city. The building has irregular shape. The structure is 72 m long, 54 m wide and 14,5 m high. Footprint equals to 2000 m2. Timber part of the building consists of glued laminated timber elements, as well as solid-sawn timber and steel ones. Steel part of the building includes tnasversal joint frames, composite steel and concrete ceilings, truss girders and bracings. This document includes design, internal force enumertion and structural assessment, including joints. Dlubal RFEM 5 structural analysis and design software has been utilized in the process. Drawings of the structure are enclosed.

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